Deron Washington is Guaranteed, but there may be more to it

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“Virginia Tech head coach Seth Greenberg posted on his Twitter account that former Hokies standout Deron Washington has signed a guaranteed contract with the Detroit Pistons, who selected him 59th overall (second round) in the 2008 NBA draft.” Via Daily

Now there is more….. Our guru Dave Dial gives us the juice.

“Moves like that(signing players like Washington to guaranteed contracts) are often made when one team has to send back a certain amount of money back in a trade. For example, if Detroit is $4 million under the cap after signing Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva and were to get involved with the Hornets in a trade for Tyson Chandler, the Pistons would have to send back a certain amount of salaries in order to make it work.

Chandler makes $12.2 million dollars, and the Pistons might be $4 million under the cap so a straight salary dump couldn’t work. Stay tuned…

{Update: I’ve been informed that there is a 30 day waiting period when you sign a second-round pick before that player can be traded.}”

Detroit Bad Boys adds even more….suggesting Rip could be on his way out.

Now with the quickness in which this is all happening a girls’ head is spinning. I can’t even sleep without waking up to some rumors or possible trades.  I have been locked to Twitter for the past few days to send out the info as quickly as I get it no matter where I am, so do some following.

89 Responses to "Deron Washington is Guaranteed, but there may be more to it"
  1. CONE (Mexico) says:

    Tyson Chandler would be great!
    But please don’t get this team dismantled completly.
    We NEED Rip, Prince, and sheed or dice…
    trade the others…

  2. Amer ican Prince says:

    If Prince doesn’t get traded we’d have two compton boys from the same high school on our squad, how cool would that be

  3. funny says:


    those retards in the cv and bg sign to the pistons thread think rip is going somewhere for a center…really what’s the point of getting a center and losing all leadeship and identity….kwame can’t be that bad…but what the hell was the oberto deal about

  4. Marcus says:

    wee dont need ben gordon! trade him!

  5. Leif_32 RIP FAN 4 LIFE says:

    Oberto was just taken in to relieve cap space.. nothing more nothing less.

  6. You must be clueless… They got him and then released him because they would gain some Cap space.

  7. What I think is, they should just trade away Rip and get a good center for the team. Then they can start Ben Gordon instead of RIP and have Washington as there backup. I heard he was good at defense too.

  8. Sam says:

    Maybe we could trade Rip, Afflalo, and maxiell for Amare Stoudemire or Chris bosh? they both work out money wise.? I wouldn’t mind Chandler either.
    Check the trade out with the Suns & Detroit :

  9. zkranc says:

    Rip for Chandler just doesn’t make sense for the Hornets since they wanna dump salary and Rip’s got a lot of years left

  10. Pistonforlife says:

    Getting rid of rip will really hurt this team. Ecspeccially if we cant resign sheed and Dice.

  11. Pistonforlife says:

    I dont believe there will be any more major moves made by the Pistons. Thier biggest move just might be getting a new coach. If they dont resign Rasheed Wallace than there will be problems for this team. Dyess might be able to do something but he is getting too old. There will be trade rumors for Amare, Chandler, Boozer, and many more. But as we have learned before it does not work.

  12. J Dre says:

    What doesn’t work? Trading? I’m pretty sure Joe has made plenty of trades that have worked great in the past, most notably Rip and Sheed.

  13. Diogenes says:

    ESPN is reporting that Detroit just signed Detlef Schrempf. He will replace Prince at the three.

  14. Piston4life says:

    I wonder when Rasheed signs with someonelse what will happen to this site.

  15. Piston4life says:

    Will we stay a site for the DetroitPistons or go another way?

  16. Diogenes says:

    We will stop following the NBA altogether and delve deep into the sport of curling with it’s magic brooms

  17. Piston4life says:

    Diogens where did you read that pistons signed Detlef. Because I dont see it.

  18. Matt says:

    I know everyone is assuming Rip is as good as gone, but i truly believe Joe wants that 3 guard rotation like he had in his glory days. I’m suprised more people aren’t thinking tayshaun could be on the block to package with a bench player for a quality big man. With Gordon likely to be closing games, you can’t play stuck, ben, Rip, and Tay to close games. Rip is perfectly capable to play the 3 in certain situations.

  19. Amer ican Prince says:

    haha piston4life you just made my day.

  20. Ronsti says:

    Wow, I missed that guy, I used him in NBA Jam and he would always miss his dunks. Great add for the team, even though he is like 55

  21. Ronsti says:

    Well Michigan is Frozen like all year but a few days so I agree Curling it IS!!!

  22. Ronsti says:

    That just reminds me of the small ball crap last year, but now with a new coach it could work.

  23. Ronsti says:

    I was just checking out stats for Daye and Prince in college and they are not that far off. Daye averaged more in some and Prince in others, and they pretty much even out. I know Prince was scrawny his rookie year and Daye is even more so, but I think he will surprise a lot of people this year. If we trade Prince and Rip fills in, I think day would be more than a good back up.

  24. Ronsti says:

    Wee do need him, no one else on the team will take those last minute shots and probably make them. We had so many games that went into over time because we missed the buzzer beater.

  25. samer says:

    i think a 3 guard line-up might work with 2 CV and hopefully tyson. but i wouldn’t recommned it

  26. Richie says:

    This will remain a Detroit Pistons site with the same domain name. Natalie has made that clear multiple times in the past.

  27. Richie says:

    I hated small ball. There are 5 positions for a reason.

  28. Richie says:

    I like the pick up of Washington. We haven’t had a high flying gaurd on the roster since ummmm… Mo Evens? I’m not counting Flip Murray as a high flyer…

  29. Andy says:

    Tyson sucks he is only good for ally oops. Also with the bulls Gordon came off the bench I think they just need another pf or c.

  30. pistonsfan101 says:

    Sources: Dumars To Meet With Johnson

    Pistons president Joe Dumars is scheduled to meet with Avery Johnson later this weekend, according to sources.

    After discussing Detroit’s coaching vacancy by phone, Dumars and Johnson have planned to meet Sunday at Johnson’s home in Houston.

    Former Pistons coach Doug Collins pulled out of consideration for the job earlier this week.

  31. Just curious, wtf are you gonna do with all those Sheed shirts (not to mention the name of your site) now that he’s gone..? lol..

  32. Bonesy says:

    I like all this “we can’t trade RIP, we would have no leadership” talk. His leadership could not even get us to .500 last year. RIP is an exceptional talent, but he is not a leader. He is one who needs to be led. That is why he and Chauncey worked so well together.

  33. Bonesy says:

    Not knocking Daye, I think he was a good pick, but did you also compare the competition each player faced in college?

    Prince was in a much tougher conference.
    I hope Tay isn’t traded, though, so he can mentor Daye!

  34. Bonesy says:

    Think we can convince Drazen Petrovic into a minimum contract to come off the bench?!

  35. junior says:

    dumbest thing ive heard yet

  36. junior says:

    ….. uhhhh….. probably not that guy is dead.

  37. samer says:

    here’s a little video for u guys, just to show u guys that ma man BG7 can be clutch

  38. samer says:

    and i already got ben gordon’s nickname if rip stays

    the new microwave-u like it?

  39. Ben says:

    ^ omg that’s hilarious Matt i agree

  40. Adam says:

    Sheed is not coming back no matter what! Good cause you cant win championships with old men!

  41. Sam says:

    thanks 🙂

  42. ryan says:

    Love the new banner Natalie! clever!

  43. pistons 4 life says:

    Because last years team had such an awesome identity and great leadership. All I saw was bitching and self imploding last year. If they don’t get a decent center you’re going to be looking at last years team minus Sheed, Mcdyess, and Amir. How is that better than trying something else?

  44. pistons 4 life says:

    Hey this guy stole my screen name!!!!

  45. pistons 4 life says:


  46. pistons 4 life says:

    Never mind all of those blocks and rebounds he gets all the time. Ben Wallace couldn’t score either.

  47. pistons 4 life says:


  48. pistons 4 life says:

    I don’t get it, what did people see in this team last year? They completely underachieved all year and it’s time for a change. That’s what Joe is doing. You can’t just keep trying the same thing over and over which is what the Pistons have been doing for years now.

    Honestly, I’m already very excited about next season just because it will be fresh and new. Sure, they might not end up being that great, but you know what, they could end up being pretty d$*n good too and then no one will be complaining.

    Bring on the 2009-2010 season!!!!!

  49. ben says:

    time to change the heads on the side natalie get rid of ai curry amir sheed and mcdyess we all know he aint coming back

  50. VJ says:

    i think Will Bynum has been the highest flying guy we have had in a while

  51. Amer ican Prince says:

    i agree with ryan nice banner, makes me sad a little bit but clad you did it. Great job as always. Detroit for life

  52. dorian says:

    yea that is dum

  53. Nate says:

    ESPN News is reporting that Magic are trying to get Sheed and the Celtics have already given him multiple contract offers. Was hoping he’d come here to San Antonio, doesn’t look like it. Only a matter of time now.

  54. Andy says:

    He averaged 5 rebounds a game which is a little low I think

  55. pistons 4 life says:

    I’m ready for Sheed to go, but pleeeeaaassee do not sign with the Celtics!!!! I hate that team with a passion. I’d love to see him play along side Howard or Duncan. Where ever he goes I wonder if he’ll give the same kind of production and effort he gave the Pistons last year? $10 says he plays better this coming year.

  56. Joe says:

    Decent article on Detroit’s need for a big man:

    I think Dalembert is a terrible option, based on his play last year. It was like he forgot how to play basketball, and as a result he was benched for much of the season. Pass.

    Chandler is a good option, but I think people are getting a little too excited about him. He’s real skinny for one thing, so he would get pushed around by guys like Shaq, Howard, or even Perkins. Plus he gets injured a lot, and has very little offensive talent. He’s a decent option, but far from perfect.

    Chris Kaman is a better option in my opinion. He’s an inch taller, 20 pounds heavier, and has a much better offensive game than Chandler. He also blocks more shots, and grabs about the same number of rebounds. Kaman is also very underappreciated in LA, so we may be able to work out a very favorable deal for him. His salary is nearly identical to Rip’s, which makes it a very obvious trade scenario. This looks like our best bet.

    Another option is to work out a blockbuster trade for Amare, but I don’t see any way to make this happen. Gortat is another solid player to look at, but I think we will get outbid by another team. Maybe it’s just the hype machine at work, but it really seems like there is a lot of interest for this guy.

    On another note, is it just be or have the Magic had the worst offseason ever? The other title contenders have added guys like Richard Jefferson, Shaq, Artest, and possibly ‘Sheed (to the Celtics). The Magic have done nothing but lose players, with nothing to show for it.

  57. Ronsti says:

    I agree with that, Tay would be a good mentor for a guy just like himself.

  58. Ronsti says:

    Thank you, RIP is a good player but i think Tay is a much better leader.

  59. Ronsti says:

    they did get vince carter, which will help in tmes like the alley oop that Lee missed to win the game against the lakers.

  60. Ronsti says:

    Don’t forget Hermann

  61. HIME1 says:

    I think they should use Gordon for a sweet trade, hes valuable but ,I really like rip.

  62. andrew says:

    hey Natalie and everyone else, this guy on youtube just uploaded a sweet ’96 Schick rookie game, its only 10 mins but he says he has the whole thing,

    check out young sheed, dice and KG, just an awesome throwback, can someone with a youtube account ask him to upload the whole game? enjoy it

  63. Colton says:

    Considering the celtics did it two years ago , moron. And when they sign sheed it,s guarenteed another

  64. Colton says:

    Yeah and tay isnt playing small ball , shit hamilton is 6’7

  65. Colton says:

    You dont think flip is a high flyer , can you say play offs , i remember when this happened live i broke our coffee table.

  66. pistons 4 life says:

    Keith Langlois is such a tool. I swear he’s being payed to never say anything bad about the pistons. I get so sick of reading his articles on, what a brown noser.

  67. Fartyboy says:

    They’re not re-signing ‘Sheed and ‘Dyess is the same age as him! You don’t work!

  68. Joe says:

    Oh yeah, forgot about the Vince Carter signing. Overall I still think the Magic got weaker this offseason. It makes no sense to sign an older player like Carter to team up with Howard, Nelson, and Lewis. They should’ve tried to keep Hedo instead.

  69. Byebyesheed says:

    Sheed signed with Boston. Will play a 6th man role.

  70. Nate says:

    Yea, hard to see Sheed in green and white. The San Antonio news reports every SUnday that the Spurs will have a very good chance of getting Sheed, yet you only hear about Orlando and Boston making the contract offers. My bets are he goes to Orlando.

  71. Nate says:

    Well Boston will probably let go of big baby davis now putting pressure on sheed to play much better than he has the previous two years. Garnett is an in your face type of floor leader as well, so if those two can get along and Sheed decides he’ll try to play other than standing outstide the three point line, Celtics will be returning to the finals.

  72. pistonsfan32 says:

    i’m kinda sad that he’s gone. we have no need for sheed 🙁

  73. Chris says:

    Sheed’s gone. whats gonna happen to the name of this site????

  74. Dominic says:

    She’s said it before, the site will stay the same. Sheed will most be remembered as a Piston. He won his first ring here, he’s been most successful here. He’s not going to be remembered for a 2 year rental by the Celts. (I still wish him the best of luck, if the Stones can’t get a ring I hope Boston does for Sheed)

  75. Chris says:

    Oh that’s cool. Cause need4sheed is such a catchy name. Lol I thouht she was going to change it to like StuckeyWuckey or PayeDaye Lol I dunno.

  76. Amer ican Prince says:

    amen to that

  77. SHEED IN GREEN says:

    might want to change the name of this site… cuz SHEED IS IN GREEN BABYYYYYYYYYYYYY… wooooooooooooooooooooooo.. here comes 18

  78. Amer ican Prince says:

    my heart literally just sank with this news, it’s like you know its coming but you still hold out hope that he will stay. This just ruined my day. But good luck to him and i hope Dyess goes there somehow instant ring for him on that squad.

  79. Jack says:

    i wont miss sheed, as a pistons fan first i was rather tired of sheeds lackluster effort. and the dancing was just wierd.

  80. Marcell says:

    Natalie, if you keep this URL you might have to move to Boston from what the Boston Globe is reporting.

  81. SadPanda says:

    Keep the site going Natalie. Don’t let Sheed ruin this by going to Boston.

  82. haley says:

    hey just wanted to let everyone know. sheed agreed to a deal with the celtics.

  83. NYPistonsfan says:

    I will definitely miss Sheed on the D, he’s been the backbone of this team since he got here! Many Piston fans have been calling to ‘blow it up’ for several years now, I think that has now been accomplished. I think rebuilding is gonna be tougher than most think, besides a ‘decent’ Head Coach, we still need at least 1 more piece to the puzzle…As far as Rasheed goes, I hope that the Celtic signing is only a rumor…Of all teams, not them! They’ve been our arch enemy since the ‘3 amigo’ inception. Boston only wants him short term (1 yr deal/complementary role), win a ‘Ship’ and throw him away. I was hoping he would go to Orlando. At least there he would start, he could share his ‘knowledge’ while developing the younger players, maybe even move into a coaching role in the near future…Anyplace, just not Boston!

  84. mannie32 says:

    yea it’s just you
    orlando did add VC, im assuming you forgot giev you said “The Magic have done nothing but lose players, with nothing to show for it.”

  85. Richie says:

    Playing with the trade machine always brings out the stupidity in people.

  86. Richie says:

    I’m not looking at that link, because it contains flip Murray. I’m assuming however that it’s the dunk over Hinrick, when Kurt threw a low blow punch at him. Great things like that happened one out of ever 15 times Flip Murray drove the lane, and the other 14 time were terrible misses or turn overs, so no- I’m not counting him a Detroit Pistons “high flyer.”

  87. Sam says:

    Thanks again. I appreciate it ! Lol

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