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  • The Ben Wallace to the Pistons speculation is gaining ground.
  • New assistant coach Brian Hill on board in Detroit.
  • Don’t miss the Pistons summer league wrap up on Sunday Night July 26, at 8 & 10 pm followed by a must see Special on the one and only Chuck Daly at 8:30 & 10:30 pm on Fox Sports Detroit.
  • Eli Zaret caught up with Chris Wilcox when the Pistons inked his contract.  Get to know him in if you already don’t.
  • For all of you who keep inquiring…Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva, Austin Daye, DaJuan Summers, Jonas Jerebko and the voice of the Pistons John Mason have all been Tooned. Wilcox is on his way and the sidebar with the faces will be changed once the full roster is set.
  • And by the way…you may not have been the only one who missed the Charlie Villanueva Toon….he asked me himself when he was getting one.  Little did he know he missed it…and FYI he liked it.
  • I was pretty sure Will Bynum was going to come after me with all the photoshop fun I had with his interview, but he actually loved it.  Thank goodness, I thought I was going to have to go into basketball hiding, which I would assume would involve me going to Memphis and covering the Grizzlies.
  • Summer League Video Highlights Austin Daye.
  • Summer League Video Highlights of DaJuan Summers.
  • Summer League Video Highlights of Jonus Jerebko.
  • Deron Washington is doing his best to make the Pistons.  Plus another YouTube classic from my friend Elie Seckbach with Deron.
  • Austin Daye let us know via Twitter that he signed his contract with the Pistons.  “@Adaye5: Just signed my contract haha great day about to head to Spokane fir a lil and see some friends…” If you were following Austin or myself you would already know.
  • Um…why didn’t I play in George Blaha’s High Hopes Golf Invitational? Pairing up with the Microwave would have been awesome. (Photos)
  • Chris Weber gives us his Fab Five Pistons.

49 Responses to "Around The Way"
  1. first! i cant wait for this season to get started.. NEW LOOK PISTONS!

  2. Lee says:

    now all we need is one more quality big man!

  3. Chad says:

    Looking forward to seeing what ben has left in his tank.. not looking forward to the rest of the team. Kuester better give MFWB some minutes.

  4. GTfan says:

    Bynum was really outplaying Stucky towards the end of last season. Are the Pistons letting the two battle it out for the starting spot, or is Rappin’ Rodney still the point guard?

  5. Chris says:

    the Mason toon is awesome

  6. Amer ican Prince says:

    Rodney’s the point guard. Even though i don’t agree with it 100% Rodney is one of the main reasons Chauncey got shipped out so Rodney can take over and become a star. I don’t think he has the personality to lead a team he seems too meek, at least right now. But yeah he’s the guy the team is counting on so he will most likely be the starter. And i remember hearing a little while ago there might be some will and rodney playing together. Still think we need a pg as Amber keeps mentioning. But maybe one of those guys will take a back seat from shooting first and become a pass first point guard

  7. Jesse says:

    haha lol

    rodney had A LOTE of pressure and HUGE SHOES to fill so you can see why he was struggling but will is flip murray V2.0

    we built this team around rodney and there is no way he is not starting

    its like kobe getting benched, its not gonna happen

  8. rome2003 says:

    bring back ben wallace now…..

  9. J Dre says:

    I’m upset Wilcox shaved his braids. It’s like there’s a buzz-cut pandemic spreading across the league! Just look at the numbers: Wilcox, Jermaine O’Neal, A.I., Melo, Rip, Big Ben, Kwame, Amir, and the list goes on. It’s crazy.

    Hang in there, Thabo Sefolosha– you’re of a dying bread.

  10. Itouch says:

    Wonder what rip Tay and stuckey are doing?

  11. junior says:

    the reason will was outplayin stuck is cause stuck played the whole year will did not stuck was tired.

  12. Jesse says:

    partying like its 1999

  13. Amber says:

    Yeah, and we need a center too.
    Stuckey is not a true PG; he’s a scorer. Once Joe lets players play at their true positions, Detroit may actually win a few games! They also need to remember how to play defense though.

  14. rasheed says:

    brian hill is a good choice as a assistant coach for the pistons

  15. zkranc says:

    well you got Sheed on board now

  16. Deee-troit fan says:

    Joe, bring Ben back home

  17. mannie fresh says:

    hey natalie… FYI, the emoticons in the forum haven’t been updated with the new toons yet though… there’s still toons for sheed, chauncey, dyess, hunter, etc. but none of stuckey, bynum, ben gordon, charlie V, wilcox, summers, daye, etc.

  18. DD3 says:

    Wow did you really just compare Stuck to Kobe. I love Stuckey & all but damn. If a trade ofr say, CP3 or Deron Williams came up & Stuck was still on our roster, Stuck would be benched in a heart beat. The problem with Stuckey is, Joe is forcing him to become a PG in the league. Billups became a great PG because he wanted to be. Not sure if Stuckey has that same desire. I love Bynum as well, but he doesn’t have the passing skills to start. I hope Stuck & Will prove me wrong but this is gonna be a long season. We still have no stars & we still have the same problem we had last year, too many scorers. Gordon & Rip both play SG, we have no real back up for Tay & we have no athletic wing players to guard the Kobe’s, LBJ’s & Wade’s of the league. CV is great but he’s gonna have to battle KG, Bosh, Duncan & other top PF’s all season. Then our Centers Kwame & MAYBE Ben will have to guard Shaq & Dwight, not to mention the up & comers like Brooke Lopez & Oden. We are still 2 to 3 seasons away from becoming relevant unless Joe D has a trick up his sleeve to get the roster on track. We’re a mediocre team at best. lucky if we’re a 6th seed next season.

  19. DD3 says:

    Why is there no talk of bring Bill L. in as an assistant to school our young centers. Kwame & Wilcox? Signing Big Ben will also help them but Bill will teach them te old school way to play nasty. None of our bigs are scoring threats but neither was Bill. Look at what having Ewing coach Howard has done for him, how about what Kareem has done for Bynum? Bill was a great center in the league because he was a fighter & he put the bad in bad boys. Kwame has the defensive skills & size to be a dominant force in the paint defensively, but he lacks that toughness. Bill can teach him that, same goes for Wilcox. We need to bring Bill on as an assistant. Brian Hill is a great addition, but we need a true Big who can coach & get the most out of our young centers.

  20. Jesse says:

    stuckey is a point gaurd and i think he is on the same level as derrick rose

    stuckey is a drive and past PG and now since he has BG he can kick it out to him all day with his 41.7% 3 point shot and we will be good

    i see stuckey as a bigger and better version of tony parker and think this guy has what it takes to be a star

    BG 4 6th MAN OF THE YEAR

  21. Jesse says:

    i completley agree and i think he can be a GREAT assistant coach but we just signed brian hill and the dude has a good track record and he could be crucial as he coached the magic to the finals in the 1990’s

  22. DD3 says:

    True, but that team boasted A young Shaq & a very very VERY talented Penny Hardaway. I love Hill’s credentials but we still need a big man coach because our Big’s are pretty weak. Bill L, would be good for the franchise as well & would be a popular move amongst other Pistons fans. Plus if Bill is ever going to be an NBA head coach, he has to start somewhere. I’d love for that to be this season during rebuild mode.

  23. Bobby says:

    Screw Bill L. as a coach… put him in a uni!

  24. Amber says:

    Stuckey was a shooting guard in college. Stuckey is better suited for a shooting guard.

    Wait, you’re being sarcastic, right? Joe for GM of the year? Really?

    Damn, well, me for President!!

  25. Richie says:

    I much prefer a team of young scrappy players with a few wiley veterans than I do an older compliant team or an incompetant team with 1 or 2 superstars.

  26. Ross says:

    It would be a good way to increase ticket sales. If this would be Ben Wallace’s last season, I would want to see a few games with him there, regardless if the Pistons are loosing or not. It can do nothing more than help…I’m pretty sure that he would need to pick a new number though, with Stuck already being #3.

  27. Brother Curlin says:

    Stuck would have given the number to iverson so i can see him doing it for Ben as well.

  28. Brother Curlin says:

    I think they will bring him along soon. I am really shocked with Hill coming though.

  29. Brother Curlin says:

    That would be nice

  30. ronsti says:

    I don’t think he will give it up for Ben. Iverson is a future hall of famer and ben isn’t.

  31. Drew says:

    Braids are so played out. That’s why. Does Haslem still have them?

  32. RS3_MVP says:

    Rodney Stuckey proves all the doubters wrong, Pistons win 51 games next season.

  33. RS3_MVP says:

    Rodney Stuckey proves all the haters wrong, Pistons win 51 games next season.Rodney Stuckey proves all the doubters wrong, Pistons win 51 games next season.

  34. RS3_MVP says:

    Rodney Stuckey proves everyone wrong, Pistons win 51 games next season.

  35. Ben says:

    Chandler for okafor is a trade jn the works why aren’t the pistons in some talks??!

  36. Adam says:

    okay we got the team but heres what you do!
    trade rip and kwame and a pick for stoudemire or some young center rip is getting old hes good we all know that but we need to think about the future, once that is made see how prince does this year if the same let austin daye compete for the job hes a better shooter, rebounder same body only hes better and theres your team
    we have to get rid of the 2004 team they were great but they realized that they dont have to listen to their head coaches cause they won it without them starting lineup in a couple years

    PG – stuckey
    SG – ben gordon
    SF – austin daye
    PF – Charlie villanueva
    C – stoudemire, okafor or some pick or young center you traded for

  37. Brother Curlin says:

    same here!!

  38. Detroitallaround says:

    Lets sign all of our draft piks, big ben, and washington and I think we will have a great team.

  39. Detroitallaround says:

    I wish we can get Amare too.

  40. Detroitallaround says:

    But I dont want to get rid of rip.

  41. Ryan says:

    Iverson is a ball-hog and a cancer to any team he’s on.

    Ben isn’t.

    Ben Wallace helped the Pistons to the 2004 NBA Championship.

    Allen Iverson has 0 rings.

    Ben Wallace won the Defensive Player of the Year Award 4 times, tying a record with Dikembe Mutombo.

    Allen Iverson won the league MVP on a team full of robots. (That’s what he needs — a team that’s going to pass him the ball at ALL TIMES.)

    Ben Wallace has done NUMEROUS things in his career and had MANY accomplishments. Just look them up.

    One of them includes being the only player in the history of the NBA to have 100 steals, 100 blocks, and 1,000 rebounds for 4 consecutive seasons.

    Need I go on?

    What has Allen Iverson done for a team, Ronsti, other than be a cancer? He gets those points because he demands that he’s the only one shooting the ball!

    Big Ben is more deserving of the Hall of Fame than Allen Iverson.

  42. Smart says:

    Stoudamire’s done. Never was any good and never will be. Product of the system. Garbage idea.

  43. Begger34 says:

    Rip is done. Too old. Won’t fit in with the future. Rip will be traded before the whole league realizes he’s trash.

  44. akaseabass says:

    Rip is the heart of the pistons right now. Anybody that disagrees needs to wake up. Who is left from 2004? Rip, Tay, Maxiell?(don’t remember). People that say Rip is old and needs to be traded need to look at his resume. There are other ways to get a Center. Just wait until next year when we have the mid-level exception.

  45. scottie says:

    I feel like this whole Sheed to Boston thing is my fault. I was born and raised in the D, but have been stuck living in Boston the past 2 years for financial reasons.
    Out here in Boston a lot of fuss is made about “curses” on sports teams (along with hopping on and off of bandwagons with no shame whatsoever).
    I snagged some tickets for a regular season game during the 07-08 season. Boston vs. Detroit (you guys might remember Tony Allen fouled C.B. with no time on the clock). As I left TD bank north garden proudly reppin my Pistons gear, I placed my 04 playoff ticket under a lose brick in the sidewalk thinking it would be a good idea to curse the god forsaken washed up veterans known as the Celtics.
    It did not really have the effect I desired as Celtics won rings that year. I returned to remove it but the whole sidewalk has been repaved. Sorry guys if the Celtics win again this year I accept full resposibility.

  46. Ross says:

    And have him for possibly one year when his contract expires next year? That seems kinda risky, especially since we’re not expected to be in championship contention this upcoming year. I say we should see what this new team can do.

  47. Chris says:

    Rip’s probably waiting to get traded.
    its a strong possibilty it could go down

  48. Shutterbug says:

    I have the same pick as CWeb’s except for the PG slot, I’m for Chauncey.

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