A Blast From The Past – The Microwave

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A little about one of my favorite Pistons Vinnie Johnson, for no other reason that he’s awesome and I saw him twice in the past week. And FYI he’s a really nice guy, he held my cup of Starbucks Coffee for .007 seconds to warm it up for me…..he’s still got it after all these years.

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12 Responses to "A Blast From The Past – The Microwave"
  1. Vinnie Johnson says:

    I hope Ben Gordon sees this post. Ben, you are the second coming of the Microwave. Lets go Detroit!!!

  2. TheJokingMuffin says:

    That’s awesome. I wish I could bump into pistons.

  3. jayhurst says:

    Ben Gordon you will be our next Microwave…

  4. detroitfan says:

    the microwave is the best cluth

  5. Blam says:

    Hey everybody. What is your favourite Piston of all-time. Dennis Rodman is mine.

  6. paul06901 says:

    Hey all, this has NOTHING to do with this topic but I had a question…

    With Wilcox coming to Detroit, he used to wear jersey #54, but Maxiell wears #54 now. Will Maxiell keep #54 and Wilcox will change his, or what?

  7. Ryan says:

    I’m sure Maxiell will keep his #54. Maxiell was on the team first, so he should be able to keep the number.

    That’s the same thing that happened with Kwame Brown. Kwame was #54, but changed it to #38 when he came to the team.

  8. Martin says:

    chris wilcox is waering #53

  9. Martin says:

    Chris Wilcox is going to wear #53 with the pistons.

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