Michael Curry FIRED!!!!!

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Your wishes have come true Pistons fans…

Details forthcoming! Michael Curry relieved of his duties.

Is it wrong that I just danced a jig?


“AUBURN HILLS – The never-ending carousel of coaches for the Detroit Pistons continues with the announcement that head coach Michael Curry has been fired.

“This was a difficult decision to make,” said Joe Dumars, Detroit’s president of basketball operations. “I want to thank Michael for his hard work and dedication to the organization. However, at this time, I have decided to make a change.”

UPDATE: Chris McCosky The Detroit News

“As for the next coach, Dumars could choose from a very short list: Doug Collins, former Bulls, Pistons and Wizards coach; Avery Johnson, former Mavericks coach; and John Kuester, former Pistons and current Cavaliers assistant coach.

“My family and I have an understanding and they know I want to do it (coach) one more time,” Collins said during a phone interview from his home in Arizona. “It has to be the right situation, but everybody knows I have a great affection for Detroit and the Pistons organization. They are committed to winning.”

Johnson, reached in Texas, had not heard from the Pistons and didn’t want to comment.

“I have not heard from them yet,” Johnson said. “It’s unfortunate what happened to Michael, but of course I am always in listening mode.” “

UPDATE: Pistons.com Keith Langlois – Who’s Next?

“The names that have floated to the top of the list are Avery Johnson, Doug Collins and John Kuester – and all make sense, if for varying reasons.

Johnson has the most recent track record of success in the NBA. His strength is implementing a structured system. There were whispers in Dallas that his style eventually became overbearing, but the type of discipline the Pistons seemed to lack last year was never an issue in Dallas under Johnson.

Collins is universally recognized as a brilliant basketball mind – his TNT telecasts are mini-clinics, in much the way Hubie Brown’s once were – who, like Johnson, also comes with a reputation for burning through relationships within a few seasons. Pistons fans will recall how Collins milked more wins than seemed possible out of his teams here in the ’90s. When he considered the Bulls job last summer, Collins reflected on those days and said he’d learned to pull back.

Kuester was a highly respected piece of Larry Brown’s staff here previously and was seen as the counterbalance to Brown’s mercurial mood swings with the mettle to voice dissent. He doesn’t have the head coaching track record of Collins and Johnson – though he did run his own college basketball programs before leaping to the NBA – but he was credited by Cleveland coach Mike Brown for making the Cavs a much more efficient offensive team the past two years while Brown focused on defense, his specialty.

That Curry’s firing comes on the eve of free agency is nothing but coincidental. As Dumars said upon announcing the decision this afternoon, it was not one easily reached. It’s fair to assume it’s something he’s considered since the season ended, based on the dysfunction he perceived as the Pistons finished the season in a tailspin and put up little resistance during Cleveland’s four-game sweep in the first round of the playoffs.

Changes come with no guarantees, of course. Acknowledging a problem doesn’t ensure its resolution. But it’s a necessary first step that many in positions of power avoid for the reflection it casts on them. As the tough decision to fire Michael Curry one season into the job proves, the path of least resistance is one Joe Dumars steadfastly avoids.”

63 Responses to "Michael Curry FIRED!!!!!"
  1. pistonsfan32 says:


  2. Robert says:

    Who is gonna be the replacement.. Laimbeer maybe?

    Personally, I’d like to see Avery Johnson.

  3. JAKE from royal oak says:

    SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!! its all turning around now

  4. MaxiellEatsLittleOnes says:

    Bwaaa where is this info coming from!?!

  5. Craig says:

    HOORAY!!! Laimbeer, Johnson, Mark Jackson, I’d even take Van Gundy over Curry…this is a fantastic move by Joe!

  6. altan says:


    i read it from a guy on RealGM.com

    i was about to tell nat then i saw she updated 😀


  7. altan says:

    ohh yah , u hav to scroll down to read about it

    also its on ESPN TIcker

  8. Detroit News…MLive will all Stories up soon!!!

  9. altan says:

    ITS COMING EVERYWHERE , even yahoo sports and Mlive , like nat said , everything is coming togetheer now hahahahahahhahahahhahahaha

  10. altan says:

    omg , its like crazy man,,,, wwow this is bettere than iversons back injury

  11. Sharif says:


    I just saw this at worked and I literally started dancing. I work in LA so no one really understands how excited I am about this!!!

  12. DieHardPistonsFan says:


  13. DETstuckeyMVP says:

    this is crazy, right after that teleconference with joe d this morning, he wasnt even hinting towards this, im so confused on what the future holds, i guess we may keep rip and not go for ben g now

  14. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!) says:

    So, no more Chicken Curry for Detroit? Well, I’ll remain stoic about this decision and I’ll just say….


    So long Curry, nice knowing you!

    Now, JOE, pretty please with sugar on top:

    GET US A REAL COACH THIS TIME OK????? And some nice free agents this and next off-season?

  15. Dave in Texas says:

    Holy shit! I’m shocked!

  16. qhaz says:

    This is a shocker…..Why hire him in the first place? Chad Ford tells us “Doug Collins, Avery Johnson and John Kuester as the darkhorse” for Piston coach….

    Doug would be nice…

  17. Colton Keck says:

    Avery all the way , the man is great for us

  18. Fartyboy says:

    YEeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssshhhhhhhh!!!!!!! He always looked like a transvestite to me.

  19. KleenGee says:

    Dumars probably couldn’t get any free agents interested in signing.

  20. Marcell says:

    Best News that I’ve heard in about a year! I really don’t know how or why they even hired him to begin with. Nice guy and all but I think he knows what he’s doing

  21. Alwayzreal says:

    There is a God………. good riddance!!!!!

  22. pistonsfan32 says:

    haha that’s a good one

  23. Mike says:

    PLEASE BRING AVERY JOHNSON!, he can bring another title. Why not bring a coach thats been in the NBA FINALS, AVERY JOHNSON IS THE MAN.

  24. Suit critic says:

    Maybe it was the suits. I dont understand how no one commented about those horrible suits. LOL

  25. Bonesy says:


    My day has just gotten about a million times brighter!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Chuck says:

    It’s addition by subtraction. As far as I see it, it doesn’t matter which of the possible candidates we bring in because we’ll be better just by NOT having Michael Curry.

  27. gMac says:

    Avery is like Flip-> playoff choker.
    He only has 1 yr more experience than curry!!!!

    We got young players, lets get Doug or Jeff VG

  28. pistonsfan32 says:

    dumars better make this worth it and hire a defensive minded coach

  29. Amer ican Prince says:

    wow this really just floored me. I’m not complaining but i hate to see a man unanimously cheered for when he gets fired. But at the same time, hey I really think we have a great opportunity here. Don’t know if there were outside pressure from anyone, like free agents or someone else. But this definitely gives us opportunities. I personally don’t want Doug Collins but hey we have Avery Johnson, possibly Bill Lambier and a lot others that have been mentioned by you guys.

    Maybe the rebuilding plan is gonna happen on a faster timetable. Both Michael Curry and AI gone is awesome for me. I really wish we could hold onto Dyess and Sheed plus FA’s but doubt it.

    Anyway Pistons all day baby

  30. Wade says:


  31. Wade says:

    Oh btw get rid of his pic on the website he blows!

  32. Amer ican Prince says:

    haha wow

  33. Curry sucks says:

    HIRE LAIMBEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. das says:

    i REALLY want to see them bring in Laimbeer. Loves the city, loves the organization and is one hell of a hard-nosed guy. He’ll be loud and assertive, unafraid to butt heads and speak his mind. How is this not the right guy for the job?

  35. JD says:

    Collins – Great teacher but will grate on the players.
    Johnson – Shorter Mike Brown (Make a adjustment)
    Keuster – Who, What!!!????

  36. Alex K says:

    That’s great!! I was afraid that Joe D would put the fact that it’s his friend before the team.. but my fears were unfounded!

    Let’s get Bill Laimbeer or JVG!!!

    I sure wish Larry Brown was available though 🙁

  37. Matt says:

    Curry was put into a tough situation for any coach, let alone a rookie with one year as an assistant under their belt. I’m glad he’s gone, but I hope he gets opportunities as an assistant still so he can learn. Just like players, some coaches need more time to develop than players. My vote is for Avery johnson or Terry Porter as a replacement.

  38. Diogenes says:

    I think they need to get rid of Rip as well – he has a superstar attitude but is just barely an allstar.

  39. Kurt Bekins says:

    YES! I think we can safely put some closure on the year to forget about. *Tomorrow is a new day.

    Side note on tomorrow: Let’s take a look over at the Rocket’s injury-prone big (Yao sitting 1 yr) and NOT GET BOOZER

  40. Bonesy says:

    i completely agree!!! but…

    “unafraid to butt heads and speak his mind”
    i think i remember hearing this about Curry when he was hired…..

  41. Tony says:

    man no avery johnson,no laimbeer,no doug collins (he prob will though) no tom izzo. the next coach should be BIG Z,Zeljko Rebraca!!!!!

  42. tdocs says:

    The timing of this seems odd. If joe d generally thought fa’s would be more receptive to a new coach, then why not do it months ago? I wonder if there is a more specific reason. Gordon prospects not looking so good so now rip will stay? A specific fa that doesn’t want curry? Big man prospects looking poor so he’s thinking about keeping sheed?

  43. Marcell says:

    Anyone get a chance to read the article by Terry Foster at the Detroit News this afternoon? I agree 100% about what he said about Joe D.

  44. dd3 says:


  45. Alex K says:

    I agree with the article that it’s time for Joe D to stop blaming the scapegoats for the mess that he’s created, but I disagree that he should take over as coach himself. That almost never works out, Pat Riley in Miami was an exception. Coach and GM are two separate, full-time, very demanding jobs, that need to be done by two different people.

  46. dd3 says:

    Avery never choked in the Playoffs. He was out coached by the coach that taught him. Nellie knew all of his game plans, knew all Dirks moves. There were no surprises. Plus the Warriars were younger & faster & just plain hungrier. The Mavs expected an easy 1st round & didn’t come to play. Partially Avery’s fault, but the numbers don’t lie. He is a proven winning coach. He got the Mavs to over achieve when Nellie couldn’t. He gopt them to the finals in his 1st year & the best record the following year. he got Dirk to play to the max of his potential. Remember he got MVP that year. Not Kobe, LBJ or Wade. What has Dirk or the Mavs done since Avery left? Nothing at all. Even had a worse record this year than previous years under Avery. We need a young coach who can school our young team. Joe made the right move firing Curry who was clearly used as a scapegoat for a rebuilding year. No more excuses, we will have a strong young team & we need a strong young coach. Collins, has never been to the big show. So why consider him? Does that mean he was a choker too? Look at Jerry Sloan. He is the best active coach next to Phil Jackson & he’s never won. Never even came close. So my money is on giving Avery a shot. He is a winner. He is a champion. He’s exactly what our young guys need.

  47. Marcell says:

    I agree with you Alex, I think Terry meant for Joe D to step down as GM.

  48. dd3 says:

    Did you read reports about Rip & Curry not getting along? Plus every FA available wants to go to a contender. Curry lost the respect of his Vets. He had to go. If Joe kept Curry & was unable to trade Tay or Rip, it would have been another Drama filled season. Plus Joe has to win now. 1 more year of Curry could have meant disaster for us in the long run. Avery is the best choice. Young, defensive minded & a clear winner. It’s what we need. A coach with a realistic game plan. That’s won a ring, been to the finals as a coach, coached a team with the best record, coached an MVP. He is who we need. He never backed down to David Robinson, Tim Duncan or Dirk. He is what we need. If we keep Rip, Avery will get his respect. Avery is a young Larry Brown with out the nomadic personality!

  49. Clinton says:

    Sweet maybe we can get a coach that can talk without mumbles or stutters

  50. Vanalope says:

    wow I had some Chinese food for lunch and the fortune cookie said….”you will have a happy and joyous day.” It was so right!

  51. PistonRican says:

    yeah!!!! is about DAMM TIME. happiest day ever. hey natalie, you got to put the “No sign” on michael curry ASAP.

  52. Amber says:

    I am a bit surprised. I didn’t realize Joe could still make a rational, justified decision.

    Doug Collins or Bill Laimbeer, please.

  53. Austin K says:


  54. aaron says:

    the only difference is that he is a proven guy and you knowww for a fact that he does this when he is coaching man.. dont u watch the shock! lol

  55. Travis says:

    If it is Doug Collins, Laimbeer should be an assistant so he can replace him next year. When Collins gets fired.

  56. Travis says:

    Two years, Max

  57. Travis says:

    Curry was a horrible player, why would he be a good coach? He couldnt even play defense, which was his only skill—moving your arms up and down real fast is not considered defense.

  58. Travis says:

    Rip is better than any other shooting guard out there. Gordon cant play any defense or get assists. Rip does alot with very little. Trading him make me think of Billups all over again.

  59. Daniel says:

    Somebody cue a little MLK: “Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, we’re free at last.”

    And a little paraphrase (for the ladies): “I have a dream that one day this Detroit nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that not all men’s suits are created equal (Michael “The Eyesore” Curry being a case in point. I think his suits are what really killed Chuck Daly) I have a dream that one day all Pistons will be coached by Bill Laimbeer!”

  60. KleenGee says:

    defintely the suits! those pinstripes were just wrong

  61. Tycoon says:

    Why isn’t Laimbeer on the list of options?

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