Matt Dery talks to Joe Dumars about the Rondo-Allen Rumor

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We have audio with Joe Dumars from Matt Dery of 97.1 The Ticket. Diesel asks the burning question…

Head over to 97.1 The Ticket and listen to the embedded audio under top headlines.

Thanks to Matt for always keep us up to speed.

14 Responses to "Matt Dery talks to Joe Dumars about the Rondo-Allen Rumor"
  1. gMac says:

    Gosh, even JoeD sounded it’s got some truth to it.

    I would love to see this happen. Rondo is a much better point guard than Stuckey will ever be.
    We dump everyone this year don’t sign Boozer or nobody. Get top lottery after this season and go get Lebron or DWade.

  2. gMac says:

    All the sudden we will have way enough cash to ask Lebron ‘who else from the free agent pool do you want us to sign?’

    Cash is king.

  3. Pistons says:

    The Bucks have flipped Fabricio Oberto to the Pistons in exchange for Amir Johnson, according to a source.

    Oberto was acquired by Milwaukee from San Antonio earlier on Wednesday.

    RealGM Note: The move will save Detroit in their salary cap space pursuits, as Oberto’s contract is non-guaranteed.

  4. JoshV says:

    Amir Johnson was just traded to the Bucks for Oberto.

  5. Jusitn says:

    No the Pistons got Oberto from the Spurs. It was apart of the Richard Jefferson trade. The Bucks got Bowen and Thomas from the Spurs while the Spurs got Richard Jefferson from the Bucks. And in the midst of that trade the Spurs sent Oberto to the Pistons who in turn sent Amir to the Bucks.

  6. Tre says:

    Go Pistons get Carlos Boozer and Earl Clark out the draft

  7. pistonsfan32 says:

    with amir gone now.. i am kind of nervous to see what happens to the pistons
    i hope rip and tay stay .. although i highly doubt both will be back
    joe will make a huge mistake with injry prone boozer and streaky gordon
    i’m scared :/

  8. Junior says:

    Can someone tell me what the rumor was. The audio isnt workin for me.

  9. Tim says:

    allen and rondo for prince, hamilton, and stuck.

  10. sully says:

    Please not that little weasel Rondo I couldn’t take it!

  11. Matt Selke says:

    Stuckey is a beast

  12. Matt Selke says:

    He looks like a crack baby. The moron always wears his headband upside down like he’s gangster or something.

  13. Jesse says:

    rumor has it that kirk hinrich is telling his freinds that he is getting traded to the blazers for outlaw and blake which means the bulls save money and have enough to resign gordon and the pistons cant match and have to keep rip and possibly tay.

    i hope that trade happens!!!!!!

  14. jose says:

    i hope that rip and tshaun stay!!!!

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