LeBron James’s iPod Playlist

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I got some pretty good inside information from Need4Sheed reader and friend Raul A. Mora aka El Patron Himself (of The Big Denial fame). Apparently he found out what LeBron James’s current iPod playlist is.

Photo/Getty Images

1. King Nothing – Metallica
2. King Without a Crown – Matisyahu
3. Kryptonite – 3 Doors Down
4. Heartbreak Hotel – Elvis Presley
5. New York, New York – Frank Sinatra
6. The Takeover- Jay-Z
7. Sucks to be You – Prozzac
8. Lose Yourself – Eminem
9. Loser – Beck
10. Cruel Summer – Bananarama
11. A New York State of Mind – Billy Joel
12. Help! – The Beatles
13. Close But No Cigar – Thomas Dolby
14. Alone Again (Naturally) – Gilbert O’Sullivan
15. I’m Going Slightly Mad – Queen
16. You Got Another Thing Coming – Judas Priest

I blew up the picture so we could clearly see his iPod and from the looks of it on track 3.

Good job El Patron!

If know of any additions to LeBrons playlist, by all means leave them in the comments and if you didn’t get a chance to read this little piece on the “King”, by Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports….I suggest you do so.

40 Responses to "LeBron James’s iPod Playlist"
  1. VJ says:

    suicidal thoughts – Notorious B.I.G.
    life’s a bitch – NaS
    Runaway love – Ludacris
    Say goodbye – Chris Brown
    so sick – ne-yo
    all falls down – kanye west

  2. abc says:

    bad Day- Daniel Powter

  3. Love them all, I will add post after we get more. It seems like it will be an ever growing list. I’m adding a few myself.

    Cry Me a River – Justin Timberlake
    Dazed and Confused- Led Zeppelin
    Blow Out- Radiohead
    Karma Police – Radiohead

  4. You Shook Me – Led Zeppelin
    Heartbreaker – Led Zeppelin

  5. King? This dude hasnt even won a title yet.

  6. Dangerous game you folks are playing here. You’re only making the Kid hungrier with all of this piling on . . . he’s only going to get better. Then you’ll all have “The Takeover” by Jay-Z on your playlist:

    Please leave it alone
    Don’t throw rocks at the throne
    Do not bark up that tree
    That tree will fall on you
    I don’t know why your advisers aint forewarned you . . .

  7. Rashid Umar says:

    Ill pile on…

    Anyone noticed that both times the Cavs have beaten the Pistons in the playoffs that they don’t come close to winning the title? Or is it just me?

  8. No games being played here, just poking fun at the Almighty King who showed his flaws during his walkoff. I was the first one to say that Cleveland killed the Pistons and were the better team this season.

    Pistons fans had to take all the unruly Cleveland fans for years…this is hardly payback.

    And what do advertisers have to do with anything? This isn’t ESPN, or Yahoo!

  9. Colin says:

    I’m On A Boat-The Lonely Island-Feat T-Pain

    LBJ is gone fishing!!

  10. Colin says:

    It Ends Tonight-The All American Rejects
    It Takes Two-Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock
    Keep You Much Longer-Akon
    Say Goodbye Hollywood-Eminem
    Same Song and Dance-Eminem
    See You Again-Miley Cyrus
    Sorry, Blame It On Me-Akon
    Bad Day-Daniel Powter

    That was fun! =]

  11. “It Takes Two”

    Well played.

  12. BOSHandAriza says:

    Both times they beat the Pistons were actually the closest they came to winning a title…think about it

  13. Sheed fan 4-eva says:

    Walk and Don’t Look Back — Peter Tosh
    Cry Baby — Janis Joplin

  14. DieHardPistonsFan says:






  15. David says:

    Hahaha that’s too funny! Thank you thank you thank you!

  16. Bob says:

    Pet Shop Boys — New York City Boy
    If You Seek Amy- Britney Spears
    Summer Rain- Belinda Carlisle
    Dancing Queen — ABBA

    Meanwhile, Cleveland has this song on repeat: Rick Astley – Never gonna give you up

    Nice post Natalie.

  17. lol, I love it even though I wanted Cleveland to win the ECF. Still top notch.

    Failure – Sevendust

  18. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!) says:

    1. As the saying goes, if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen! LeBron has been called “The Chosen One” so it comes with the territory.

    2. “The Takeover” by Jay-Z… HOW FITTING indeed, because that’s EXACTLY what’s gonna happen next summer. Jay-Z will TAKE LeBron OVER to the Nets… Nat, PLEASE add this song officially to the iPod list right below track 5!!!!

  19. Sam says:

    King of Pain – The Police
    American Idiot – Green Day
    Human – Human League
    Good Bye to You – Michelle Branch
    Big Girls don’t cry – Fergie

    And what David Stern and Danny Curry have on theirs
    “Wrapped ARound your finger” by The Police for failing to punish LeFRaud for unsportsman like conduct. Anyone else would have been fined.

  20. DieHardPistonFan says:





  21. toasterhands says:

    LOL @ The Lord of NO Rings

  22. Ruben Pittman says:

    Black Superman by Above the Law.

  23. nice says:

    Selfish – Slum Village
    Bittersweet – Kanye West
    Mr. Me Too – The Clipse
    One More Step- Jadakiss
    Royalty – Gangstarr
    Its over – GhostFace Killah

  24. Bend3r says:

    Into the Strom – Blind Guardian.

    Give it to me
    I must have it
    Precious treasure
    I deserve it

    Oh it’s sweet how the
    darkness is floating around
    We are following the will of THE ONE
    through the dark age and into the storm

    I still hunger for more
    Release me

    Give it to me
    How I need it
    How I need it
    How I need it
    I did my part
    Now it’s your turn
    And remember
    What you’ve promised

    Same band: Bright Eyes

    Leave me alone
    Isolation bears hope
    There’s something else waiting
    A promised destiny
    Freezing me
    I feel restless and low
    These days full of sadness
    Had joyfully changed
    Into fear
    My freakshow will start tonight
    Don’t miss the right time
    Bright eyes
    Blinded by fear of life
    No Merlin is by my side

    And another two song of Blind Guardian: And the Story Ends y Journey through the dark

  25. Leo says:

    Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
    The Distance – Cake
    Final Countdown – Europe
    Come Sail Away – Styx

  26. WILL frm Tn says:

    whoo natalie, this is tha best post yet… dis is so funny… but u should add Dont talk to me by B.G. lol cuz bron jus wants to be left alone
    Summer girls- LFO

  27. BIGBILL says:

    Don’t hate on LB for not shaking hands, I am sure most of your remember a man name Zeak walked off the court with out shaking hands with Jordan. I am not saying its a good thing, but some people just give so much of them self to winning the game they can care less what other think. Second he is only a kid, give him a break.

  28. detroitbball says:

    Under the bridge – red hot chilipeppers

    Personal Jesus – Depeche Mode

    Starfuckers, INC. – Nine Inch Nails

  29. Sharif Nasr says:

    This is amazing, I have to add a few (sorry if I say some that are already on the list)

    Yesterday – The Beatles
    99 Problems – Jay-Z
    Creep – Radiohead
    I’ll be missing you – P Diddy
    Another one Bites the Dust – Queen
    Holiday in Cambodia – Dead Kennedys
    Move Along – All American Rejects
    Wake me up when September End – Green Day

  30. Matt Selke says:

    Yeah and we also dealt with all the media criticism at the time. Same thing here.

  31. Matt Selke says:

    The “King” without a ring. I don’t care if starves, he’s still human. I don’t think he could want it anymore. He just needs ppl around him with that same hunger. I hate LBJ, he does need to grow up some. I used to hate Kobe the same way but he has matured some over the years. I am cheering for the Magic, but if I give my realistic opinion I think the Lakers will win. The Lakers would have beaten Cleveland too. They just are in a league of their own like the Cs were last year. Even with Garrnet this year they weren’t the same team. IDC what their record said.

  32. kobeMVP says:

    Send the Pain Below – Chevelle
    Save Yourself – Dropping Daylight
    Scars – Papa Roach
    Sick Of It – Evans Blue
    Slippin – DMX
    So Sorry, It’s Over – Blink 182
    The Kids Arent Alright – The Offspring
    Wrong Way – Sublime
    You Make Me Sick – Egypt Central
    Already Over – Red
    Broken Hearts Parade – Good Charlotte
    Buried Myself Alive – The Used
    Damnit – Blink 182
    Easier to Run – Linkin Park
    Empty Walls – Serj Tankian
    Everyday Struggle – Notorious BIG
    Fall Back Down – Rancid
    Foolish Games – Jewel
    Guilty Conscience – Eminem
    Hate My LIfe – Theory of A Deadman
    Inside Out – Eve 6
    No Handlebars – Flowboats
    Growing Pains – Luda

    It could go on and on, better luck next year prince james

  33. Leif_32 RIP FAN 4 LIFE says:

    Breakdown- Seether

  34. Leif_32 RIP FAN 4 LIFE says:

    Im not ok (i promise)- My Chemical Romance
    Stricken- Disturbed
    Thnks fr the memrs (cleveland)<<(LOL)- Fall out boy
    Walk- Pantera
    Almost Easy- Avenged Sevenfold

  35. John says:

    Help-The Beatles
    Gives You Hell-All American Rejects
    Big Shot-Billy Joel
    Still The Same-Bob Seger
    If I Could Turn Back Time-Cher
    Suicide Is Painless-Johnny Mandel
    Here I Go Again-Whitesnake
    It’s Not My Time-3 Doors Down

  36. John says:

    Hey BIGBILL lebron is 22, he’s not a kid, he’s a cry baby!!

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