Free Agency, Boozer, Villanueva, Kwame Brown and More…

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  • Kwame Brown will return to play for Detroit.
  • Interesting thoughts on why Boozer should Opt-out.
  • Nothing official yet on Pistons top Free Agent target Boozer…he has until 5pm today to make his the decision to stay with Utah or opt out and test the free agent market.
  • Dumars can start negotiating with Free Agents Wednesday July 1st, but can’t sign anyone until July 8th.
  • Free Agency looms….
  • The Bucks are not make a qualifying offer to Villanueva, making him an unrestricted free agent. Villanueva is now on the Pistons radar.
  • Pistons summer league taking shape.
  • Jonas Jerebko is a blast from Joe Dumars’ past
11 Responses to "Free Agency, Boozer, Villanueva, Kwame Brown and More…"
  1. LanceNLA says:

    Hey Nat,

    Any word on what Joe D is gonna do about the Rip and Michael Curry problem? It seems to me that even if they get Boozer and Gordon one of them has to go or its gonna be here we go again. I dont think Rip wants to be a Piston anymore. The Billups trade did it, and if thats the case Joe should trade him now before he gets a year older or wrecks the up coming season. Oh yeah, one more thing. Any chance Lamb can get in there and be an asst. coach? So if Curry sucks he can take over for the 2011 season.



  2. No word yet on Rip…but my guess is one of them will go and to be honest, Rip has the most trade value so it just may be him.

    Curry…shaky ground.

    I don’t see Lamb as the coach…though I would rather see him running the team that MC.

  3. Patrick says:

    EPSN just reported that they thought the Pistons would not go after a “big target” and would get 2 mid level players. They guessed Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva. We will have to wait and see… In Joe we trust!

  4. gMac says:

    JoeD will not hire a formal team mate. It’ll put him in a tough position.

    Why don’t we get Jeff Van Gundy? It’s funny how Joe put the whole season on ‘drama’. No fault on the Coach at all.

  5. The Fan says:

    If they pick up Ben Gordon I think I will throw up!!!

  6. I’m with you…not a big fan of Gordon.

  7. samer says:

    BREAKING NEWS: the pistons just fired micheal curry no kidding, it was just on ESPN

  8. caroline says:


  9. The Fan says:

    For a second there I thought this was some kind of cruel game you were playing.

    Pour the champagne! hallelujah! hallelujah! hallelujah!

  10. The Fan says:

    Bill Laimbeer???

  11. LanceNLA says:

    WOW!!! We must have ESP..N! LOL….Now who the hell is gonna coach them?? I agree with you about Lamb coaching them ratter than another lame duck coach like Curry or Flip. And is Sheed for sure not gonna sign with the Pistons again? I wish he would take a pay cut an stay in the D. You think Joe would keep him at a discount?

    Thanks Nat!!

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