Did Laimbeer just get a NBA Head Coaching Job?

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If any of you follow former Bad Boy Bill Laimbeer, you know of his aspirations of becoming an NBA head coach. Well he’s going to be resigning resigned today as the Head coach of the Detroit’s WNBA Shock. My guess, he’s got a head coaching job lined up.

“The Free Press has learned that former Pistons’ star Bill Laimbeer is expected to resign as the head coach of the WNBA defending champion Shock this afternoon following an immensely successful 6 1/2-year run.

It is believed that Laimbeer’s long-term aspiration is to become an NBA head coach.” Via The Detroit Free Press

And then there’s this (courtesy of Need4Sheed reader Jay)

I guess we will find out soon.

UPDATE: We all saw this coming but just in case you don’t know, former Bad Boy and assistant coach Rick Mahorn will step in for Laimbeer as The Shock’s coach.

48 Responses to "Did Laimbeer just get a NBA Head Coaching Job?"
  1. Walter says:

    This is sensationalist reporting at its worst. Not only is Laimbeer’s NBA position “believed,” but your second link’s source is “a little birdie.”
    This type of journalism should be avoided at all costs; I’m surprised you would even link this garbage.

  2. Kelly says:

    Laimbeer has wanted to be a head coach all along so for him to leave the Shock mid season something is up.

    As for this being garbage, I doubt it. Nothing wrong with putting what’s already out there up.

    Either way, Good luck Bill!

  3. mobius909 says:

    i can’t believe detroit wouldn’t even consider him.

  4. Vin CT says:

    Wish Dumars gave him a shot

  5. Mike says:

    Water, sleep on the wrong side of the bed?
    At best, now everyone knows about this huge development.


  6. klop says:

    He would be a thousand times better then curry

  7. brgulker says:

    Why would we want Laimbeer (a proven champion) when we could have Michael Curry (a proven below-average role player)?


  8. Alwayzreal says:

    I hope its The Pistons Head Coaching gig…..

  9. Alwayzreal says:

    Dumars is scared for someone else to come in get the credit for the teams success,Let go of the limelight Joe D your playing days are over…Let someone else get some shine……Hire Laimbeer,I know the new owner Mrs.D would want that……

  10. apollo19 says:

    Aren’t there some questions from the Cavs front office about Mike Brown. I wouldn’t put it past Dan Gilbert and the Cavs to make the move on another Piston. Laimbeer’s sudden resignation fit’s Gilbert’s style of doing things.

  11. The Fluidics says:

    Congrats to Mr. Mahorn who will be taking over tough guys duties with the shock.

  12. Greg Eno says:

    Wow…can you imagine Kevin McHale hiring Bill Laimbeer?? Johnny Most must be spinning in his grave!!

  13. KRONIKjose says:

    I wish Bill the best of luck wherever he ends up going. I wish Joe would have given him a shot. It’s remarkable how SO MANY fans can want a coach so badly, yet no one in the upper management is willing to listen. If they did listen, they would know that Curry was NOT the coach we wanted. Laimbeer will get his shot somewhere and he will probably be successful, I just keep hope alive that it is for the Pistons.

  14. I thought the exact same thing!

  15. Andre says:

    Im holding out hope that this sudden resignation by Laimbeer is for his new position as head coach for the Detroit Pistons. By resigning now hes giving the Shock the transision period this season. And also I think the Pistons are probably going to have major roster changes this season, which will in all likelyhood lead to another sub-par season, and open the door for Laimbeer to step right in as planned………

  16. KRONIKjose says:

    Maybe he can be Curry’s assistant this year, and then show Curry how it’s done next year?

  17. pistons 4 life says:

    I was happy to read about this on nba.com and I was excited at first. Then reality set it and I realized that there’s no way Joe would be that smart. But seriously, how could Bill L. be any worse than Curry was last season, or will be again this season. I would love to see him as the pistons coach next season. Who care’s if the guy coached in the WNBA. He won 3 titles in 7 years. That makes him look like Phil Jackson compared to Curry. I’ll keep my hopes up, but if Joe wanted him to coach the Pistons he probably already would be (and fired by now).

  18. Andre says:

    I think He knew that Larry Brown or Flip would get credit with their success. I dont think Joe is concerned about that. I believe that in some instances timing is everything…………

  19. Alex says:

    McHale is no longer in the front office, and actually isn’t even under contract as the team’s coach. He’s in discussion with their new guy, David Kahn, about the job, but he might not return.

    There is a feeling that the Wolves are saying McHale must bring in a head coach as a top assistant if he wants to be the head coach. So, maybe Bill…

  20. KleenGee says:

    Last season the Pistons paid both for both Curry and Saunders. If Curry gets fired, and Joe hires Bill, then there are 2 head coaches on the books for 2 more years.

  21. D David says:

    Interesting update over here: http://laimbeer.com

  22. Good to know, thanks Alex…this one may be the real deal.

  23. C.Smith says:

    This would be a breath of fresh air whether it works out or not. I’d prefer Fozzy from the Muppet Babies over Curry! Wocka, Wocka, Wocka!!! lol!

  24. Alwayzreal says:

    lmao…. I’ll take Animal from the Muppets as well

  25. Ryan says:

    I want Laimbeer as the Pistons Head Coach!

    I wanted him to be the Head Coach of the Pistons since Flip was fired last off-season!

    Come on, Dumars!

  26. rey says:

    fired, curry. hired bill laimbeer piston, will be better,,,

  27. joe says:

    the fans shouldn,t show up to the pistons games until joey d get it in his bone head that nobody love curry but him!!!!! hired laimbeer now joey dumb ass!!!

  28. joe says:

    the only piston that need to be traded is stuckey none jumper shoting ass, not rip

  29. LiamJones says:

    I sincerely hope that Lamb isn’t going to be the next Timberwolves head coach. I was hoping that Curry would fail again this season (or atleast perform poorly enough as a coach) that the Pistons would finally pull the trigger on Bill. He and Joe would work great together (again) and I think his attitude is everything this team could use right now.

    The fact that the Pistons would pass or not even consider Joe now or last year reminds me a lot of MSU and U of M passing on Brain Kelly as their football coach because he didn’t have a big enough name developed yet. DESPITE the fact that he has been a proven winner, and everything he has touched has been gold.

    If Lamb goes elsewhere, I think the Pistons organization will be kicking themselves in the butt for passing on such a golden opportunity much like I think MSU and U of M will be in five to ten years down the road.

  30. LiamJones says:

    “..or not even consider Joe now or last…”
    typo, meant to say Lamb there…

  31. Chad says:

    Joe D will hire lambieer

    the lions will win the superbowl

    the holocaust never happened.

  32. Daniel Pantalleresco says:

    It would kill me to see him coach against Detroit and win. you know why?… Because it would mean yet again we have failed to make the right choices. For the NEW team we need an old Detroit Champ that knows how to win. I feel like this could head down the road of the Lions. If we do not just use common sense at least 70% of the time. I don’t understand why there is not a conference right now announcing Bill as the new Head Coach of the Detroit Pistons! Don’t you think it would make Bill feel all warm and awesome inside to have Coach Daily’s Job!!!!!! HELLO!!! 2 titles as a bad boy, Three as a bad girl and unlimited as this eras main and lasting coach. RESPECT! LOYALTY! RIVALRY! ENEMIES! KILLER INSTINCT! BILL! NOT KILL BILL!

  33. pistons 4 life says:


  34. Richie says:

    Walter, not only did she’s just passing along things tht other publications have said that are relevant to a Piston great leaving the WNBA and hoping to get involved with the NBA. That’s not “sensationalist” reporting at all, let alone at its worst. It’s relivant, timely and in close in proximity to the readers of this blog. Natalie didn’t make any report of her own, she simply pointed out the reports of two other publications, quoted and attributed them. That’s by the book journalism and this is a blog, so I don’t get your beef.

  35. Richie says:

    I agree. Why wouldn’t Joe want a successful coach? If Curry didn’t have another year on his Contract right now (which, let’s face it, will probably be a rebuilding year anyway) by fire yet another coach and waste more money? Timing.

  36. Richie says:

    Cock-eyed optimist.

  37. Richie says:

    That is funny, but I don’t understand why people think Joe D dislikes Laimbeer? They were championship teammates and I’ve never heard either of them say anything but positive things about each other.

  38. Richie says:

    Where did that come from?

  39. Richie says:

    Haha, 2/3 maybe?

  40. Richie says:

    I ususally don’t ever suggest moves that it’s a GM’s job to make, and I NEVER suggest trades, but what the heck, it’s June and I Just watched Gasol get Kobe an MVP award, so here’s what I think for the Pistons.

    I say we sign Hedo Turgkolu for 12 million, put him at PF, and prowl the free agency/draft for another big to feel the starting 5 spot (maybe Chris Kaman). Hire Laimbeer, demote Curry and watch the magic happen.

    HC: Laimbeer
    AC: Curry

    PG: Stuckey
    SG: Rip
    SF: Tayshaun
    PF: Hedo
    C: Kaman

    Draft pick.

  41. Pistonsbaby01 says:


    MCHALE OUT! (of the front office and coach)

  42. Clinton says:

    Hire him as pistons now!

  43. yea good statements above 😀 …;)

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