Deja Vu? The Dismantling of The Detroit Bad Boys

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As a Pistons fan in what seems like unfamiliar territory watching this seasons’ NBA Playoffs, it took me back to a time when things changed for the Pistons. You can say as fans that we are spoiled, six consecutive ECF appearance with a two Championship showings and one NBA title.  I don’t call it spoiled, in fact I call it a bit of domination.

That team of journeymen who soared to great heights over accomplished according to NBA standards. Chauncey, Rip, Wallace X2, Prince, Memo, Elden, Corliss etc… started something that didn’t suddenly come to an end.  A little bit of that special something died when the Pistons lost to the Spurs, when it looked like they were going back to back.  A little more so when Ben Wallace bolted for Chicago and the final straw was the Chauncey Billups trade.

We should have seen right then that it was over, but that’s what we do as fans.  We root and hope and we stand by our team even though we know the ship is sinking.

I remember another sinking ship called The Bad Boys.  It first started taking on water when the Pistons lost to the Bulls in the first round of the playoffs after winning back to back championships.  The release of Vinnie Johnson started the take down, and the rest is what it was, the end on an era in Detroit Basketball history. This video will bring it all back….


As we hope NOT to repeat history of years of mediocrity, we have a common thread that may keep us afloat.  Joe Dumars was there through it all, let’s hope he will do whatever he can to right wrongs and start a new trend instead of following an old one.

We don’t have much longer to wait to see just what we as Pistons fans have to look forward to.

7 Responses to "Deja Vu? The Dismantling of The Detroit Bad Boys"
  1. Avatar Rashid Umar says:

    Billy Laimbeer said it best at the end of this piece and I’d say it is relevant for that great era and this one. I look forward to a new era of Pistons Basketball.

  2. Avatar Shawn says:

    i have to say that every time i watch the intro clip during the NBA finals where it has clips of all the great championship teams, and i see sheed, tay, rip, and ben (for some reason chauncey isn’t in it) walking down the court i always get a little emotional

  3. Avatar Richie says:

    I used to have some crazy hope that one day Chauncey would take up Joe’s mantel as the GM. It clearly hasn’t worked out, but this video reminds me of how much I wish we had Bill Laimbeer as in the front office or in the coaching chair.

  4. Avatar KRONIKjose says:

    ya when we were looking for a coach after we fired Flip I was telling anyone that would listen that we should hire Laimbeer as our head coach. Obviously not the right person was listening. Oh well, I will give Curry at least one more year to prove himself.

  5. Avatar Sidra says:

    we have another season ahead of us. let’s see wat the draft brings. but as Pistons fans we should be thankful for all we’ve got. Trading Chauncey was a mistake FOR THIS SEASON. but it has helped both the Pistons(money) and Billups as an individual becuase now the NBA and its fans truley appreciate him for who he is.

  6. Avatar LiamJones says:

    The beginning of the end for me was when we lost to the Cavs in the ECF. After that loss I knew we weren’t the same team anymore.

    I’m ready for the new era of Pistons basketball!!! Let’s hope it will be as memorable as the last.

  7. Avatar Colton Keck says:

    I dont know if Lamb woulda been a good coach , but i do know one thing , he woulda been better than what we have . It’s tough watching that because the pistons often where families during the runs and seeing what they did to dennis is awful, chuck was like a father to him , so it;s no suprise the way he turned out of court. Rip Big Daddy Rich

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