Bad to the Bone

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Not much new on the Pistons front these days, so what does a starved Piston fan do? Well I have been watching the playoff games from the 89 Championship season.

I have also been going through old footage I have saved on the hard drive.  I found possibly my favorite little clip ever.

Add some cowboy hats and a classic soundtrack and you would swear you were in the old west. Bad to the Bone…that’s what they were.

Looking back…Dumars wears the white hat, Isiah, Laimbeer and Mahorn would be donning black.

13 Responses to "Bad to the Bone"
  1. Andrew says:

    I just watched the 89 Bulls-Pistons ECF. Soooo goooooood.

  2. Jamie says:

    I love that clip too, every time I see it I can just think of them out there getting ready for battle. My guess, Laimbeer wins in any gunfight.

  3. Mike Watson says:

    Sweet video! That’s all i’ve been too is watching old 04 championship clips on youtube. but question, how do I get full pistons games?

  4. James says:

    They show that clip on the Finals introduction with all the old players and teams who’ve won.

  5. Ice4Dyess says:

    Yeah, and then a few clips later they show the 2004 team. It’s good juxtaposition and I’m happy everytime I see that intro.

  6. DD3 says:

    Yea I keep popping in my 2004 championship DVD. These finals are hard to watch. I just keep thinking, had Joe kept the team in tact for 1 more season, we could easily be in the finals. Orlando would never have made it past Detroit. The landscape would be way different. So so sad.

  7. Colton says:

    Same thing i say , we get rid of iverson at start of season regardless of no chauncey we would be in the finals. I just started the first game of the 89 finals .

  8. rey says:

    its good for ai. find a good team,,, not piston and the bad coach.

  9. Ryan says:

    The Pistons ARE a good TEAM, that’s the thing, Rey.

    Allen Iverson doesn’t play TEAM basketball, while the Pistons organization is built on it.

  10. Eric says:

    Great old clip… loved the Bad Boys…

    And not to nit-pick but you mention Mahorn would be one of those wearing black hats… and yes, he would be… however it is not Mahorn who is visible in that clip; #22 walking toward the camera is John Salley.

    I loves me some old-school Pistons basketball!! Good times..

  11. Eric says:

    Also, you forget to mention the Worm… Dennis Rodman (behind Laimbeer in the video) would have DEFINITELY worn a black hat… hell, he would have worn a black Pistons jersey and shorts had they let him!

  12. Dennis says:

    Flipping sweet clip. I remember that video word for word.

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