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  1. brgulker says:

    Sheed playing for the Magic? How will they swing that financially? They’re already flirting with the luxury tax as it is…

    I think Sheed to SA would be even more scary. Or what about Sheed to Cleveland?

  2. Serbiaz Piston says:

    Hahaha,imagine that frontcourt: Shaq & Sheed! 😀

  3. gMac says:

    For our sake, I want Sheed to go to Magic. He will be happy shooting 3s and it’s one more obstacle for the Cavs to get to the final; on more reason he will not resign.

    Lets just hope we don’t waste money on boozer…

    We should just tank the next season for a top5 pick. Many be that’s why JoeD left Curry (God I hope thats the only reason)

  4. gMac says:

    By ‘he’ ,I meant LB from Cavs.

  5. The Fluidics says:

    Yelling at the coach and then cutting him off completely is really not what I’m looking for in a locker room leader, and team captain. I also don’t think that Curry falling on the sword is the answer either. As much as I dislike Curry (and I really, really do) this problem is squarely Rips fault, and if can’t man up to it, there is a whole league of players looking to take his place. I mean, what do the Pistons have to lose, they are already rebuilding, what’s one more spot?

  6. elpistonsfan says:

    The fact that Hamilton and Curry didn’t get along was pretty well known at the end of the season. The real question is why these stories are reappearing now. A few possibilities:

    1) JD wants to trade Hamilton, is floating these stories to lessen fan reaction when they trade away their top scorer.

    2) Rip’s agent thinks Detroit is serious about signing Ben Gordon, and is revisiting the Iverson experience to convince JD to either not go after Gordon or to trade Rip.


  7. Chad says:

    thank you curry for playing rodney fucking stuckey over rip hamilton..


    we would be singing an entirely different tune right now.

  8. Alwayzreal says:

    One of them has to go…..I would prefer Curry but since thats JD butt buddy, I seriously doubt it

  9. steve0 says:

    how will either cleveland or san antonio swing that financially? granted sheeds worth has went down but after jefferson to the spurs and shaq to the cavs…how?

  10. steve0 says:

    get rid of rip… your crazy! allmost as stupid of getting rid of chauncey

  11. steve0 says:

    curry should have been gone midway through this past season. butt buddies or not joey d is in it to win it lets not foreget who got the pistons to the eastern conf. finals 6 yrs in a row,that wasn’t larry brown,flip saunders it was the man joe dumars putting that group of guys together!

  12. Seavian Dalou says:

    I would like to see sheed in a pistons uniform this coming season with a smaller role, less minutes but just as effective.. give him a 2yr contract n offer him a coaching position..Stay in the D n we’ll get that ship right back

  13. Sebastian says:

    Now that Charlie V is a FA, I see our lineup already:


    Maybe not a championship contender, but
    exciting nonetheless.

  14. junior says:

    r u stupid or ignorant? he tried that lineup, it didnt work ai and rip both needed the ball all the time . it didnt work cause there is only 1 ball remember?

  15. junior says:

    exactly, now all the haters. stfu

  16. junior says:

    hey u forgot walter sharpe, and i do really like okur but if we cant get him i would also love to c tyson chandler up in the front court

  17. junior says:

    i done with rip, after his cryin last year, o and all the shots he missed. get him outta here trade him for tyson chandler. and start bynum at pg stuck at sg. or stuck at pg and start afflalo at sg

  18. junior says:

    he will be gone before the end of the season. deal with it

  19. junior says:

    my ONLY worry about losing sheed is who is going to guard shaq and d howard? kwame? right now hes the only center we have! sheed could always play those two straight up, thats y we could always beat the magic! im really worried joe u better get okur or chandler in here.

  20. junior says:

    ditto, but maybe just 1 yr. and he come off bench, no 3 pointers either. o wait that could never happen so he will be gone.

  21. Grant the Aussie says:

    You know id like to see,

    Tay(or someone else?)/Daye/Jerebko

  22. zkranc says:

    how do you get Amare and Chandler if you don’t give up anything? like the lineup though.

  23. b says:

    I think there is something to what your saying. IMO Dumars is riding the wrong horse, in stuckey. He is good but I don’t see near the potential in him of which Dumars and all the homers speak.

  24. zkranc says:

    the Bucks didn’t make an offer to Villanueva, we should go after him for a good price, he’d fit in nice

  25. Kevin says:

    I am glad Sheed will not be in a Pistons uniform ever again. Thanks Joe!

  26. gMac says:

    We are not playing for anything next season!!!

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