A Ben Gordon Rumor

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It seems as though we have a Ben Gordon to the Pistons rumor.

Sam Smith,who’s been writing for and about the Bulls for quite some time says the Pistons have promised Ben Gordon 11 million dollars.

“I haven’t heard they are, and General Manager Gar Forman has not come off his stance that he wants to bring Gordon back. But I also heard that Gordon’s agent allegedly has been saying he has an $11 million promise from the Pistons.

This could go with the promise I received to play giving me a chance to win the lottery. I’ve never fully understood the supposed Pistons interest. Not because teams don’t like Gordon. But because the Pistons have Rodney Stuckey, not a true point guard, and Richard Hamilton. Though the rumors supposedly are the Pistons would trade Hamilton. Though why trade a 6-7 shooting guard to accommodate one maybe a half foot shorter? Though I never say never in the NBA, as Phil Jackson taught me. And Michael.” Via Bulls Blog

As for the Rip Hamilton mention, it’s been whirling around that Detroit is shopping Rip.  Though all this is just speculation and rumor, I keep hearing that Rip is on the block.

While I’m not sure Ben Gordon is the ansewer, he’s(26) a lot younger than Rip (32). If the Pistons are trying to build young, this may have some truth to it.


Our good friend Dave Dial over at MLive makes an interesting point:

“One more reason that could be the one that would tip the scales in favor of replacing Hamilton with Gordon is that Joe Dumars could use Rip as an asset in a trade to grab a big man that the Pistons will need next season.

Hoops World points out that it’s not legal for the Pistons to contact Gordon or his agent until after July 1st, but theorizes that Dumars may have had conversations last summer while Gordon was a restricted free agent and looking for a raise.

What’s not clear in Smith’s report is if the ‘promise’ is for a contract starting at $11 million dollars(doubtful) or if it will average $11 million dollars over the course of 5 seasons. If it’s the latter, and that seems most likely, then the contract would start out at under $9.5 million dollars. In that case Joe Dumars would still have enough cap space to sign another big name free agent, and then could make a trade involving Rip Hamilton.”

Our Pistons insider Matt Dery of 97.1 The Ticket just shot me this email.

“I talked to a Pistons source today who told me that they are denying this story about Ben Gordon and they add that it is illegal.. and not how it works.”

We know it’s illegal, but something tells me this one might be true. Stay tuned.

73 Responses to "A Ben Gordon Rumor"
  1. brgulker says:

    I think Rip is like a fine wine; his game is going to age well with time. The comparisons to Reggie Miller are helpful, as far as that’s concerned, IMO.

    Gordon gives all the same problems we had with AI — turnovers, below-average shooting percentage, and too many turnovers. The guy has been clutch, and he does shoot the three-ball very well, though.

    The bigger question for me, though, is: how does a Gordon + Stuckey backcourt work out? They both need the ball in their hands to play their game… and last time I checked, there was only one basketball.

  2. Jayborne says:

    A Gordon + Stuckey backcourt would be the worst defensive backcourt in the league. Ben Gordon is younger than Rip, but he doesn’t equal more wins. How can you justify your highest paid player being a guy who should be the 3rd best player on a contender?

  3. I’m with all you, I’m so not on board with Gordon on this team in any sort of way. Jayborne is right…what about the defense. To be honest, I don’t like any of the names that have been thrown around in the offseason so far. I would take Memo back in a heartbeat though.

  4. zkranc says:

    Natalie you are reading my mind, I also have not been impressed by Ben or Booz for that matter, but would take Bosh or Memo rather

  5. I didn’t mention Bosh…though I would love him in a Pistons Uni. I just don’t think he wants to come to Detroit. It’s almost like saying LeBron would sign here, I just don’t see it unless something really changes.

  6. Alex says:

    Um. Stuckey is not a weak defender by any stretch of the imagination and can guard both guard positions… His defense will only get better as time goes on…

  7. Calvinsgotajob says:

    I’m against the BG pickup unless we use him like Chicago has the past few years. First guard off the bench, bringing energy and scoring. I wouldn’t be against him getting crunch time minutes but it’s hard to justify $11Mill/year for a glorified 6th man.

    I’d love to pry David Lee away from the Knicks for some big man help. As for other FA’s (restricted or not) to go after… what are everyone’s thoughts on the following:
    – Ariza
    – Turkoglu
    – Odom
    – Marvin Williams
    – Artest (I like his game… just not him)
    – Jamal Crawford
    – Charlie Villanueva

    I wouldn’t mind throwing some cash at Marvin Williams to come off our bench… still young and a great defender… shooting has been getting better and better each season

  8. Mark says:

    If Rip can get us a big-man, I’m all for the trade. Stuckey and Gordon would make a hell of a combo. You have a kid that can drive and dish, and you have Gordon with a very, very, long range.

    I love when people talk about Gordon or Boozer being bad defenders, and in the same sentence say they want Chris Bosh. Do you realize Bosh isn’t a good defender?

    Boozer just doesn’t block shots, but he can hold his position. Bosh blocks shots but gets overpowered by some of the best in the league. He hasn’t led Toronto anywhere, and in my opinion is very over-rated. Also landing Bosh is no where near as difficult as landing someone like Lebron.

  9. The Fan says:

    Why do we need to be looking at guards instead of big men? This rumor stinks!

  10. Ronnie D. says:

    Rumors suck.

    First I dont believe we should be going after Gordon. I dont think he is nothing more than a Manu which isnt saying all that much. And why get Gordon to play SG when I’m pretty sure Stuckey is taller than him. So our PG is going to be taller than our SG??? Hmmmm. Also that trading Hamilton for a big is bringing me down also. We got money, lets sign a big man and keep RIP. If we are going to shop Hamilton I would like a Tyson Chandler in return. He has to be somewhat pissed at the hornets for that stunt last year. He is a great defender/rebouder/shot blocker and would fit into our system quite well. Trade Amir and a draft pick for that and that leave us with

    J-Maxx (Boozer)

    Use the money to upgrade PF (Boozer)then sign Gordon and have him come off the bench a la Manu

  11. Mark says:

    Gordon isn’t going to sign here to come off the bench. I also strongly believe Hamilton is asking to be traded. It’s just a matter of time before we find out. If we can get Rip for Boozer, and sign Gordon, than we will still have some room to sign one more role player. We don’t have enough to sign Boozer and Gordon in free agency. We would have to do a sign&trade.

  12. Fariduddin says:

    sorry guys.. but i down for Gordan. the guy can flat out score! Stucky and Gordan are two players that can drive and create their own shots. Gordan has mad range. and please note that defense is by committee. it would really suck to see Rip go.. but i think he would be the one moved. but if we have more money to spend bring back Memo. Memo has size, solid jump shot and solid post moves. Bosh over Boozer…. crazy how interesting this season is gonna be…. crazy!

  13. Jayborne says:

    That’s far from “one hell of a combo”. It sounds like the starting backcourt of a mediocre basketball team, nothing amazing about that.

    You can compare Boozer and Bosh defensively all you want, but not them and Gordon. The bigs can both defend their position, while Ben Gordon can’t because of size and doesn’t because of effort. Unless people see Stuckey going through some amazing defensive growth, that line-up would get dominated.

    And I haven’t even mentioned how Ben Gordon isn’t worth near $11 mil per. Luckily this is just a rumor. No one would offer him that in this economy, because he’s not worth it.

  14. HIME1 says:


  15. AZ says:

    Gordon is terrible! He is a true gunslinger of the NBA, the Pistons do not need that. The Bulls will be better without him.

  16. zkranc says:

    I still think Bosh is a better defender, they are both good rebounders and I’ll give you the fact that Boozer holds his position, but Bosh can block shots and he is a better pick & roll defender

  17. Amber says:

    No no no no no no no. Absolutely not. NO!
    Rip cannot leave. Chauncey was already ripped away; if Rip goes, Detroit will be an even more pathetic team!
    Just give Detroit Terrence Williams, James Johnson, Chauncey back, and a center…and Detroit will be absolutely fine!

  18. Richie says:

    By any stretch of the imagination? Really? That’s awefully generous and a little silly of you.

  19. Richie says:

    Everyone gets either overpowered or outmanuvered by “the best in in the league.” That’s why they’re the best. Bosh has done well with Toronto but isn’t an enitre team. He’d be a great piece to the Pistons puzzle.

  20. Richie says:

    I couldn’t get two sentences in. Try taking off the cas lock and people might listen to you.

  21. Richie says:

    Yeah, just give them Chauncey back! You make it sound so easy. I WISH!

  22. Richie says:

    I don’t get the logic or Dave Dial’s point. They have a proven big man like Chris Kaman ready to be signed and they have a ton of mney to do it with. So why would they spend that money to draft a player like Iverson and trade away a rock solid Rip Hamillton to get a big man? Why not just sign or draft one and keep your all star shooting gaurd in tact? Like I said before:

    Stuckey, Rip, Tayshaun, Hedo, Chris Kaman.

  23. Bob says:

    Trade Rip for Camby. Sign Boozer and Gordon. Our starters:

  24. Bob says:

    Sorry but Rip has to go. I love the dude but he can only play one style. And that is to run around screens similar to Reggie Miller. The only difference is Miller was a 3point threat. I won’t be suprised if no team goes after Rip. And he needs to accept the bench role.

  25. Bob says:

    Note to Joe D: I know you’re a winner and bringing in Boozer and Gordon will not make this team a champion. What you need to do is get a superstar like Wade, Bosh or even Lebron. If not, we’re screwed.
    As you can see, a NBA team must have 3 potential all-stars in order to contend for a championship.
    Orlando has Hedo, Rashard and Howard. Lakers have Odom, Kobe and Gasol. Boston has Garnett, Pierce, Allen and Cavs only has Lebron. That’s why they lost.

  26. Shawn says:

    i like gordon, but not for over 7 million
    and as for having him replace rip: we need to get bigger, not smaller

  27. Fariduddin says:

    Bob! What?!?! thats crazy..

  28. Richard says:

    I’m all for Gordon and for those of you who don’t think he can play D, he can gaurd the PG just fine. That’s why him and Stuck would switch gaurd positions on D.

  29. Pistonsbaby01 says:

    Timberwolves News:

    MCHALE OUT! (of the front office and coach)

  30. pistons 4 life says:

    My only concern with Gordon would be his defense, or lack there of. I like his offensive game though. The difference between he and Rip offensively is that Gordan has a slashing game to go along with usually pretty good shooting. Whenever Rip tries to create for himself it just looks like he shouldn’t be doing it.

    A rumor is still exactly that though, a rumor. We’ll probably be hearing a lot of them all summer long. So I’m going to try and not take any of them too seriously.

  31. pistons 4 life says:

    When the Pistons won in 04, they didn’t even have 1 superstar. I don’t know if agree with that logic.

  32. pistons 4 life says:

    Rip could be back to his old ways of running off screens if dumb a*% Curry would actually use him that way. I blame an average year from Rip last year on coaching, not him “fading”.

  33. Mark says:

    Gordon is potentially an all-star. He puts up better numbers than Hamilton.

    Boozer is a Olympic Gold Champion. I don’t know if he has made the all-star team yet, but he can easily do it.

    Stuckey has potential to be an all-star.

    Tayshaun is a Olympic Gold Champion as well.

    That is a good team in my opinion.

  34. KleenGee says:

    Memo would be nice, but trading Rip does not seem good. First Billups goes, next will be Sheed, then Rip. The heart of the team will be a bunch of kids. I think it would be like the immaturity on Atlanta; a team with talent that needs to be checked into place by a veteran or two.

    Mr. Dumars: Please sign Sheed to a one year, $10 mil contract. Let him retire a Piston and become an assistant after the season.

    Word was that Gordon played his heart out for the playoffs to increase his value. Will he play the same way when the money is off the table and in his pocket?

  35. Richie says:

    That’s like saying that Dwayne Wade can only play one way- driving the lane. Or Tim Duncan can only play one way- post up bank shots. I player having a reliable style of play is irrelivant if it’s reliable. Rip’s style of play not only involves ball movement and open shots from a high percentage shooter, but it also punishes defenses in more ways than one. “Pistons 4 life” is right- he wa VERY poorly utilized this year. They really treated him badly and I applaud him for being as professional as he was.

  36. Richie says:

    Finally, someone is talking since. Of course that was before 2007, back when teams were allowed to play some kind of defnese.

  37. Richie says:

    So that Stuckey can get burned by SG’s instead?

  38. Richie says:

    I’d be quite happy with keeping Rasheed if we could get him for a one year contract. If one year contracts ever went down, I’d love to keep ‘Sheed and sign Boozer, but nobody wants to play hard on a contract year just so they have to do to it again.

  39. Dave says:

    I’ld like Gordon only if Rip stays. Gordon has proven to be a good 6th man, in that he can come off the bench and make a scoring impact. Think along the lines of the original Bad Boys and consider Gordon playing Vinnie Johnson’s role. Then you have a perfect fit….something Iverson failed at last season….but with Gordon, you already know he has that ability. So you have Stuckey and Rip starting, then Gordon coming in with a 3 guard rotation. Then what you have to consider is what to do with Afflalo and Bynum. You probably want to keep Bynum, because he could be a good back up Point Guard to Stuckey. So maybe it’s actually a 4 guard rotation with Bynum getting the least amount of minutes, since Stuckey is more of a combo guard……unless he pushes Stuckey for the starting PG position, like he showed he could do last season. So now the question becomes what do you do with Afflalo? Maybe Afflalo becomes a SF/SG combo or you trade him? Afflalo can play the SF position, but has shown he’s more effective at the SG position……but with limited minutes at the SF position coming in for Prince, it could work. Hermann won’t be back, so he won’t be in the way. You also have Walter Sharpe, and we’re not sure what he can do….but he was only a Rookie last season and was injured. So, I would expect something more along the lines of an off the bench role for Sharpe at the beginning of the season, and playing at the SF position to see how well he does. If Sharpe works out, then maybe we can expect a trade which involves Afflalo which might be able to land us a solid off the bench defensive big man later in the season.

    I’m not going to expect a Rip Trade, if the Pistons sign Gordon. Joe Dumars seems to be trying to pursue building a system, which was similar to the original bad boys when he played……So that should be your thought process of what Joe is doing by going after Gordon. That’s what he was hoping for when we got Iverson last season…but obviously, that never worked out because Iverson could never accept the Vinnie Johnson role of coming off the bench and scoring in bunches…….Gordon has proven he can do that role in Chicago…..so we’re just hoping it translate over to Detroit.

    Stuckey=Isiah Thomas
    Rip= Joe Dumars
    Gordon= Vinnie “The Microwave” Johnson

    If you want to figure out what Joe Dumars is trying to do…….Just use this roster as a template and figure out what each of these player’s roles where and the things each one of them brought to the table and then try to figure out which current Piston has similar aspects of their game as that player of the past. It’s a recipe Joe Dumars….knows works.

    I believe Jason Maxiell is suppose to be filling the Dennis Rodman role….or maybe John Sally. Shot blocking, rebounding and quick for an undersized PF. I believe between Prince and Maxiell, they’re suppose to be filling the Rodman/Sally roles. Sheed has been filling the Bill Lambeer Role. Afflalo might be filling the Mark Acquire role….or maybe that is Prince….but you get the idea. The winning Recipe is there……Joe Dumars is just trying to get all the missing ingredients.

  40. Rashid Umar says:

    Perhaps Ben Gordon will be the sixth man… ever thought about that?

  41. Rashid Umar says:

    Not to mention that Joe wants to be more up tempo…

  42. Mark says:

    Gordon isn’t going to sign here; to come off the bench. He has a starting job in Chicago, so why would he chose to come off the bench in Detroit.

  43. Chris says:

    I would hate to see Rip go. He’s mr Piston now, and even though he had a bad season, it was mostly due to him having injuries. I know he’s 32 years old, but he is still capable of getting it done at both ends of the court.

  44. Alwayzreal says:

    First of all Ben Gordon is not trying to be a sixth man for the rest of his career and if the pistons sign him for that kind of money there is no way on gods green earth that he is gonna come off the bench getting paid that kind of bread..Mr.D would be rolling over in his grave. Then the issue at hand which has gotten swept under the rug..We still have a bum head coach that does not have a clue of how to coach a team..So it really doesn’t who we sign,if Curry is still the coach we are still gonna suck!!!!

  45. Alwayzreal says:

    Just blow it up Joe…
    Heres a trade proposal since you are interested in Ben Gordon
    Rip, Maxell & 15th pick to the Wizards for Jamison 5th pick
    There you got a bigman at that 3/4 positon and you can sign Ben Gordon

  46. pistons 4 life says:

    Paying someone $8 to $10 million a year to come off your bench isn’t very smart. If they would pay him that much he’d start, and someone would have to go.

  47. pistons 4 life says:

    At this point I don’t really care who’s on this team next season. Trade whoever you have to to get guy’s that will play a system and give you effort every night. It’s no fun watching a team that has no identity and on a lot of nights gives you a half a%$ effort.

    Unfortunately with Curry behind the wheel no one will ever know what the “system” is because as soon as he finds something that works he’ll just change it.

  48. eralefe says:

    No really,Alex is right, Stuckey’s defense is pretty good, and having a full season under his belt really helps. It takes at least a game or two against a player to get used to guarding him. And just because he couldn’t guard Lebron James doesn’t make him a bad defender

  49. Gay says:

    First of all, there is no comparison with Stuckey and Isiah Thomas. If you want to compare Isiah with anyone on the Pistons team, it would be Will Bynum. He is a true point guard, not a made up point guard, which is what Joe Dumars is trying to do, make Stuckey into a point guard. Stuckey is a ball hog just like Flip Murray was. Everytime he gets in the game, he’s trying to take it all the way and shoot instead of setting up the play for the TEAM. I would rather see Will Bynum start and Stuckey come off the bench. Also it would be crazy to trade Sheed, Rip, Afflalo or Tay. If you want to trade someone, trade McDyess and you shouldn’t trade Herrmann. As far as Gordon becoming a Piston, he seems like he is in the ozone when I see him play, but if they do make another stupid move (like trading Chauncey),it should be Bynum and Gordon and Stuckey coming off the bench, or better yet, Bynum and Rip as point and shooting Guards. Some people might think it won’t work, but I think it will work. One more thing, GET RID OF CURRY!!! He can’t coach at all!

  50. Chris says:

    Man, I really hope Stuckey plays really really well next season. Kinda like how Rondo developed with the Celtics this season.

  51. TJ says:

    Gordon’s know as a streaky shooter for no damn reason, to be honest. Last season, Gordon had 40 games where he shot 45% or less in 82 games played. In other words, he shot less than 45% 48.8% of games played. While that may seem like a high number, check this out:

    Richard Hamilton – 36 games (67 games played) or 53.7% of games played.

    Kobe Bryant – 35 games (82 games played) or 42.7% of games played.

    Joe Johnson – 44 games (79 games played) or 55.7% of games played.

    So he’s not nearly as “streaky” as people make him out to be.

  52. LiamJones says:

    While I am not thrilled at this rumor, Rip is only going to decline from here until the end of his career. It would be wise to go out and get a young guy for Rip while we can. I love him, but we have to forge ahead now. The Pistons team we grew to love is over.

  53. Junior says:

    These are all quite amusing to read. I’d would like to say first no way is Memo coming back. I’d love him back too, but dont see it.

    Not sold on Bosh. Never have been. His numbers are good but Boozer makes more sense. As far as Boozers injury problem, well they said the same about McDyess.

    Def not sold on Ben Gordon or trading RIP for that matter. I’m going to throw a wild one out there. How about trading Tay (whose stock will never be higher for us) for Oden..Yes Greg Oden. Obviously I dont know if the numbers could work or what other pieces would have to be in place. Would have to check out espns trade machine or ask Matt at DBB.com. He is into the numbers game aint he Nat?

    I think the trade makes Portland and Detroit better. Portland will have an iron man/defender for Kobe. Plus they have to resign Aldridge and Roy. Not sure Oden is in their future plans. But what do I know.

  54. JACK says:

    As a Bulls season ticket holder for the past 5 years, I’ve seen Ben Gordon up close for a long time. If you trade for him, you have to do it without thinking that he will be anything more than a backup guard who can give you a blast of points if he is on. But he comes with a price: turnovers, dominating the ball, abysmal defense, no sense of ball movement. If you think you can make him a starter, you will be disappointed. Rip is a far superior player to Gordon, but of course not without his own issues. Bottom line is that there isn’t a lot on the market right now. If I were Joe, I wouldn’t pull the trigger to get the best of what is available in what is going to be a crap free agent year.

  55. Anthony A says:

    I like bg scoring ability, but there are so many other options out there. This is what i would prefer to do: Amir, cash and our #15 pick for the top 3 pick in draft and/or throw in Rip (select Thabeet, rubio or big man). Prince for bosh. David Lee and ariza as free agents and turkoglu as a great facilitator and shooter. I do like millsap to go along with Lee as a back up to the longer and more offensively gifted bosh. Resign dice as a solid vet off the bench. Kwame keep as a situational starting center, afflalo, bynum #3 pick and 1 of 2 2nd round picks (wing or big man) on the bench (use the other 2nd round pick in a trade). I know u give up prince and rip, but you have establish veterans that can score and create in Bosh and turkoglu, hard workers in Lee, Ariza, promising young talent in #3 pick and your 2nd round pick, decent bench in tweener maxiell, steady dice and solid bynum, as well as afflalo.

  56. Diogenes says:

    Isn’t Gordan notoriously streaky? Isn’t that the reason he comes off of the bench. I don’t know – I’m asking.

  57. James says:

    Won’t we have the same problem of an AI/Stuckey backcourt with a BG/Stuckey backcourt? Sorry, but people were trying to justify the trade for AI by saying how good we would become offensively, but that didn’t work because AI didn’t play defense.

    Stuckey’s the best on-ball defender the Pistons have, but I don’t like the look of him with BG.

    Joe D, get away from the idea that we need great offensive players – use your cash to get great defenders and defense will lead to offense.


  58. Dominic says:

    Agreed with Richie, caps lock are juvenile and a cry for attention.

  59. Dominic says:

    Small ball again?

  60. zkranc says:

    yeah, Detroit usually prouded itself on D, don’t go away from it, but defense is a team not one man, everybody needs to do it…I’ll bet Gordon won’t do it

  61. Clinton says:

    No Ben Gordon!

  62. Dave says:

    I mean it’s obvious to me of what Dumars has been “trying” to do with the Pistons. When you look at the whole Iverson/Billips trade his plan seemed to be that 3 guard rotation once again and if it didn’t work, then you are free to try again next season, along with enough cap space to go after a missing big man piece.

    So if you remember, originally they started AI at the PG position. Stuckey is a combo guard as Joe Dumars has stated. So Stuckey was originally intended to fill the Vinnie Johnson role and AI was expected to fill the Isiah Thomas role. Then we learned through experience that AI was just not going to work out as the PG and be able to run the offense.

    Plan 1:
    AI= Isiah Thomas (Starting PG with 1on1 dribble penetration and the ability to hit the 3)
    Rip= Joe Dumars (Most reliable perimeter shooting SG)
    Stuckey= Vinnie Johnson (Combo Guard who can score coming off the bench)

    Plan 1 didn’t work because AI could not run the offense and handle the PG responsibilities needed, like Isiah Thomas did in the past.

    Plan 2: Run with a small line up.
    Stuckey= Isiah Thomas (Starting PG with 1on1 dribble penetration and the ability to hit the 3)
    AI= Joe Dumars (Most reliable perimeter shooting SG)
    Rip= SF
    Bynum= Vinnie Johnson (Combo Guard who can score coming off the bench)

    Obvious problems here…..not with the guard rotation in regards to scoring, but the defense puts you at major disadvantages in regards to defensive match ups, both with the PF/SF positions and the guard positions.

    Plan 3:
    Stuckey= Isiah Thomas (Starting PG with 1on1 dribble penetration and the ability to hit the 3)
    AI= Joe Dumars (Most reliable perimeter shooting SG)
    Rip= Vinnie Johnson (Combo Guard who can score coming off the bench)

    This was made, just due to the path of least resistance. They knew there where going to be problems in trying to make AI happy in getting him to accept a role of coming off the bench and Rip really isn’t a combo guard. So they decided to throw it out there and see what happened. It worked at 1st, but AI was not the reliable perimeter shooter, to be able to spread out the floor and it was not a good defensive match up with teams that had bigger guards.

    Plan 4:
    Stuckey= Isiah Thomas (Starting PG with 1on1 dribble penetration and the ability to hit the 3)
    Rip= Joe Dumars (Most reliable perimeter shooting SG)
    AI= Vinnie Johnson (Combo Guard who can score coming off the bench)

    The best matching scenario…….only thing AI was a b*tch, and could not accept coming off the bench. Too much ego to set aside. This lasted a total of what….2 games?? So in all the plans…..AI seemed to be the weakest piece of the recipe in 1 form or another.

    EXIT AI…..ENTER Ben Gordon….let’s try it again and see if these ingredients blend better.

    2009-2010 Season Plan 1:
    Stuckey= Isiah Thomas (Starting PG with 1on1 dribble penetration and the ability to hit the 3)
    Rip= Joe Dumars (Most reliable perimeter shooting SG)
    Ben Gordan= Vinnie Johnson (Combo Guard who can score coming off the bench)

  63. zkranc says:

    you are looney for comparing these guards with the bad boy guards and you forget we got Curry not Daddy Rich

  64. ryan ricafort says:

    why pick up BG and trade rip? why not trade rip, get a big, move Stuck to SG and start Bynum? then Get a solid true PG in the draft (if there’s any), and trade amir and tayshaun for a three point specialist, like hedo turkuglo, and some change, then resign McDyess.

    And also, get Laimbeer’s ass on the Piston’s bench

  65. ryan ricafort says:

    Also, let’s face it. Rip’s been unhappy since CB got traded. So he’s not needed in Detroit. But we can’t replace him with someone we don’t need as well, like BG. Besides, we have two solid SG in our roster, Afflalo and Stuckey.

  66. Pistons says:

    Sources indicate that the Pistons have promised B.J. Mullens that they will take him with the fifteenth pick if he is available, according to NBADraft.net.

  67. junior says:

    i like that idea, cause maybe they could get thabeet at 5

  68. junior says:

    best thing ive read so far

  69. junior says:

    right u are, y does everyone forget about afflalo? he is solid , defending and 3 point shotand bynum is going to be good as well

  70. junior says:

    really i hope not, can u sat greg oden 2.0?

  71. HIME1 says:

    This should calm lots of rip fan down..I heard from the bull org. they are trying to get rid of some Jones player on the bulls.So they can resign Gordon..I sure hope They dont get rid of Rip..I still think Sheed should come off the bench like dysse, he would be DANGEROUS.He could punish evry teams secondary on the lo post ,makin it impossible to sub their big men, stay tuned Piston fans Ill have more info …peace!! and HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the dads..

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