Swagtastic EMINEM Giveaway!

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I told you I had a surprise for Pistons today and I wasn’t kidding.

To kick off the release of EMINEM’S eagerly anticipated CD Relapse today Need4Sheed readers are getting a chance to win a Limited Edition EMINEM Undrcrwn T-Shirt.

What proud Detroiter, Pistons Fan, EMINEM Fan wouldn’t want to have this one of a kind T with the Shady one clad in an old school set of Bad Boys Pistons warmups?

You can’t get this one in stores but Need4Sheed is give one away today! By no means do I consider my Toons works of art, so in comparison to this Undrcrwn shirt it puts my Eminem Toon to shame.

How do you win?

You have to be quick on the E-MAIL!

Not only will EMINEM be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight, he will also be performing on the show Friday May 22nd.

Be the first person to email me with the name of the song Eminem performs on Jimmy Kimmel Friday 22nd and you get the Limited Edition Undrcrwn Eminem T-Shirt.

And don’t worry if you’re not the first to shoot me an email, a few runners up will receive a copy of EMINEM’S new CD Relapse.

Send your entry with the subject line – EMINEM to:


With your

    • Name
    • Age
    • And most importantly your Correct Shipping address.

    And for those of you headed to the EMINEM show tonight Tonight and at The Motor City Casino, it should be a good one.


    13 Responses to "Swagtastic EMINEM Giveaway!"
    1. Blake says:

      I’m so on this!!! Don’t tell me you scored tickets to the show tonight Nat! I missed the cut yesterday.

    2. MaxiellEatsLittleOnes says:

      The album is great

    3. Sage says:

      Eminem sucks. Why is a Pistons website wasting their time on this no-talent?

    4. rowena says:

      eminem is the best rapper alive …i actually purchased his cd today in san francisco…lucky me there’s only 2 left on the stands and they need to put more every now and then …meaning all the haters beware …eminem is BACk even in CD sales !!!!!

    5. Amer ican Prince says:

      haha good job natalie that should be a fun day.

    6. Drew says:

      Eminem is hot garbage nowadays :-/

    7. kartgo says:

      haha i like the dre monster headphones on the shirt

    8. detroitstones808 says:

      sucks for me cause i live in hawaii and the show is broadcasted later :(

    9. Man Toves says:

      Yes its Eminem or should I say Marshall Bruce Mathers III. Of Late I’ve become a big watcher and can not get too much gossip or postings about Eminem’s career. Have to admit that the remark about Eminem caught my eye as I have not checked your blog before. As his dad abandoned the home when he was a child the media years has been opportunity for money and mass media exposure which he has taken well, staving off the ruination with way too much reporting and exposure experienced by different celebrities. Admired his albums Infinite, although the contents sometimes are worrisome. Bad overtones and not making for a blessed planet.

    10. Thank you, fine article.

    11. Eminem is the best rapper, i have a collection of his live concerts and cds”`,

    12. spencer says:

      they still sell this at pys.com. I just got mine in the mail today, i was searching like 8 months to get me hands on one since i started wearing the other one i have.

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