7 Responses to "Shady Winner"
  1. Junior says:

    WOW..I am pretty geeked about this Natalie. It really couldnt of went to a bigger fan of Eminem or Need4Sheed…Thanks again for giving us opportunities like this!!! This one was sweet.

  2. kartgo says:

    Hey Natalie, thanks for the opportunity
    I was just wondering, did you need both the songs that Eminem performed to win?

  3. No I just needed the first song as soon as he started. I finally wanted a contest where it wasn’t just an easy look up of a trivia answer to win.

    Junior…first email in my box.

  4. mrbigshot says:

    nooooooooooooooooooo i didnt win ='[

  5. mrbigshot says:


  6. Dominic says:

    Oh damnit! I realized I sent it to need4sheed@gmail.com instead of need4sheedcontest@gmail.com

    I feel stupid 🙁

  7. kevin says:

    omg! please post a blog aobtu lebron’s winner! please now come on that was amazing
    just coz the cavs swept the pistons doesnt mean we have to be sore losers and not acknowledge this

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