Rest In Peace Coach Daly

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The legendary Basketball coach and big part of the Detroit Pistons’ success lost his fight with cancer this morning, he was 78.

If you don’t know of the legacy that Chuck Daly left us I suggest you read the glowing peace by Krista Jahnke of the Free Press.

“That changed in May 1983 when the Pistons hired Daly to coach a team that had never posted back-to-back winning seasons.

He stayed nine seasons, making the playoffs each year. His team posted five straight seasons with 50 or more victories and went to the Eastern Conference finals each year from 1987 to 1991.

They won the NBA titles in 1989 and 1990. In ’89, with Finals MVP Joe Dumars leading the way, they swept a Los Angeles Lakers team that went 11-0 in its first three playoffs rounds. They returned to the Finals in 1990, beating the Portland Trail Blazers in five games.

Daly once referred to himself as a second banana. He never won NBA coach of the year but was inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1994 and the Michigan Sports Hall of Fame in 1996. In 1997, the Pistons retired the No. 2 jersey to the rafters, in honor of Daly’s two championships.

His NBA coaching record — including one season in Cleveland before coming to Detroit, and two seasons each in New Jersey and Orlando after the Pistons — was 638-437 (.593). His record with the Pistons: 467-271 (.633), plus 71-42 in the playoffs.

The identity still attached to the Pistons franchise was born under Daly’s influence.

His teams played hard. They won with defense. They were physical — so rough and tumble that the nickname Bad Boys quickly stuck.”

And why they called him Daddy Rich:

“Daly, affectionately called “Daddy Rich” by his Pistons players for his dapper suits, compiled a 638-437 record in 14 seasons as an NBA head coach and holds the Pistons’ record for most wins — 467, in nine seasons — in franchise history.” Via

He will be missed.

32 Responses to "Rest In Peace Coach Daly"
  1. Avatar Rye from the P.I. says:

    just made this year more sadder… RIP Daddy Rich..
    And thank you for the memories. You will always be my favorite coach.

    thank you…

  2. Avatar The Fan says:

    Muchos Gracias Daddy Rich! RIP

  3. Avatar mannie32 says:

    Wow just read that this morning, surprised. Sort of assumed because he was rich he’d be okay, even with cancer. He must have got diagnosed late in the game when it was too late?

    Btw the comment made by CHAD was uncalled for.

  4. Avatar El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!) says:

    Checking my e-mail on my cell phone, my best friend from NYC forwarded me the news. I had to get up immediately and read that myself. It’s hard to believe Daddy Rich is gone.

    The Palace should always be The House That Mr. D and Chuck Built…

    It is a sad day indeed. I grew up watching the Bad Boys and Coach Daly at the helm. It was watching what Coach did with those guys what made me a Pistons fan for life, so I am indeed sad. One of my heroes died today.

    I agree with mannie32 about CHAD’s comment. This is neither the right place nor time to bash Michael Curry. There’ll be a time and a place for that. Also, I can’t understand what’s on the mind of someone who wishes death to anybody else. Sure, Curry is a less than stellar coach, and Daddy Rich he isn’t… but does that make him worthy of a death wish? Again, this is not about bashing Curry, today we should devote all postings to one single thing:


    Anything else doesn’t fit here today.

    RIP CHUCK DALY. THANKS FOR THE BAD BOYS, THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES. My condolences to his family, and the Detroit Pistons organization and all of the other loyal fans.

  5. Avatar Tay says:

    can’t believe he’s gone and we have curry now…………so sad

  6. Avatar section214 says:

    Condolences to the Daly family and all Pistons fans.

    Chuck Daly was a great coach, a great man, and a gentlemen. Though he is now gone, he could probably still out-coach the current list of candidates for the Sacramento Kings’ vacant coaching position.

    RIP, Chuck. You will be missed.

  7. Avatar Sam says:

    REST IN PEACE, thank you for the Detroit Bad Boys and the 1992 Dream Team.
    Maybe you and Mr. Bill D. can play a couple of rounds of golf wherever you 2 are.

  8. Avatar pistonfan55 says:

    Rest in peace COACH CHUCK DALY! thanks for the memories, thanks for the bad boys, for the championships. we will miss you.

  9. Avatar Johnny B says:

    Thank you Chuck Daly for all the great moments and memories you provided for this city and team. Although I am 17 and was not born during the great bad boy era, I wish I was to fully appreciate and follow that amazing era. For me just reading aritcles and watching old footage of games is nowhere near enough to fully understand how great of a person and coach Chuck Daly. It is a terribly sad day for all Pistons fans if they know any history of this great legendary coach or those who grew up following the era. REST IN PEACE CHUCK DALY YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED.

    P.S Natalie the timing of your cartoon for Chuck could not have been any worse.

  10. Avatar SWD says:


  11. Avatar Fariduddin says:

    rest in Peace….

  12. Avatar Janet says:

    Rest in Peace Chuck…. you will be missed…

    I was a teenager during the Bad Boys era and remember those 2 titles and of course the Dream Team too…

    Condolences to his family and friends during this time….

  13. Avatar SHAq says:


  14. Avatar freeZy says:

    I will never forget you Chuck D! Thank you for all the legendary moments you gave us!!!
    Damn this year really sux bad!
    RIP CHUCK D!!!!

  15. Avatar Vanalope says:

    definitely the end of an era.

  16. Avatar Ryno says:

    RIP Chuck 🙁

    Chad your comment was hilarious!

  17. Avatar freezola75 says:

    Daddy Rich you always did it with style and class. Thank you for your contribution to the game and how you helped others in general. You’ve touched alot of people and made them better. You will always be the Nice guy who was a bad boy. Thank you Mr Daly

  18. Avatar Junior says:

    Rough year for us Piston fans all around. RIP Mr. Daly. No one ever looked better on the sidelines.

  19. Avatar Kyle says:

    i loved chuck daly, and i’m sorry he is gone.

    i know this is wrong, and somewhat awful. but does anyone else get the feeling that this season killed davidson and daly? even if it didn’t, do you think joe feels rather guilty that this was the last season they got to see?

  20. Avatar ryan ricafort says:

    RIP Daady Rich. The Piston’s D will always signify Detroit, Defense, and Daly.


  21. Avatar ryan ricafort says:

    TNT Feature on Daddy Rich

  22. Avatar Amer ican Prince says:

    RIP Coach Daly gonna miss you. You made this a franchise we could be proud of. Blue collar toughness, and the hearts of champions.

  23. Avatar Susan says:

    This is very sad.

    RIP Coach Daly.

  24. Avatar ryan ricafort says:

    Hi Nat, how about we send the Daly family a letter of condolences and praise for Coach Chuck? we N4S reader’s could post a message here for coach Daly and you could consolidate them and send it to his family.


  25. Avatar Patrick says:

    I got the pleasure of meeting Mr. Daly last year. He was a very nice man who was willing to pose for a picture with me. I got to small talk about the playoffs with him (this was during the Boston/Detroit series). He is a legend and will be missed by many.

  26. Avatar Ryan says:

    Rest in Peace

    Chuck Daly

  27. Avatar Chungi says:

    Oh God…first Davidson and now Daly…quite sad that this fucked up season was their last to see

  28. Avatar altan says:

    R.I.P. Mr. Daly

    fuck…….. this sseason was shit

  29. Avatar Chris says:

    God Bless you and your family Mr Daly.

  30. Avatar Pistons Mane says:

    R.I.P Daly

  31. Avatar Brandon says:

    Rest in Peace Coach. Your teams were the reason I became a big Pistons fan.

  32. Avatar joao says:

    R.I.P Coach Daly your a great coach. Go Pistons!!!!!!!??????

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