Remembering Good Times – Bad Boy Style

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The Pistons and their fans had a difficult year so many respects. We as fans watched a special team of our favorite players fall short for the past few season and when things got shook up, it turned out far worse than we could have ever imagined.

As we watch the Playoffs from a different angle this post season we can only hope that our old friend Mr. Big Shot keeps doing what he’s doing.

We said goodbye to two great men in Pistons owner Bill Davidson and Bad Boy legend Coach Chuck Daly. Which is not just sad for everyone who knew and loved these great men, but it reminds us of their legacy.

I started on the Pistons bandwagon at a very young age (pre Bad Boys). Now I didn’t follow the team the way I do know in the early stages, come the time Trader Jack drafted Joe Dumars I was completely hooked. Isiah and Tripuka may have sparked my basketball love, but The Bad Boys birthed my addiction.

So when I was thinking of the loss of Davidson and Daly instead of mourning, I looked back at the good times they gave us. Two true innovators that cemented what we know now as Detroit Basketball. I was looking though old Pistons specials I had taped (since it’s May and I not used to not seeing the Pistons play) and I came across some good times.

Good Times, and more to come.

15 Responses to "Remembering Good Times – Bad Boy Style"
  1. Avatar Tim McMillan says:

    Glory days…

  2. Avatar swd says:

    with the 3rd pick….in the 2003 NBA DRAFT….THE DETROIT PISTONS SELECT (([MELO?] [BOSH?])) ………DARKO MILICIC


  3. Avatar Richie says:

    Good times, good post.

    swd, Have you been living in a cave since 2003? The Pistons won a championship the following year without Melo, Bosh or any superstar by playing the right way. It was a fanfastic playoff run that I wouldn’t trade for any superstar.

  4. Avatar Rip32 says:

    Nice to see the young dennis~

  5. Avatar J Knight says:

    Great clip, nice to see I’m not the only one feeling nostalgic after the beating our franchise has taken this year.

  6. Avatar Richard says:

    i’m strugglin over here could someone please sign up

    pistonsfan. webs. com

  7. Avatar Blam says:

    it was the 2nd pick swd :((((((

  8. Avatar ladyPiston says:

    Nice clip . . . aaahhhh the good ole’ days

  9. Avatar KleenGee says:

    Nice clip. Thanks!!
    I remember when I first started playing ball and everyone on my team and in my family loved the Celtics, everyone except me. I almost felt guilty hating the Celts since I’m Irish by descent. I didn’t have a team yet, so in the playoffs, I rooted for the Pistons (I think they lost a few years to the Celtics before getting to the finals)

    It was so easy to like the Bad Boys. They really had heart and skill, not to mention a pretty classy looking coach.

    I hope Mr. Dumars brings together a team with that same work ethic as the BadBoys next year.

  10. Avatar Diogenes says:

    Joe was always the nice guy on the Bad Boys – nice but tough. Time to get tough again. We’ve had enough of entitled from a long lost title. Time to put the old out to pasture. Time to go Eskimo on these old dogs.

  11. Avatar KleenGee says:

    “go Eskimo”????

    never heard it before, but I’m sure it fits.

  12. Avatar Richard says:

    I think A.I.’s gonna retire, read this

    pistonsfan. webs. com

  13. Avatar altan says:

    if only Chuck DAly was here to see the celtics lose

  14. Avatar willy says:

    give me a team like that any day

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