Pump it up Pistons – The Rap- Pure Pistons:1990 NBA Championship

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You may know by now that I received a trivia request for a Rap song that made mention of Isiah, Dumars, Laimbeer…ect.  Well I am not sure if this is it, but it’s a gem. Thanks to good friend and Need4Sheed reader Kevin Antcliff (a fellow Detroit blogger) who did all the dirty work for us.  He remembered the song, dug up his VHS (yes he still has it) of Pure Pistons: 1990 NBA Championship and took care of the rest.

A Motor City Classic

Pump it up Pistons


14 Responses to "Pump it up Pistons – The Rap- Pure Pistons:1990 NBA Championship"
  1. Kevin says:

    Glad to help, Nat!

  2. JanScholl says:

    Everyone was so…….thin.

  3. DumarsFan says:

    I actually have the vhs that the music video was aired on……………..on the same video is a special on the new kids on the block….gotta love the early 90’s!

  4. Holden Geyer says:

    the main song in NBA2K9 is a rap song about the bad boys kinda funny they talk about everyone in it

  5. Vanalope says:

    I know this is totally off topic but bummer…Lakers advance. 🙁

  6. nypistonsfan says:

    Bummer…Did anybody else notice Chauncey in a full blown yawn just moments before the game and during the climax of Coach Carls’ pregame motivational speech? For some reason, I don’t think he believed???

  7. Dominic says:

    Hey Nat, how about some coverage of the draft? Going through some nba draft mocks and analyzing the players would be great.

  8. pistonsfan32 says:

    i’d like to thank the magic for knocking the cocky cavs out… revenge is sweet

  9. Th3 Answ3r says:

    Lol, I just had to post this up:

    It’s pictures of Piston’s going fishing. They were made by Cav fans.

    Anyone want to go their and get back at them? 😛

  10. pistonsfan32 says:

    oh no… looks like big ben might retire. he should have never left the pistons. its so sad!!


  11. Tim says:

    Off topic – but I think we should bring Ben Wallace back. Arnie can give him a tune up and he can bring it off of the bench – if Cleveland buys him out. He should retire a Piston and have his jersey in the rafters.

  12. Jump ball, tip to Isaiah, Superstar under par, All around Playa…

    Buddha’s got the elbow’s, the other teams dread and the worm carved a name in the back of his head.

    Henderson, Greenwood, Bedford go sky, what the hell’s the name of the other white guy?

    When the playoff’s are over, we’re all gonna sing, when the pistons are grabbing at the big gold ring.

    They’re the team of the decade, the team of the hour. That’s cause they got… Piston Power!

    Based off the Turtle Power song by Vanilla Ice. I hope someone gets a copy up somewhere.

    Down with Detroit Apparel

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