A Piston Mayor

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Dave Bing Mayor of Detroit

Dave Bing Mayor of Detroit / Photo AP

Now that Dave Bing is The Mayor of Detroit, it’s only fitting that I work on a Cartoon Bing.  I got quite a few suggestion via Twitter as well as Facebook on weather to go Old School Bing or Present Day Bing.

It looks like what I was leaning toward won out, you should see a Present Day Cartoon Bing shortly.

All that got me to thinking, I have to start Tooning “The Bad Boys”.  I did Dumars and Isiah so I think the logical one that comes next it Laimbeer but I’m open to suggestions.  I will get to them all sooner or later but does Laimbeer come first?

19 Responses to "A Piston Mayor"
  1. Clinton says:

    Bing used to sell my dad drugs when my dad worked at the fitness club Bing went to in his pistons days. I hope hes not a druggie no more.

  2. Patrick says:

    wtf? Dave Bing is the mayor now, wtf?! I live in Florida now so I am out of touch… but wow lol

  3. Ryan says:

    I’m glad Bing won – hopefully his great business sense will transfer over to the mayoral spot.

    I think a cartoon Laimbeer should come first. It does seem fitting!

  4. DD3 says:

    THE WORM! You have to get a pre-rainbow haired Dennis Rodman Cartoon up here Natalie. That would be great. Also, does anyone know where I can get an oldschool Dennis Rodman or Vinnie Johnson Pistons Jersey? I can’t keep investing in current player jerseys only to watch them go to other teams. I have 3 Ben Wallace Jerseys, 2 Chauncey Billups & 2 Sheeds. Not to mention my Rip & Tay Jersey’s. If they all leave I need something to wear during the season. Oh well I guess I can just stick to my Thomas Mitchell & Ness.

  5. gMac says:

    How about Chuck Daily first!!!!

  6. Good Call gMac!

    And DD3, can’t do anything without the Worm.

  7. Ryan says:

    You might try checking eBay, DD3. I just searched “Dennis Rodman Pistons Jersey” and found one that wasn’t signed and seems to be a decent price (the ones that are supposedly “signed” are really high in the price).

    I’m changing my vote — I agree with gMac. Chuck Daly first!

  8. Brett Crane says:

    Toon Priority should be as follows

    1. Joe D (comp)
    2. Zeak (comp)
    3. Lamb
    5. Daly
    4. Worm
    5. Microwave
    6. Mahorn
    7. AD
    7. Spider
    8. Pumpkin Head (Aguirre)
    9. Buddah
    999. Scott Hastings

  9. Richie says:

    I agree with putting Chuck Daily next on the list, and after that, I’d go with the ones who are still most closely involved in Detroit basketball, and work out from there. That would mean that Laimbeer and Mahorn would come next. I’m bais in saying make the worm next, as he’s my favorite player of all time.

  10. Ben from Seattle says:

    Dennis Rodman #1!!!!!

  11. Nic says:

    Pepe Sanches

  12. Brett Crane says:

    Also, What about Mike Abdenour? The guy has been with us forever and you cant tell me that his sweet ‘stash wouldnt be a great on a toon.

  13. Tim McMillan says:

    I just realized the Curry’s cartoon head is being pulled off stage by that clown at the Apollo – that is hillarious!

  14. ryan ricafort says:

    Bing as Mayor. wow.. his first city ordinance for detroit is to fire curry.

  15. Brett: Great list but come on, you gotta love Scott Hastings!

    And I already did a Abdenour POWER cartoon, in fact Mike has a t-shirt with his likeness on it. It was somewhat of a big joke in the locker room.

    Here is the list I have,
    Arnie Kandor
    And all the ones you already know.

    I’m working on The Mayor and Daddy Rich right now.

    PS…..I have a Chris Bosh already made that I did for HoopsAddict.com. Good Karma

  16. Mark says:

    Lamb is the man!

  17. Bill Johnson says:


  18. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!) says:

    First off, hats off to Dave Bing… if he rocks the office like he rocked the boards, the D is in good hands!

    Second, glad to hear that Nat is working on some Bad Boys toons! It was sorely missed!

    I just think that after Daly, Laimbeer AND Mahorn must come together… I mean, if Zeke was the brains, and Joe D was the heart of the Bad Boys, Bill and Rick here the “gun show” … Come on, we don’t call Mahorn “the baddest of the bad boys” for a reason, right?

    AND, please, when you do Buddha, lots of attention for the FU MANCHU!!! 🙂

  19. That reminds me!

    I did Buddha already!

    James Edwards-Check


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