13 Responses to "Will Bynum Detroit Pistons Desktop Wallpaper"
  1. Damien W. says:

    Yeosh! After the numbers and the effectiveness of Will B., He deserves a wallpaper!

  2. Josh says:

    My man THRILL!!! Oh I mean BYNUMITE

  3. Serbiaz Piston says:

    He really deserves a wallpaper!

    The next one should be Arron Afflalo! 😉

  4. skip3 says:

    I was just googling for one last night too!

  5. Robin says:

    Will is HOT !

  6. altan says:


    well not really…

  7. Richie says:

    Hah, well now I have to chose between my calnder wallpaper and this one! Maybe I’ll just alternate daily, or save this for the summer. Either way, splendid work as usual, Nat.

  8. dunkonu says:

    The wallpaper is awesome, Natalie. Like always. 🙂

    @ shab:
    Yeah, the video is just…actually, you can see our response on our page.


    yo i just saw the nba.com video on allen iverson. and the host rick something, who cares, said that curry was nuts for giving bynum allens minutes. sorry rick but wen was the last time AI put up 26 in a quater. yeah not in our uniform. he cant even put up 26 in a whole game. keep up the pt curry. its the only smart thing u have done all year.

  10. mobius909 says:

    this dude keeps claiming AI is a PG. He… Is…. NOT a PG, he’s a SG. There isn’t another PG in the league that turns the ball over as much as he does.

    Furthermore, AI is a LIAR. He is NOT willing to do anything to get a championship because he is a whining B**tch. Bynum is a pimp and despite the fact that i think he should be starting over stuckey, we got a good thing goin right now, so don’t break what doesn’t need fixin. he should start next year once he has time to develop some playoff experience, which sadly, stuckey has.

    I can see AI being used as a weapon in the playoffs. maybe even vs the first round contender. he might be our ace in the hole when people expect less. defense wins championships and AI doesn’t play much of it.

  11. sdfwert says:

    Can’t wait til Bynum takes over Stuckey

    cause he deserves to

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