Pistons vs. Bulls

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The Pistons host the Bulls tonight in a battle for playoff position. Chicago comes into the Palace tonight on a four game winning streak a game ahead of Detroit for the 7th seed in the playoff race.


“Simply put, a win Monday would give the Pistons a leg up on Bulls, whether they’re settling matters for the sixth or seventh seed, provided each team takes care of business in its regular-season finale. A Pistons victory sets up an interesting rundown through the playoff tiebreakers. First, it ties them at 40-41 overall, and win at The Palace would also knot the season series at 2-2, with the home team winning each time. That takes you to the No. 3 tiebreaker – higher winning percentage within the division – but a Pistons victory would give them identical 8-8 records in the Central. The fourth tiebreaker is higher winning percentage in conference games, and that would go to the Pistons, who currently have 26 wins in the East to Chicago’s 23. Keep in mind the sliding Sixers, whose ongoing five-game skid has dropped them to 40-40, could muddle up the mix as well.”

A lot of things to consider with just two games to go in the season.

At this point it’s most likely the Boston or Cleveland in the first round (but Orlando is still a possibility), and it seems plenty of you are ok with facing the Cavs.  Me, not so much, so I thought I would put this one to a vote (taking the Magic out of the vote for obvious reasons).

Tip off is at 7:30 PM and will be locally broadcast of FSN Detroit and on NBA.TV Nationally. If you can’t catch the game on television, you can listen live on WDFN 1130 AM or follow the game online at NBA.com.

This one is important, leave them in the comments or feel free to chat live during the game.

56 Responses to "Pistons vs. Bulls"
  1. iverson310fan says:

    we could still get that 6th spot..
    i mean with a win tonight we pretty much have 7th
    then celtics play the sixers tommorw (Celtics will prob win)
    then there we are 6th facing orlando first round WITH NO hedo torukulgo

  2. nypistonsfan says:

    I think it’s still possible to get the 6th playoff spot and play Orlando in the playoffs? If we beat Chicago and Philadelphia lose it’s games to Cleveland and Boston, won’t that put us in the 6th spot?

  3. The reason for the Boston or Cleveland alone pole is because had I put Orlando in the mix the vote would be a landslide.

    Here’s hoping for the 6th seed.

  4. nypistonsfan says:

    Here’s to getting the 6th spot! (Hasn’t that been the plan all along?)

  5. Adam Gross says:

    Facing a just-getting-healthy KG is much more preferable to facing the Cavs. Can anyone who wants the Cavs explain their reasoning?

  6. Brian says:

    Personally, I have to go with Rip’s sentiments for the most part on who we play. I think we have a better shot at beating Boston, so for those reasons would rather play the Celts; but at the same time it’d be much more exciting to try and beat Lebron and co.

  7. Brian says:

    Actually, that one Freep article talking about the possibility of knocking off the Cavs has me thinking back to the Lakers team we played in 2004. Everyone had their money on LA and we went in there and shocked the world (outside of Detroit fans). That may not be the only reason for this, but that LA team was dismantled following their embarrassing losses to Detroit in the Finals.

  8. Kelly says:

    Anyone who wants the Cavs is crazy. Sure Orlando would be nice but I think Boston needs everything to go right to beat us. On the other hand, the NBA wants LeBron in the Finals cause this time they would deserve to be there.

    Go Detroit

  9. Mike G says:

    We do deserve to hand the Cavs a spanking, but in all honesty is that realistic? Look at our record and the way we play. Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde…good thing the chemistry issues is better.

    All I have to say is…BYNUMITE!

  10. atlee says:

    wasnt sheed supposed to be suspended 4 this game

  11. I says:

    Random thought: whatever happened to the half-court defense we usually played in our golden era? How come we never use that anymore?!

  12. James says:

    Great half! Rip is burning the Bulls and Prince is quietly amassing his points. Killing them in the rebounds department. Stuckey is outplaying the ROY!!

  13. blamu2 says:

    great 88 – 88

  14. The Fan says:

    why does it seem like every game this year comes down to the wire. Jeez!!!

  15. bart says:

    Wow another loss. not surprised at all. We will get swept by Cleveland. So will Chicago against Boston though

  16. bart says:

    Fuck I hate the Bulls. Why all of a sudden are we their bitches?

  17. The Fan says:


  18. blamu2 says:

    Jesus Christ what a piece of shit fuckin team. I cant fuckin believe it. We lose to the Bulls every fuckin time. Pistons cant shoot for shit. Im done

  19. The Fan says:

    Another finely executed play in the final minutes for a great shot! Sheed taking the shot at the end again.

  20. eric taylor says:

    ah stucky couldn’t do it. Hello Cleveland! The team that lost today ain’t gonna get past the 1st round vs lebron.

  21. bart says:

    pistons = gay. i can’t wait until Cleveland humiliates us. Maybe then they’ll fire Curry the reaaataard

  22. iverson313 says:


  23. eric taylor says:

    ps in answer to this:

    * * *

    Random thought: whatever happened to the half-court defense we usually played in our golden era? How come we never use that anymore?!

    * * *

    every year the league changes the rules a little bit, refs a bit differently, trying to make the game better or more exciting, so we can’t run that same D because the refs would give us too many penalties.

  24. MAD! says:

    fuck mc
    we face cleveland no matter what

  25. Vanalope says:


  26. Finny says:

    Frustrating loss as a Pistons fan. All I can say and hope for is good preparation for a strong Cavaliers team. If we can get the ball rolling and pick up momentum, we have the experience so we will have a legitimate shot. I can’t wait for Iverson to leave the team so all of these so-called Pistons fans can leave the fan base. Sometimes, their comments are so irritating to see at times like this.

  27. Wade says:

    Son of a bitch what a fucken let down, we were stroking them so long, than we cant hit the free throws when we need them, rasheed rushes the last shot, mycdyess with the board and blows it. Well what the fuck, come on cleveland time for you guys to wipe our sorry ass’s all over the court.Sheed will be gone next year,along with dyess cause he wont want this bs every year he plays.Very disapointed, wish we still had some ” chauncy bbbbbb billups for the game winner!

  28. Wade says:

    Sorry for the bad comment, im just venting my frustration and shouldnt do it on such a great website.

  29. I says:

    Woww…..another damn loss wth is going on with the pistons?!!!!

    in response to this:
    “every year the league changes the rules a little bit, refs a bit differently, trying to make the game better or more exciting, so we can’t run that same D because the refs would give us too many penalties.”

    That sucks, half-court defense was friggin awesome.

  30. I says:

    Btw, assuming pistons win their last game and Philadelphia loses its last two…will we get the 7th position? cuz i would much rather have boston than cleveland……but either way im hoping for a miracle from this team to upset someone in the first round!

  31. atlee says:

    to be honest…
    im quiite glad we play the cavs first round

    i know they are afriad of us and come playoff time we will be ready
    we are on a mission

    guranttee that

  32. Tycoon says:

    It only shows that Pistons don’t deserve a better seed than Bulls. If MC couldn’t draw a good play down the stretch, I see no chance for them getting past the cavs.

  33. James says:

    I’m speechless. I know this was difficult to swallow but the Pistons still have the best chance out of Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit to knock off the big three. Hopefully the playoffs will get this team to wake up to themselves.

  34. chaldo-pistons says:


  35. Lori says:

    Why didn’t Will play in the fourth? I don’t get it. He’s been playing really well and it seems like the fourth is always his best quarter. Should we blame MC again?

  36. shab says:

    if they cant even beat the bulls how do u expect them to upset cleveland! pistons r going to get swept…..

  37. rey says:

    MC.worst coach.,,,now piston fans everybody, knows not AI is the problem, is the burn potatoe.. and mr stupid baldy coach,, im really sorry piston fans, my apology,,,

  38. nica says:

    piston always lost in the last minutes..i dont know what this coach,, doing,if iverson is playing with different coach,, i think piston on a second spots.. it was feel very very bad.. MC, you dnt knw what are you doing same with you joe dumars

  39. nicole says:

    MC not a good coach,,no question, he loose his opportunity, being a good coach,, benching AI,, see what happen to piston ,,look . miami coach, rookie coach of the year,,, i remember, he said we dnt need AI, joe.d. limited shoots to ai damnnn,,

  40. Susan says:

    If Philadelphia loses their last two games, Pistons are tied with them at 40-42. Anyone know who has the tie-breaker?

    How did we lose that one? Jesus, Brad Miller got ejected and the Pistons still couldn’t win. This team just plain sucks at clutch time. I blame Curry. His “clutch” plays NEVER work.

  41. Susan says:

    Never mind. We’re getting the Cavs regardless.

    Rest the starters, Curry. Let’s hope the Pistons don’t get swept 🙁

  42. Jonathan says:

    Philly has the tie-breaker (won season series 2-1), so the 8th seed is guaransheed.

  43. Rico Suave says:

    To the Pistons fans who say you can’t blast the team and must blindly endorse them- get real. Just because I get upset at this underachieving group and wish they get their butts kicked by a team playing great ball in Cleveland this year doesn’t mean I’m not a fan. I’ve moved twice from MI and have been a fan every single day since I was 8 (I have a Bison Dele jersey, do you?.)

    Since Guaransheed came back from his injury, he decided he wants to shoot even more 3s at an even worse percentage. Making a third of your bombs is no better than making 50% of your inside shots…and worse yet- you are not going to get fouled chucking bombs, and you have the tallest guy on the team nowhere near an offensive board. Can’t wait to see that circus leave town. NEVER been a fan of him.

  44. andrew says:

    RIP on Flip getting hired by Wizards: “He’s an offensive genius and he brings a lot of great concepts to the game. He would be great for them.”

    oh jee just what I wanted to hear, and we let this guy go? and LB? dumars is a GM genius huh. didnt watch the game but something tells me our offense sucked. i read that last play was to post up our best shooter ( RIP ) and kick the ball back to sheed for a quick 3, hmmm…

  45. Jop says:

    We deserved to match up the Cavs in the first round. That’s what you got after a disaster regular season.
    It’s good anyway, we would be beaten by any other team. Good to find the best and Lebron, maybe this can give us extra motivation and give us a chance to play a positive series.


    It don’t matter,its gonna be quick and over with by next week……The Cavs are gonna sweep us and hopefully Joe D fires Curry finally after such a waste of a year

  47. currysucks says:

    Well, the Cavs should prepare their brooms…

  48. Josh says:

    In my opinion, MC lost this game. There are a couple factors I want to point out. Why did WB only play 10 minutes. Yeah I saw the turnovers, but WB is a finisher. Even MC said so. The Pistons have a good team but MC has no idea of how to play them. There is a certain mojo that has to be present in order for them to be efficient. WB brings that. He ignites the crowd and that ignites the players. That’s when they are at their best. Look back at the wins and losses. Look at WB’s minutes. Wake up Curry!

  49. Ilovethisgame says:

    Curry is not a good coach for a team as deep and talented as the Pistons. Throughout the year he has be very schizo-like in player’s minutes and I don’t completely blame A.I. for bailing out.

    I’m still a lil bit shaken, loosing to the Bulls at home. We really don’t deserve to win a game against the Cavs in the playoffs.

  50. iverson313 says:

    i could tell its gonna be a swept lol lmao its gonna be so embrassing imagine rip says he wants to get traded just for dat da [pistons r messed up no good sg and a no good pg and they lost everything lmfao

  51. pistonsfan32 says:

    ok we will NOT get swept. keep the faith. i can happen

  52. C-Quense says:

    Bring on these overrated Cavs…

  53. gMac says:

    I’m not giving up on my team, just being realistic.

    Dallas always choke in the playoff. Boston always had trouble
    with the Hawks or any other team with long atheistic guys.

    I DO think, we have a better chance wining a few games against the Cavs than the Celtics provided both teams are at full strength.

    But after all you see this season and you honestly believe have a legit chance of ‘upseting’ the Cavs… you are no better than those AI fans calling us, piston fans idiots for not playing ‘the best player’…

    BTW, anyone watch the Lakers Jazz game last night. Carlos Booser has one move- shoot a fade away jumper. He can’t guard anyone, can’t get board either.

  54. pistonsfan11 says:

    pistons nation rise!

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