Pistons vs. Nets

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The Pistons take on the 30-44 Nets tonight in New Jersey. Tip off is 7:30 PM and will be locally broadcast on FSN. If you can’t cat the broadcast, you can listen live on WDFN 1130 AM or follow the game online at NBA.com.

Sorry for my concise preview, and my absence the last couple of days, unfortunately my rehab has suffered a setback, so I’m out of commission of sorts.  Where is Arine when you need him?

The comments are yours at the Pistons try to maintain their playoff spot.

25 Responses to "Pistons vs. Nets"
  1. Wade says:

    Detroit Pistons need this win tonight.

  2. Scott says:

    Hope all is well Natalie!

  3. shab says:

    Curry better give iverson more minutes in this game………..

  4. iverson310fan says:

    iversons body language looks like fuck this team

  5. qhaz says:

    not looking good….last night at CLE was a big blow and now Lopez is taking us apart

  6. shab says:

    Fire Curry!!!! hez a retard. i bet we would of done way better if we had flip suanders still.

  7. iverson310fan says:

    i know.. curry is the worst coach of the year BY FAR!

  8. iverson313 says:

    go netz yeah fuk pistons hahahaha LMFAO

  9. iverson310fan says:

    we loostt

    i hope we make the playoffs

  10. shab says:

    wow….. another game where curry plays iverson 18 minutes actually 17 this time. i wouldnt be surpised if i heard tomorrow that iverson kicked curry’s ass after the game. i hope iverson signs wit a team that knows how to use his talent. pistons wasted iverson this season.

  11. nwkking says:

    dam we cant even beat the nets fire curry he cant coach all he do is make the wrong line up changes

  12. Ilovethisgame says:

    Well we lost today, and as usual we’re all gonna blame the wrong people. The problem with this team, and Joe Dumars as a whole is his obsession with the poor mans version of D-Wade aka Rodney Stuckey.
    I think he is a great player don’t get me wrong, the problem is that he is not a pure point guard and he doesn’t have a respectable jumpshot for a PG.
    Joe Dumars has always been a risk taking guy, but this risk is gonna cost him a lot of respect and admiration by Detroit Basketball fans…I wish him well, but we do live in a what have u done for me lately society.

  13. KleenGee says:

    Well put ilovethisgame. Stuckey is not a true point, and he only looks good when he is driving to the basket. He has a problem running plays efficiently and quickly. Not sure if Joe will be too blinded by pride to see that Bynum is a better point than Stuckey.

    Here is the next question:
    Will Dumars keep Curry if the Pistons get bounced into the lottery by the Bobcats?

  14. Kian says:

    been to the game tonite. it was awful..
    did ya’ll read this? can’t even blame him.. harris took us apart.
    i can’t stand watchin stuckey. make bynum the starting pg

  15. ben says:

    did yall see that dwade didnt get that call for once im so surprised tough loss im sick of iverson talkin the way he is i know he has a right to but this is what team basketball is like for a change iverson just needs to be the focal point of a team he cant be that here id like to see where hell start next year besides charlotte i think charlotte is better off without him they are on the rise

  16. Avery Johnson says:

    i wonder how good billups would be on this team playing 17 minutes a game and having Will Bynum have the ball every possesion down. But nah it must be Iversons fault I mean he should be atleast averaging 40 points in his 15 minutes of play.
    Bobcats for playoffs baby,
    Iverson to Bobcats next season,
    Bobcats for championship

  17. Avery Johnson says:

    team basketball in detroit is dead
    Dumars killed it
    So Iverson is not complaining about “team” ball.
    Iverson is complaining about “everyone not trying but dyess” ball

    Can the pistons guard a pick n roll?

  18. chaldo-pistons says:

    how sad n pathetic we played ohh my god this isnt right ,, n the defense was so lazyyyy ,, fuk u dumars 4 screwing this team , were doing fine now were struggling just to make it 2 the playoffs !!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. qhaz says:

    great piece on AI on ESPN.com by J.A. Adande:

    “So it’s a question of what has the greatest tug on Iverson’s heart: his love of the game, or his love of the way he’s used to playing it.”

  20. Avery Johnson says:

    we brought A.I in so we had an elite scorer with 4 good starters
    Hermann, Johnson, Bynum, Dyess and A.I
    That is slapping Antonio and Allen’s face.
    One slap is for Antonio actually agreeing to sign here.
    Another is that besides Dyess, these could be the three worst team mates he has played with.

  21. altan says:

    yay ESPN on saturday (sarcasm)…

  22. MaxiellEatsLittleOnes says:

    Iverson is a tumor. I hope the good docs at the DMC can take him out without messin with the rest of the body…

  23. Avery Johnson says:

    if iverson is a tumour, detroit must be aswell.
    Detroit this year has single handedly killed iversons career.
    So its good atleast Iverson took Detroit down with him.

  24. KleenGee says:

    Pistons will lose while Dumars “experiments” with Stuckey at point guard. There are much better point guards out there than Stuckey (Bynum for example).

    Maybe Stuckey will fess up and let people know that he can’t be the boss on the floor. We all can see that already. Let’s get this over with already.

    I hope Joe comes to his senses in the offseason and trades Stuckey or Rip for a true point guard.

  25. KleenGee says:

    Iverson’s not a tumor.

    Rip and Sheed cried like babies when Iverson was starting.

    Someone should get the results sorted to show how many games the Pistons one with Iverson starting while Rip and Sheed were injured. 7 in a row?

    When Rip and Sheed came back, they never passed Iverson the ball, while he stayed positive about the team. I think Rip and Sheed spoiled this season, and if that’s true, then someone besides Iverson is the tumor.

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