Cavs take Game One

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That’s not the kind of game Detroit or it’s fans wanted. They came out playing solid in the first quarter and kept the game in striking distance, but any of the fight that Detroit had seemed to get knocked right out with LeBron’s half court buzzer beater to finish the half. The Pistons got within eight with the help of Will Bynum, but the Cavs quickly went back to work to stomp out any hope of a Pistons comeback. The Pistons will have a chance to tie the series up on Tuesday night after the 84-102 loss in game one.

Key Points:

  • You can’t win without solid defense. And The Pistons defense was shaky at best. Gone are the days of Detroit used being able to make a an important stop. And from what I saw they couldn’t even get the fundamentals down against Cleveland.
  • “Defensively, we just weren’t in sync with each other,” Antonio McDyess said. “When we would go to rotate, somebody wasn’t helping and we’d give up a layup. We just aren’t as sharp defensively as we have been in past years.” Via The Detroit News
  • The biggest thing Detroit needed to do to get the win, they didn’t. You can’t take down this team when LeBron scores 38 and get to the line more times than the entire Pistons team. You absolutely can’t deny his game, but it doesn’t make me enjoy it at all, especially his grin after his 40+ foot buzzer beater putting his Cavaliers up 57-45 at the break.
  • Counting on Tayshaun Prince to stop LeBron? It didn’t work Saturday afternoon for Tayshaun, Rip or Afflalo. He just made it look easy.
  • “We go over things before the game on what we are going to do, but when the game starts it’s not going to play out the same way,” said Prince. “Guys tend to change how they read certain plays and that’s why you saw us communicating out there. It’s not always going to go the way you talk about it beforehand.” Via The Detroit News
  • Detroit kept it close in the first half thanks to the play of Rodney Stuckey, who led Detroit with 20 points. He drove the lane in the first half and was quite successful, but he got somewhat cold in the second as did the rest of the team. He was just 7-for-21 shooting with 4 assists and 2 boards.

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  • Do you realize that The Pistons are the only team in the Post Season with a losing regular season record.
  • Tayshaun scored jut 4 with 2 assists a board and a steal in 37 minutes, but apparently he’s been bothered with lower back pain.
  • Another solid game from Kwame who dropped in 5 with 9 boards in 15 minutes.
  • Nothing pretty about this one and I couldn’t even pull a good video highlight on the Detroit side. If you missed it, you can watch the Cavalier highlights of the game from

  • The Pistons turned the ball over just 7 times, but the Cavs even beat them in that department by giving up the ball just 4 times.
  • Spark from Bynum in the fourth who scored 6 points with 2 assists in 14 minutes.
  • Richard Hamilton chipped in 15 on 6-for-14 shooing with 4 assists. A not so productive Rip, combined with the game Tayshaun had usually spells disaster.

Photo/Getty Images
  • “We have to know where LeBron is at all times,” Richard Hamilton said. “When you score 38 against us, we can’t have that and have a chance. We have to figure out a way to stop him.” Via
  • At one point in the first quarter the Pistons were shooting a whopping 65% from the floor.
  • Conspiracy on the LeBron’s Half Court Make? C-Quense makes a point in the comments.“Lebron needs just 1.95 seconds ffor 8 meters. But Carl Lewis wasn’t catching a ball, turning, starts dribbling, jumping and shooting. He was just running. Watch the clock, when he was making that buzzer beater. The NBA is nothing but fake! Catching the ball: 2.00 Seconds leftTurning with the ball: 2.00 seconds left After catching the ball, turning, starting dribbling and running 2 meters. 1.9 seconds left…
  • Rasheed Wallace, 13 points on 6-for-10 shooting with 9 boards and 2 assists. Tell me why we didn’t try to go to Sheed a little more?
  • 16% from downtown for Detroit.
  • Dyess had 10 points and 5 board, but boy does that guy put his heart on the line every game. If you saw his face while sitting on the bench when the starters left the game in the fourth quarter you know what I mean. Ice4dyess
  • Michael Curry’s post game presser.

  • Best part of this one, all the coaches wearing the CD pin in support of Chuck Daly and his fight with cancer.
  • Team Need4Sheed Guest writer Rashid S. Umar over at Hoopsvibe: Going through the motions in Cleveland.
  • Next one on Tuesday again in Cleveland. Detroit is going to have to come in with a totally different game plan to try to stop LeBron and the Cavs.
  • Don’t give up on this team, they just might surprise you.
78 Responses to "Cavs take Game One"
  1. And. says:

    Catching the ball: 2.00 Seconds leftTurning with the ball: 2.00 seconds left

    After catching the ball, turning, starting dribbling and running 2 meters. 1.9 seconds left…

    Do people realize that the time keeper is not a robot? He’s a human being, not a robot, so there will always be a slight delay with the clock. Did you ever hear about “human reaction?”. Please let’s think before throwing conspiracies out there. We lost fair and square. I’m tired of fans making excuses everytime we lose the game. It’s never the players’ fault missing a boatload of shots or playing bad defense. It’s always someone’s else (refs, time keeper, aliens). Please.

  2. Terrie Godde says:

    I’m confused as to why Tayshaun gets all the credit he does. I know he shows up every game, but I sure don’t see him stopping anyone! He and Stuckey should be sitting. Let Bynam play his AWESOME game, and Hermann or Afflalo play instead of Tay. Sorry, but he’s just not what everyone thinks he is!

  3. Will says:

    Atleast we will have the 15th pick in a weak draft and 18 million in cap space.


  4. Red says:

    This is series is over.

  5. WE BELIEVE says:

    Pistons Free Throw Attempts: 12
    LeBron Free Throw Attempts: 14
    Cavs Free Throw Attempts: 27

    Pistons Fouls: 18
    Cavs Fouls: 10

    These refs sure know how to make the same calls on both sides :)

  6. CHAD says:

    well.. cavs in 4.

  7. shab says:

    pistons aint doin shit without iverson.. i bet iverson is laughing his ass off right now.

  8. Richie says:

    Terrie Godde, are you serious? Tayshaun has one bad game for every 50 rock solid games he plays. He plays every game agaisnt the other team’s best offensive player, night and night out. He puts up rebounds, points, and intangibles agaisnt players who are bigger, stronger and/or faster. Lebron is a beast in terms of his physical abilities and the only person that could gaurd him 1 on 1 would be some Bazzaro world Lebron who has the same body but plays incredible defense instead of incredible offense: that guy happens to be on the cavs, and where’s #4.
    So before you throw Tayshaun under a bus because he’s had a few off games in the last 400+, maybe you should consider all of the things he brings to his team, quietly and unselfishly.

  9. Amber says:

    Yeah….because the Pistons did SO much with Poison Ivy! They aren’t doing shit without Chauncey and Ben Wallace–those are the two the team was based on. They leave, Detroit dies. Time to start over.

  10. pistons114321 says:

    chin up pistons nation…never forget…deeeeeeeetroit baaaaaaaasketballl…PNR!

  11. Ben from Seattle says:

    I think Curry ought to give Amir a chance at guarding Lebron. Amir is big enough and and quick enough to have a chance at being able to defend Lebron. It’s a long shot but it’s worth it since no one else can guard lebron.

  12. Susan says:

    It’s not over unless we lose game 2. There’s still hope…

  13. currysucks says:

    Perhaps we’d be better off NOT showing up in game 2. Pehaps we missed the bus :-(

  14. Jop says:

    Detroit has to play hard against Lebron,he’s unstoppable but don’t let him score easily, put some body on him, play hard, make some hard foul, scare him a little, we play to soft on him.
    The Jordan rules on Lebron.

  15. N1ck says:

    This team needs a massive rebuilding…

    Sheed is old, Stuck is a solid SG, Amir and J-Max will never be better than this…

    Rip, Dyess, Afflalo & Bynum’s plays are the only good things this season.

    Dumars needs to show he didn’t destroy this season for nothing or he just needs to pack and go.

  16. piston_fan_from_slovenia says:

    a few things:

    1. Afflalo should guard LeBron when he’s on the floor, he did the best job on him, but LeBron was getting to the basket mostly on pick n rolls, the bigs were terrible, we should give Amir a chance in the pick n roll defense. We need to trap LeBron, he was just bringing the ball up the court with zero pressure and Bynum has to pick up his man full court, deny him the ball.
    P.S. I miss Lindsey.
    2. On offense we need to set screens and picks. Tay and Rip need to move without the ball to get into scoring positions. Rip can’t drive against West and he tried playing with his back to basket from the 3-point line. He can’t rush, get him the ball in the low post, he can at least make plays if they double him. Stuckey needs to drive all the time and post up.
    And Sheed can’t just fire turnaround jumpers all the time, he needs to take it to the hole against Varejao or Smith, get some contact.
    3. We didn’t get a lot of stops, but when we do we need to push the ball up every time, look for something easy in transition. We need to get to the line as much as possible.

    Sorry kind of got carried away…GO PISTONS, WE BELIEVE!!!

  17. N1ck says:

    What’s the matter with Tay Prince?!

    Forgot to mention Kwame on my last post. He’s been playin’ good.

  18. currysucks says:

    And Stuckey got blocked about a hundred times in the second half

  19. dunkonu says:

    It can only get better from here.

    I would have a much better feeling if the Cavs would have looked like they really tried yesterday, but they didn’t even break a sweat.

  20. N1ck says:

    Sorry for being a bitch. After reading Richie’s post from above i’m taking back what i’ve said about Tay. He’s the man.

  21. pistons114321 says:

    N1ck doubt gives us our faith…pistons nation rise!!!

  22. N1ck says:

    Hey i’m the first one who says “never surrender”!

    We looked good in some parts of the game but it all fell apart, as seen in many games this season.

    But i’m sure we wont’t fall without a good fight. That’s Pistons style. I mean that in a sporting way offcourse. No breaking legs of LeBron or something like that… 😉

  23. hopeless romantic says:

    is there anyway that allen can come to game three in the palace…not to play but just cause that seems like the joedumarsway…maybe just to watch…somewhere in the palace…maybe in joe d’s suite?

  24. kideminemrock says:

    to n1ck – PNR!

    to hopeless romantic :

    Dream On Dream On Dream On
    Dream until your dreams come true
    Dream On Dream On Dream On
    Dream until your dream comes through
    Dream On Dream On Dream On
    Dream On Dream On
    Dream On Dream On

  25. kideminemrock says:

    to pistons 114231 : you forget to take your meds this morning?…lol!

  26. Tom says:

    Why do some even reply on this when it’s obvious that they don’t know a single thing about basketball, and even less about the Pistons. Just sad too read trough some peoples comments, damn.

    Dyess comment about the defensive rotation was just on the money and stellar. If this is going to be any kind of series, that it something which have to improve!

    The “wall-defense” which Houston used with Battier and Artest togheter with Yao always on his toes with the helpside, that is something we have too try to emulate. We have solid perimiter defenders and a bunch of guys how can guard the hope who togheter have many fouls to give.

    And hands down to Nathalies comment bout Sheed… Sheed was on fire, in my book that means that you should feed him, alot, get the man going. And if Rasheed Wallace gets his total package going.. Things are getting might interesting. He’s the x-factor!!

  27. rasheed jr says:

    well… i have to say its over cavs will take the series the cant gard lebron he miss like two shots yesterday

  28. pistons114321 says:

    tom, love your thoughts, you know your bball, you are a true pistons fan…but everyone can be a pistons fan….pistons nation rise!!!!

  29. Maxaholic says:

    Fans in general need to face it, NO ONE CAN STOP LEBRON. All you can ask of Prince is to try. The Pistons really need to focus on all the other match ups and let Lebron do his thing with man to man defense. If anything, they need to double up on the chumps that play with Lebron, puting pressure on guys that don’t ever get doubled will result in turnovers. The Pistons played too relaxed, hell even Stuckey played relaxed. But we need to get inside and draw some fouls on there bigs, and fade aways from 6 feet out won’t draw fouls.

  30. And. says:

    hey “WE BELIEVE”, is there some rule that states both team must have the same number of free-throws attempts? Didn’t think so. I hate when fans look at free throw disparity and from there judge the officiating. It’s obvious the Cavs had more free-throws since they were the more aggressive team, attacked the basket more than us and the only way to stop LeBron was fouling him. On the other hand, the Cavs didn’t have to stop anyone since none of our players is dangerous enough to take over a game. Hence, the disparity in free-throws. Did you even watch the game? If you think we lost the game because of LeBron shooting more FT’s than the Pistons than you are delusional.

    I still think we can win a game (I say game 3 at the Palace) but I don’t see how we can really scare the Cavs.

    Bring in Boozer

  31. Just to make things clear And. I did not blame this loss on free throw shooting. It’s clear we need to be more aggressive and get to the line, nothing delusional about that.

    And Maxahallic you may be right, going into the game I thought the Pistons would do that but if they can hold him in the 20’s we can pull it out. It has been done….and done by Detroit.

  32. Tracy says:

    Stuckey is the new-generation Mr. Big Shot: 0 point (0-5 shooting, 3 shots blocked), 0 assist(doesn’t this look familiar?)

    5:16 Anderson Varejao blocks Rodney Stuckey’s 6-foot jumper
    3:16 Zydrunas Ilgauskas blocks Rodney Stuckey’s 10-foot jumper
    3:14 Delonte West blocks Rodney Stuckey’s 12-foot jumper

  33. Tracy says:

    Above is the production of Stuckey in the 4th quarter, which is very typical for him.

  34. dunkonu says:

    We should stop putting the blame on this or that player, because we lose as a team and we win as a team.

    Prince scored only 4 points? Bad shot selection? It was part of our strategy to attack LeBron on the defensive end and it backfired…we’ll change that.

    Stuckey got blocked a few times? Yeah, that happens when you attack the rim. On one hand we want more free throws, on the other hand we don’t want our only starter who tried to attack the rim like crazy to stop going inside and get blocked? It will be hard to draw fouls by shooting jumpers all night long.

    It is tough, but this isn’t the time to just point out who did what wrong – we need to improve in certain areas or our season will end in 7 days.

  35. Aj says:

    i think they shoukd start Maxiell and bring Dyess off da bench that way we will have someone fresh off da bench to hit a couple jump shot other than bynum who has been playing really well but we really need more scoring off the bench. look at the way the guys struggled to hit jump shots yesterday.

  36. KleenGee says:

    Quite confusing as to what’s going on between Curry and Maxiell. Can anyone explain why Maxiell’s minutes have been down all year?

    Is there logic in playing Kwame-robot more than Varejao-eating Maxiell?

  37. KleenGee says:

    I know Curry has Kwame in at center, and Maxiell at PF, but their must be some rotation to spark some life.

  38. ladyPiston says:

    I’m proud of our guys for making it to the playoffs. I don’t know how they’re doing it – especially with them being dogged or just flat out ignored by he media – but it’s an inspiration to me. The next time I have a seemingly insurmountable challenge, I’ll remember this ’08 -’09 season.

    Anyone can be a star if you have people calling you “king”, or shouting “M-V-P” when your at the stripe. It takes a special group of guys to muster up the courage to play the game they love despite so little love being shown to them.

  39. pistons114321 says:

    pistons nation rise!

  40. Alwayzreal says:

    Different Team…. Different Year…Fire Curry…I just want this nightmare of a season to be over and behind us

  41. Rodas_from_Portugal says:

    Bring in Boozer, bring in Ben Gordon, Bring in David Lee.
    Back court: Stuck Bynum Rip and Gordon
    Front court; Lee Boozer Dice Maxy
    SF: Tay and Aron
    Draw a kid we CAN use.
    Bottom line REBUILD!

  42. JMAX54 says:

    The Pistons were settling on jumpshots from the 2nd quarter onwards,…*sigh* See yah all next season (well except for Michael Curry, i wish)

  43. Ryan says:

    The Pistons need to make a ton of adjustments for game 2.

    I liked the first play of the game. The Pistons won the tap, and Stuckey took it right to Williams for a layup.

    We need guys to drive more if we’re to be successful. Settling for jumpers won’t cut it.

    And the guys need to figure out what they’re going to do on defense instead of letting everyone get to the basket.

    A note on the refs: I saw Ilgauskas step over the line twice inbounding the ball, and Varejao had a blatant goaltend that wasn’t called. The refs are going to be for LeBron James and David Stern’s Cavs in this series.

  44. Fariduddin says:

    yeah.. honestly the effort wasn’t there, but a bright spot for me was Stucky. He’s shot was a off but he was in attack mode. Sheed played well, and it seemed that he had more than 9 rebounds… but i can’t understand why they don’t feed him more! Cleveland did what they were supposed to do and that was to protect home court. i just hope that the Pistons are better prepared for game 2! i don’t and i haven’t conveyed my opposition to coach MC, but i don’t see a clear system and real focus showing on the floor. Jump shots in the playoffs ain’t going to fly — unless Reggie Miller was out there :)- Game 2 will be difficult for me to watch and i hope they can pull this game out.. cuz we have to win one in their place.. Thats reality!

  45. stuckey#1 says:

    stuckey was the best rip the cap was the worst its over for the pistons cavs will take it in 4

  46. pistons114321 says:

    trust joe d…this playoff series is a learning experience for a team in transition …when carlos boozer comes…he will come…until then trust in the mrdprocess..pnr!

  47. uyen72 says:

    I will never give on my Pistons but I’m convinced that no matter how hard we play, the NBA and David Stern are determined to have Le Bitch in the Finals. I couldn’t even watch the game that grin he made just before the half. I have to tell myself everyday that this year and maybe next year will be transitional years for us. I guess what I learned this year is that we are not a team who needs a “superstar.” When Joe D treated for AI I told myself that this is bad. I know we needed a change but I’m just not sure we needed AI. Secondly, what I learned and hope the Pistons franchise learned also is that Stuckey is NOT a PG. I could be totally wrong but needed to put it out there.

  48. uyen72 says:

    Updated with corrections in capital letters.
    I will never give on my Pistons but I’m convinced that no matter how hard we play, the NBA and David Stern are determined to have Le Bitch in the Finals. I couldn’t even watch the game AFTER that grin he made just before the half. I have to tell myself everyday that this year and maybe next year will be transitional years for us. I guess what I learned this year is that we are not a team who needs a “superstar.” When Joe D TRADED for AI I told myself that this is bad. I know we needed a change but I’m just not sure we needed AI. Secondly, what I learned and hope the Pistons franchise learned also is that Stuckey is NOT a PG. I could be totally wrong but needed to put it out there.

  49. umgoredwings? says:

    ya this series was over before it started. who cares about the refs or david sterns love for lebron james or missed free throws. alot of these stupid posts are excuses and whining about lj. simply put, the cavs are better than the pistons. with or without a.i. the cavs are still better. i have been a pistons fan forever and i know you children will call me out for saying that the cavs are better but check out the box scores of the games and then write something intelligent back. r. stuckey is not as good as we thought he was going to be, i would almost rather have him and bynum compete for starting p.g. at this point. also, curry’s gotta go… what a joke he is and after this season he probably won’t be able to get a job as a high school coach. oh and for everyone that wants boozer, do you really want an injury prone player who isnt as good as he used to be? i dont. well i gotta get back to watching billups tear up chris paul. im out.

  50. miguel says:

    Billups with 33 points and 7/8 shooting from 3 pt land. not for the whole game. just 3rd qtr.

  51. miguel says:

    woops my bad. he hit one more. 8/9

  52. James says:

    Wow, Chauncey really knows how to make everyone miss him.

  53. Bigshot says:

    I just finished watching game 1 of the Nuggets Hornets series. I miss Chauncey…

  54. Jop says:

    Chauncey 36 with 8/9 from downtown, thanks mr. Dumars

  55. Franz says:

    They could have lost by 50 points,

    I still believe.

  56. hmmm says:

    Tay can’t handle Lebron. In fact Rip is the only person on this team that might be able to come close to holding back Lebron.

  57. sue says:

    I have been mad about the CB trade since it happened-

    I was/am mad when near the end of last season fans were calling for his head-

    IF you did you should hide your head in shame….

    Anyone who thought Chauncey was burnt out could not do it any more- should be ashamed for thinking such a thing… Watch last nights game!

    I am mad because- Joe D made the biggest mistake of his career… A pointless trade- We got the raw deal..A whinny baby who was only concerned about himself- The team has always been based on team- Joe D trying to change that…mistake #2

    After watching that game last night it was painfully clear that there was a huge mistake made… Their entire season was amazing

    He should have retired a piston…Joe D should be ashamed of himself- letting go of a man– of all the pistons that should retire a pistons…If you still think it was a good thing( the trade) watch last nights game-

    HE was amazing- he is amazing and we missed the boat- How many recored has he broken?…LOTS

    I know its all about $$$… When has Joe D ever folded?? -Well there is always a first time-

    Its not like the organization does not make some ching-They make LOTS of $$$-

    Is saving money more important to the fans than winning? Is it more important to Joe D and the org?— –apparently—-

    There has not been a day Ive ever wanted Chauncey gone..not for one sec… shocks me that anyone would..Watch last nights game

    I bet your wishing for something different now huh…

    Stucky will be great- someday- but he is not yet-
    Chauncey could have helped him grow a bit more-

    Its shameful and embarrassing… that the NBA chooses $ Over a great player- We would have been near the top of the heap if Chauncey was still here..another painfully clear— slap in the face clear

    joe made a mistake—- all the fans calling for chauncey’s head made a mistake-

    Its painfully clear

  58. Joe says:

    Tayshaun is a skilled defender, but that’s just not enough against Lebron. You need to be a ridiculous athlete to match up with him – Tayshaun isn’t strong enough, and not nearly fast enough to keep up with Lebron. The Pistons don’t have anyone who really matches up well with him.

    But I have a feeling the Cavs could get knocked off in the next round by the Hawks, who are really playing great basketball right now. And they have 3 guys – Joe Johnson, Marvin Williams, and especially Josh Smith – who match up pretty well defensively against Lebron. That’s really going to be a series to watch put for.

    And yeah, the Billups trade looks worse than ever right now with Iverson sitting at home, while Billups has the game of his life against Chris Paul and the Hornets. Oh well. I’ll feel a little better about it if we can sign Boozer this summer.

  59. eric taylor says:

    sue I think you underestimate joe dumars. He wants to win another championship so bad, more than you can imagine. We weren’t gonna win with the old team. sorry that’s how it is. If chauncy was still there we would have gotten beaten by the cavs just the same.

    joe is planning to get enough cap space for 2 superstars.

    What if he manages to get both Carlos Boozer AND Chris Bosh next year? We have the money.

    Anyway, this is a learning year for stucky and bynum. The best we can hope for is to take it to 6.

    I’ve been a bengals fan all my life in addition to being a pistons fan when I moved here to michigan over 20 years ago.

    I have to say you people are so incredibly spoiled. The pistons are a great team EVEN IN THEIR WORST YEAR IN A DECADE. . . .

    We have nothing to complain about, let’s enjoy the games, go pistons!

    And come fall I’ll be really grumbling about the cincinatti bungles. Oh and the terrible detroit lions too.

    The pistons are a pleasure to watch win or lose, because no matter what, those guys are always in the hunt, they play ball, and it’s wonderful.

  60. MaxiellEatsLittleOnes says:

    I’m all for Amir w/ a good help-side on Lebron; Amir is fast enough and with a solid help-side (Sheed?) to knock Lebron on his ass a couple times…

  61. MaxiellEatsLittleOnes says:

    And another thing.. why is one of our best rebounders and shot-blockers who happens to be FRESH and energetic sitting? I know Amir is inconsistent but come on! If the Pistons drop game 2 then what is there to lose? Give Amir the chance to get silly out there and maybe give the Cavs a couple rejected balls thrown back down on them.

  62. DK says:

    We got Iverson to make us more dynamic when it comes to the postseason grind? We should of let iverson be iverson and we wouldnt be in this position. We have no one on one scorers. Rip showed us that. As for teh cavs, lebron, mo and even delonte can take any man of the dribble. Iverson would help believe it or not

  63. MaxiellEatsLittleOnes says:

    Iverson is indeed a great scorer and is able to be an amazing offensive force. The problem isn’t the offense, it’s the defense where he screws the team. We lost to the Cavs in GM 1 because we couldn’t stop a toddler driving to the hoop. I don’t see how Iverson helps in this case… And on top of that, did he not say that he’d rather retire than do this again? There is bad blood now and bringing him back for the sake of it doesn’t help either. The guys just gotta man-up and give Bron some Deeeetroit hard-work….

  64. renagle says:

    I am not going to say we can win the series; I am not going to say we can’t. What I will say is this: as if we do not feel badly enough right now as Pistons fans, but we have to lsiten to JEFF VAN GUNDY, too?!? Are you kidding me? Is this jerk-off on LeBron’s payroll? I cannot stand to listen to him. Of all the announcers available on ESPN, TNT, and ABC, why, oh why, are we stuck with him? He has his head so far up LeBron’s *&s, it is amazing. It is bad enough that we are struggling without having to hear how “The King” is the greatest of all time. PLease save me…

  65. hmmm says:

    “We got Iverson to make us more dynamic when it comes to the postseason grind? We should of let iverson be iverson and we wouldnt be in this position. We have no one on one scorers. Rip showed us that. As for teh cavs, lebron, mo and even delonte can take any man of the dribble. Iverson would help believe it or not”

    Way to call out our leading scorer on this. Stuckey is FINALLY doing well after what I consider a horrible sophomore season, and Rip is still leading this team. AI will never step into a Pistons jersey ever again and his stat card will have a nice spit wad on his Pistons year.

  66. DK says:

    im not saying he should be playing now i understand that completely and there is no way as an organizing that you cant bench after what he said. But the problem occured way before that when iverson was first acquired. Iverson was never allowed to do his thing. he got yelled at when he took more that 12 shots. which is ridiculous because if you look at any other great scorer there taking shots in the 20 to 25 range. So essential we got iverson to play like billups. But im telling you go back and listen to dumars press conference and listen he says that he wants allen to be allen and that never happened

  67. DK says:

    im not saying he should be playing now i understand that completely and there is no way as an organizing that you cant bench him after what he said. But the problem occured way before that when iverson was first acquired. Iverson was never allowed to do his thing. he got yelled at when he took more that 12 shots. which is ridiculous because if you look at any other great scorer there taking shots in the 20 to 25 range. So essential we got iverson to play like billups. But im telling you go back and listen to dumars press conference and listen he says that he wants allen to be allen and that never happened

  68. eric taylor says:

    dk do you understand that all superstars eventually have to take on a position as role player? I don’t care how good you are, when you get older and lose some of your skills, you must take a role position, you play less minutes.

    When AI tells the world he can’t accept a role position, he can’t play less minutes, he’s basically telling the world that he’s unable to function properly anymore now that he’s gotten a bit older.

    AI couldn’t adjust. I take nothing away from him, but he is not doing credit to the rest of his career with the way he behaved in detroit.

  69. DK says:

    Is shaq a role player, was MJ a role player with the wizards, Its not AI’s time to be a role player this team needed a leader not a role player. hamilton not a leader, wallace washed up and dosnt play hard all the time. Check out ai stats, Minutes have been decreased by 10 a game, shot per game cut in half. This guy can sleep walk through 25 pt games but nobody hear is ready to except the fact that team basketball is long gone in the NBA as much as i hate to admit it. Those days died when the stones lost to the spurs in the finals. Superstars rule the nba today and AI could of been that for us. Im not saying we are better with him than chauncey but we lose to the cavs with chauncey so it dosnt matter. But we definitly would be better off with him playing rather than sitting home and laughing at Curry’s inability to keep a rotation. Watch next year AI will light it up

  70. eric taylor says:

    what is wrong with you? don’t you remember?

    Michael Jordan PUT HIMSELF ON THE BENCH for the wizards in the 2002-2003 year. In 2001-2002, he stupidly tried to be a starter and broke his knee.

    so yes, even michael jordan was able to accept being a 6th man. As for shaq, well, we all age different.

    Some are old at 29, others are old at 39. Shaq is still in the prime of his career. At some point, Shaq too will have to accept being the 6th man.

    AI however is old.

  71. DK says:

    MJ was an all star and scored 40 when he was older the 40. Its not AI’s time hes better the stuckey and i believe the pistons played best when hamilton and iverson where on the floor together. because of iverson slashing hamilton only had to spot up. MC never tried to incorporate iveson into the offense. Iverson loves to run up and down the floor in transition but curry would rather walk it up the floor. and lock down on D. I know that iverson is not a great defender but thats the point im trying to make. As a coach and a team you try to put players into position at which they can do there best? correct. That why hamilton comes off screens and antonio spots up for jumpers and why hermann camps out on the 3 line but for sheed he should get his ass on the block but for iverson when was he ever put into a position to succeed? people wanted him to be a true PG and that not what he is and thats not what he ever was or will be. You cant expect a guy who has never been a PG to stand up top and hit hamilton off screens, that what chaunce did. My point is not that Iverson is the greatest player or that he is even the best on the team. Im simply shedding light on the fact that the coaching staff could not adjust to what hand they where delt. They played the same after the trade as the did before it, and that just stupid cuz iverson aint billups. We should have been much better this Year but curry is a terrible coach. If you dont believe check our plays after timeouts, we rarely score, and timeouts are when coaches are supposed to draw up sets for us to score. Remeber flip and his backdoor alley oops after timeouts, and LB’s low post iso for sheed. Thats what im talking about and curry is not better than a bench player in my mind. Hard work and hustle work when you play but they dont help you coach

  72. eric taylor says:

    ok dk now I agree with everything you said. You have to put your players in a position to succeed, and curry hasn’t demonstrated that this year.

    I don’t know if he’ll be any better next year. I think dumars is going to give him one more chance.

    Then again . . . if the pistons get swept, I think curry will be gone.

    it does take a lot of time, though to incorporate people into your team. It’s not just about coaching. Remember the dream team of 2004 got beat because despite having larry brown, perhaps the best coach in the nba.

    if you don’t take the time to play together, it just won’t jell.

  73. chad says:

    Imagine if we get swept, Curry gets fired, a real coach is brought in, tay is traded for bosh, sheed resigns for less, stuck takes backseat to bynum, the new coach hiring allows joe d to mend things with AI..


  74. Sue says:

    eric taylor Says–“I have to say you people are so incredibly spoiled. The pistons are a great team EVEN IN THEIR WORST YEAR IN A DECADE. . . .”

    We are so spoiled we did not see greatness when we had it…

    Im sure Joe D does what to win…but…when does the mistakes fall on his head- Its always the coach Its always the players…Who runs the show? Joe- Eventually it has to fall on him-

    I was watching some bball recap last night- and the host said_ joe D made many great choices and with one choice( trade) he has made up for all his greatness…. Im not the only one who sees the mistake…. For goodness sakes… He picked flip.. He picked curry and fans are already calling for Curry’s head..So eventually it must fall to joe…

    As for AI…Are you all for real??? Great players can play any where.. If they are truly great…He has been on other teams where his mouth.. attitude has caused problems- He acts like he is owed something-
    What he is owed is a paycheck -for tons and tons of money- He gets paid- Its not like he is doing this for free… DO your job and suck it up…

    I love the boys- id watch them no matter what- but- what would another year of CB hurt?

    We might have gotten beaten by cav’s..But we don’t know that for sure.. He(cb) was not here to prove the point-either way- When the nuggets beat LA and take on the cav’s..You’ll again be wishing for something else…This is the year for upsets- the underdog will be at the top of the heap- whatever that team maybe be- Nuggets look pretty damn good-

    About their Hunt- there is no hunt…fans said it last year.. the year before –that they did not want it bad enough- Now that they’re 8th your telling me they want it more??

  75. DK says:

    Sue check your stats iverson by himself brought the sixers the finals and even managed to win game 1. then he went to denver and still put up 27+ pts a game. Thats why we got him to put up pts. But we didnt let him do what he does, because people like you dont think thats team basketball. Team basketball isnt what it used to be. Its now a superstar and role players. Or at best 2 superstars and role players. Lebron mo and role players, Kobe pau and role players. Look at every good team in the NBA they have go to guy even the THUNDER with durant. Pistons have nobody they traded billups who was one for allen who is one but never used him as one. Ive said it for the longest time hamilton is just a gloryfied role player just like david lee and steve nash. Just products of the system, that why he was nothing before chauncey and back to barely anything with out him or somebody to get him the ball

  76. Sue says:

    True enough on the Rip thing…love him tons and tons and more tons… I knew way before the trade Rip needed CB-

    AI–whatever he “was” he “was” —Now is what matters… He could have shown his amazing skill just as easily off the bench…. But he was to good for that…

  77. DK says:

    Can you blame him for not wanting to come in off bench. You make it sound like everybody wants to come off the bench. So first off he can be pissed cuz i would be pissed and hamilton was pissed to. But the difference between hamiltons situations and iversons situations is the minutes per game. Iverson played like 12 15 17 minutes of the bench. Thats like hermann minutes. WHile hamilton played 35+ when he was coming off the bench. So i dont blame AI one bit for saying what he did. And you cant ever fault a man for saying what is on his mind. And if he will retire rather than playing the bench i respect that because he wants to go out on top and dosnt want to drag on like a jerry rice, zo mourning, MJ, emitt smith.

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