Win An Arron Afflalo Autographed Pistons Shirt

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As you may or may not know by now, I’m giving away some Arron Afflalo autographed goodies from my trip to see him at his appearance at ABC Warehouse.  As I mentioned yesterday, if you follow me on Twitter winning may be a lot easier than it has to be.

What do you win…..

First Prize – his sweet Autographed Arron Afflalo Pistons thermal shirt.

Arron Afflalo Autographed Pistons Shirt

Second Prize – an Autographed Arron Afflalo picture.

Arron Afflalo Autographed Picture

You can see him sign both things for me in the this video I took. Funny thing about me and my videos, I have been know to cause a bit of trouble wherever I go, just ask the good folks at the Palace.  So when I headed over to ABC Warehouse I decided to be on my best behavior.

Arron seems to be a quite guy so I figured I would tell him what I was doing and wish him well.  So I walk up and ask him if he knows me.  Who does that? Why would he know me? I meant to say do you know the site, but it came out me first….what an idiot.  I didn’t even realize how stupid I sounded until I watched the tape.  Maybe I was thrown off because of this.

More playing time would be nice Arron!  And by the way Thanks!

Arron was great, and now I’m handing the stuff over to you.

I will be randomly picking a winner from the CORRECT entries.  Just answer two questions correctly and you could be a winner.

What was Arron Afflalo’s high school teams nickname?

What is the name of the outstanding defensive player award Arron won while at UCLA?

Send the answers to me at

  • Subject Line:  Showtime at the AFFLALO
  • Your Name
  • Correct Shipping Address
  • And your Email Address

If you follow me on twitter this should be easy!

I will annonce the Winners on Tuesday March 10th!

6 Responses to "Win An Arron Afflalo Autographed Pistons Shirt"
  1. Baby Eater says:…+(surprise+)+Lions+worst+of++08

    there you go Nat the Free Press gave you a reference on the pistons section of this article….keep up the work, this website is amazing!

  2. Thanks Baby Eater….pretty cool!

  3. Karen Farnell says:

    Hey Natalie, My husband is a rogue videographer and blogger as well! Check it out at
    His is artist/music related. Very interesting you are kinda in the same field–the two places he does not hook up free tickets is the Palace, the Fox, Olympia Entertainment type stuff.
    Take Care!
    Karen Farnell

  4. JanScholl says:

    Hi Natalie-wanted to stop by and say hi. I haven’t been doing much with blogs relating to the Pistons since my winning night @ the Palace Suite thru Matt. My mom died while I was at the game that night in January. So wanted to say thanks to you and Matt even if I was/am still out of it. I don’t have time for the research for the contest but dang, isn’t this young man quite the cutie? I hope he gets more minutes too-and that AI sits the rest of the season and disappears. I am going outside to smell some spring. Have a great weekend.

  5. Amber says:

    Haha, Natalie, you didn’t sound stupid. Arron is such a sweetheart. You reacted much better to him than I would have. Sadly, I probably would have turned bright red and just stared at him.

  6. dunkonu says:

    You did great. 🙂

    BTW: Did Amir e-mail you because of the picture? I always wanted to ask you that, but I forgot about it when I was in Detroit.

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