The Pistons vs. The Nuggets: Mr. Big Shot Returns

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The Pistons take on the 39-21 Denver Nuggets at home for the first time since Chauncey Billups was traded from Detroit.  Billups acknowledges it will be emotional to play at The Palace for the first time as an ex-Piston, but I can only imagine how he feels one the fans welcome him back.

“It will be fun to get back to that city that I love so dearly, the fans that I love so dearly,” Billups said. Via

My guess is there will be a few tears shed in the building.

I’m also hoping for a CHAUNCEY B-B-B-BILLUPS from our good friend Mason.

We have Iverson fans as well as Billups fans and no matter which side of the fence you sit on, there is no denying what Billups meant to this team or it’s fans.

Sorting though one of my first videos I did on N4S, I found this one i titled Chauncey for MVP, I thought you might enjoy it today.


The Good/The Bad and More

  • No Carmelo Anthony for Denver – “The Denver Nuggets have suspended Carmelo Anthony for one game for an “in-game transgression” Sunday against Indiana. “There is a code of conduct that we take very seriously, especially from a leader and co-captain,” Rex Chapman, vice president of player personnel, said Monday. “Carmelo knows this and regrets what happened. He is a very competitive person and made a poor decision in the heat of the moment. We look forward to having him back on Thursday and will have no further comment at this time.” Via ESPN
  • Pistons fans feeling the loss not more than ever.

Tip off is at 7:30 at The Palace of Auburn Hill and if you’re headed out, make sure you get there early so you don’t miss a thing. The game will be locally broadcast on FSN PLUS and as always Tim Bryant from FSN was nice enough to send us the channel listings just in case you’re not sure what number your Fox Sports Plus is on. If you can’t watch the game listen live on WDFN 1130 AM or follow the game on

I expect it all in the comments.

30 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Nuggets: Mr. Big Shot Returns"
  1. Avatar dunkonu says:

    This is going to be an awesome game…and pre-game. 🙂 I can’t wait to see Chauncey and the crowd’s reaction. A very special game.

    Being at the Palace tonight has to be amazing. 🙂

  2. Avatar blamu2 says:

    OMG check out the defense on that video. Just amazing.

  3. Avatar Amer ican Prince says:

    I wish chauncey would go to the hole and Sheed knocks him down (but in a gentle nice way, where no injury can happen) then stand over him and shake his finger in Chauncey’s face going “No No No”.

    He’d get a tech but man I would find that so funny.

    And Joe D was very shady how he dealt with all this

    Bad attitude for AI bad attitude for Carmelo, those two deserve each other.

  4. Avatar Amer ican Prince says:

    Oh and does anyone know if the intros will be broadcast?

  5. Avatar VJ says:

    I would be eternally grateful to anyone who can hook me up with a link to watch this game online tonight. I am a college student and this bullshit cable service in the dorms doesn’t have fsn plus

  6. Avatar True Fan says:

    Alright seriously, is the countdown to Chauncey really necessary? That is exactly what’s wrong with the Pistons today. Guys like Tay and Sheed won’t let go of the fact that Chauncey is gone. LET IT GO! I love Chauncey for everything he did for the Pistons and I was sad to see him get traded, but people forget so quickly that we were consistently worse every year in the playoffs since ’05 with him here. We’re DEFINITELY worse without him now, but it’s not like we were winning the championship had he stayed this season. Give Chauncey his love and respect that he deserves for good God don’t sound so pathetic.

  7. Avatar chaldo-pistons says:

    i swear this video gave me goose bumps 🙁 i missed those days ,, sorry billups 2day’s game is OURS !! GO PISTONS !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Avatar DETROIT says:


  9. Avatar Z Fan says:

    Charley Rosen said it all!

  10. Avatar pistons 4 life says:

    Hope Chauncey gets a lot of love tonight. I’m guessing they’ll show the intros on FSN based on the fact that this is his first time back.

  11. Avatar Normal 2 says:

    Well on the Dumars shady situation. One of the writers at said that Hamilton only verbally agreed to the extention before Billups left, but he didn’t acually sign it until after he left so he could have backed out of it if he wanted to…just like Carlos B did..haha

  12. Avatar Jason says:

    They won’t show the intros. They haven’t since A.I. debuted.

    Chauncey won’t get any special treatment from Mason. We don’t ever hear Mason call “B-b-b-b-b-buh buh Ben Wallace” when Cleveland comes, or any other Masonisms for other former Pistons.

    He’ll be treated the same as any other visting former Piston, as he should be. If Mason stuttered over his name, it would show just how much the team is living in the past.

  13. Avatar Michelle says:

    Hi. Will you post a clip of the standing ovation the crowd gives Chauncey? I’d love to see that.

  14. Avatar andrew says:

    1. VJ and others, here’s the site that broadcasts NBA and other sports online

    2. LOL @ nug doctor’s ‘melo story, what a douche, gave a coach hard time in 3rd quarter. Chauncey and Ben had to keep ‘sheed in check here in Detroit, now looks like Chauncey has to babysit Carmelo in Denver…

  15. Avatar Cone (#1 Mexican Pistons Fan) says:

    I liked the defense on that clip, it was awesome!! I remember 5 games in a row keeping teams under 70 and even the Lakers on the Finals… Those time were great, but as someone said this is a new season, different players, different style.
    And yeah! sorry Mr. Billups we miss you and all but we’re going to win tonight.

  16. Avatar VJ says:

    mad props, Andrew

  17. Avatar Amber says:

    This game will be really hard to watch. I miss Mr. Big Shot. 🙁

  18. Avatar pete says:

    That video…. hurts…

  19. Avatar Cone (Mexico) says:

    Halftime, Billups carying the nuggets with 21 points. We have to play defense or we are going to loose, great first quarter, weak second one. GO PISTONS!!!

  20. Avatar Russian_Pistons says:

    WTF, are we gonna play or kiss Chauncey’s ass till the end?.. Show some D

  21. Avatar Ricardo says:

    I know Dice is just a role player these days and very limited, but i’m gonna be sad when he’s done.

    Our young bigs, well, kinda suck… and even with Sheed’s s****y attitude at times and Dice’s slowness, they are still leagues better than the rest of our big men.

  22. Avatar Cee Mackk says:

    Great Win. 3 In A Row.

    But Chauncey played a hell of a game.

  23. Avatar Faith in Curry says:

    Crazy Win, Excellent job by stuckey 2 offesnsive rebs when there was 1 min left to the game, 7-0 without AI? jus sayin

  24. Avatar chaldo-pistons says:


  25. Avatar Walter5 says:

    i just wonder maybe the pistons vets are rebelling when AI starts they don’t have the same intensity then they lose games down the stretch so now they start RIP.. And they win.

  26. Avatar Vanessa says:

    I was at the game tonight and the crowd was amazing when Chauncey came up in the intro. I couldn’t hear a word Mason was saying, but the ovation pretty much said it all.

    I was a bit worried when I saw Chauncey playing so well and us being down as far as 12, but I’m so glad we pulled out another win tonight.

  27. Avatar Angela says:

    Natalie, it would be awesome if you or anyone can put up Chancey’s into. I’m so mad i missed it.

  28. Avatar Angela says:

    intro* i can’t spell lol


    yea fuckerz we won it, another big win for us, ice for dyess is coming, and fuck chaunceys return. we have iverson now, forget billups. why does everyone care so much about chauncey? move on already. if i was at the game id boo him, hes not a piston anymore. hes a rival. and we beat his ass tonite.

    i cant wait till ai comes back to work with the zoo crew, we will be unstoppable, the best bench in the league by far, and iverson will be very comfortable on the court cuz hes used to being the go-to guy on the floor with a bunch of role players around him. i wanna see some 5 for 5 subs from curry or else nothing will change. stuckey hamilton prince wallace dyess is one lineup, iverson, afflalo or bynum, hermann, maxiell and johnson the other lineup. i dont think were gonna lose more than 5 more games for the rest of the season, if curry simply does what i said right there with the lineups

  30. Avatar Keith says:

    My guess is Natalie will have the video up I don’t even think we have to ask. They didn’t show that on the Denver cast so I would love to see it too.

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