The Detroit Pistons and Richard Hamilton Remember Bill Davidson

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It was a sad day at the Palace.  The Detroit Pistons played their first game after the loss of beloved owner William Davidson.  The Pistons honored him in many ways Sunday afternoon, but none fitting as much as the rose and his picture that adorned his regular courtside seat at The Palace he built.

Rip Hamilton made it known in more ways than one.

Richard Hamilton Remembers Bill Davidson on his Shoes

The Detroit Pistons Remember Mr. D

4 Responses to "The Detroit Pistons and Richard Hamilton Remember Bill Davidson"
  1. Dre says:

    Sorry to hear what has happened to one very respected man. r.i.p Mr. Bill Davidson.

    Sincerely, Masdre134

  2. Richie says:

    It has become clear at this point that the Pistons are playing for the 6th spot right now. Realistically that would be perfect for them. They match up much better against Orlando than they do against Boston or Cleveland. They match up better agaisnt the Cavs than they do against Boston too. A sixth seed would position them to have to beat Orlando, then Cleveland, then see Boston in the ECF. It’s our best bet at a deep playoff run, but we’re in the 7th seed right now, half a game behind the sixers. Winning the next two without Roscoe will be a tall order, but on the bright side, the sixers have a rough road in front of them too: LA Kobes, Pheonix, Golden State, Sacramento then Portland. It’s kind of fun being at a point in the season where every game matters- I just wish all our players were healthy, well and not playing in Denver.

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