Sheed Says…. He could get a 9-to-5

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Great, and I do mean great, interview over with Rasheed Wallace. Michael Grange got into a conversation with Sheed on the economy…I will not post everything here because you need to head over there and read it, but he did ask him how much longer he would play….and

If you put a suitcase in a locker room with $25-million [compared with the $56-million or so salary cap] would players take it or would they leave it and go get a job? What would they do?

They would probably rely on that suitcase. I guess it depends on the up-bringing. Myself, personally, I have no problem going out there and getting a 9-to-5. If I have to do that to support my family, that’s what I’m going to do: get my black us up, and get that 9-to-5.

How many more years you going to play?

I don’t know. I guess until the wheels fall off the bus. Or until I’m not wanted on no teams, I guess. I’m still year-by-year.

Seriously, could you imagine sharing a cubicle with SHEED? Utter hilarity all day long.

16 Responses to "Sheed Says…. He could get a 9-to-5"
  1. Kyle C. says:

    Does anyone know how long Sheed is out for? Because im going to my first Pistons game this friday and I would very much like to be able to see him play.

  2. Kyle, nothing is set in stone but my guess is that he will be ready by Friday.

  3. Amer ican Prince says:

    That was an awesome interview. Very good post, I liked reading it. I really don’t want to lose him in the offseason, but I guess you have to prepare for the worse and hope for the best.

    He might be able to join the circus making trick shots or possibly a professional heckler at a comedy club or something.

  4. UrbanManatee says:

    I hope he is there for you Kyle. I went to my first game a couple weeks ago and kept watching Sheed the whole game before that one on TV praying he wouldn’t get a tech and have to sit out for my game.The palace is awesome you’ll love it. I gota leave blog post about my first game for you.

    (looks at Natalie for a possible evil eye)

  5. Ryan says:

    Kyle – Hate to burst your bubble, but I don’t think he’ll be back by Friday. I was chatting with Curry last night and he told me that Sheed isn’t even running in practice yet. Right now he’s just riding the bike.

  6. hi says:

    i saw rasheed play his first game with detroit (against minnesota).

  7. Vanalope says:

    sorry, am now completely distracted by the image of Sheed stuffed into a cubicle. LOL!

  8. Dana says:

    Love this guy-love to see him in a Piston’s uniform until he end.

  9. Lindsey says:

    I met Sheed at PF Changs in Troy after a game when he first came to town–he was so nice and called me sweetheart–of course I was only 4 years old at the time! Sheed rules. When I am on the court I think of him as I play.

  10. Crazyazman says:

    Sheed wearing a tie and suit, that’ll be the day, id still keep the headband and jersey tho Sheed. How bout a photoshop of that Natalie?

    Dammit, Sheed stole my stapler!!!!!

  11. Crazyman…I think SHEED Urkel paints a pretty good picture.

  12. blamu2 says:

    I like how the players are upset and will have to change their way of living because they will get 5mln less next year. Fuckin assholes.

  13. Crazyazman says:

    That pic wasnt up when I posted, very nice Nat.
    Where’s my damn ruler???? SHEED!!!!!

  14. Amer ican Prince says:

    they should get sheed into those espn commercials, where players are in an office dealing with stuff.

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