Pistons vs. Bulls

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The Pistons take on the 33-38 Bulls tonight in Chicago. The Bulls have won seven of eight at home to jump into playoff position in the East.

Iverson and Wallace are out for tonight’s game, and Richard Hamilton is doubtful. All three spent time Monday working with Pistons strength and conditioning coach Arnie Kander,

While it looks like Hamilton and Wallace will be ready to return soon, Allen Iverson is a big question mark.

“Whenever I am ready and I can help the way I know I can help, and I don’t have to deal with this problem and know that it’s not going to bother me for the rest of my life, then I’ll be ready to go,” Iverson said. Via MLive

Tip off is at 8:00 PM and will be broadcast Nationally on TNT. If you can’t catch the broadcast, listen locally on WDFN 1130 AM or trough your computer at NBA.com

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30 Responses to "Pistons vs. Bulls"
  1. CONE (Mexico) says:

    We should win tonight or it will be ugly…

  2. ben says:

    john salmons is a beast i love his game

  3. Th3 Answ3r says:

    Whoa… whoa.. whoa! Did Allen Ivo say that his health was really important to him!? Bullshit!! If what he says is true, than why has he played with worse injury than the injury he has right now!? If his health was important to him, he wouldn’t have played those games injured! AI is a pussy and he’d never accept coming off the bench.

  4. gMac says:

    Does MC hate Amir or Maxiell or what? Why are we playing Kwame so much???
    The biggest guy bulls have is noah….


  5. Th3 Answ3r says:

    Lmao. The TNT half-time crew were ripping on the Bulls & Pistons :P. They said both teams suck. LOL

  6. ben says:

    joakim noah is one of the ugliest motherfuckers alive today… i dont understand where he got so ugly his mom is really hott… he sucks and i hate how he thinks he is soo damn good he is just like kendrick perkins i hate noah more tho just becuase he is uglier

  7. Slim Shady says:

    god we are terrible we need rip ai and sheed back now… were not gonna get the 6th spot and we might fall to the 8th

  8. Metah says:

    Ben thank you for saying that!!!

  9. Betcha didn't know says:

    “NBA star Allen Iverson must pay $260,000 for standing idly by and watching his bodyguard beat up another man in a 2005 bar fight, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday.”

  10. augustslady says:

    Lots of butt ugly people out there,but I say you are what you do!
    I’ll take a kindly ugly person over a beautiful pr..k
    any day!lol
    I agree though noah could scare the warts of a hog!

  11. Metah says:

    hey. tay is no work of art

  12. Amer ican Prince says:

    you know you’re a bad coach when you can make tayshaun and dyess look bad on d

  13. Metah says:

    guys. its not just the coach. our players are definetly underperforming

  14. ben says:

    i just wonder what we are gonna do next year for bigs? amir and maxiell will prolly be here i think dyess is gone and so is sheed ull see one of them in san antonio prolly we wont have any bigs and if u think were gettin chris bosh or boozer or amare im laughin at u

  15. Amer ican Prince says:

    i laugh at anyone who thinks boozer or bosh or amare make us better.

    Dyess didn’t come back here for this. Joe Dumars is so shady

  16. Ken says:

    How did we lose????!!!!!

    We need BOSH!!!!!!!!

  17. Grant the Aussie says:

    Walter Sharpe;
    52 seconds
    1 – 1 shooting : 2points
    1 Defensive rebound

    Seems alright to me. We should give him a few minutes and see what he does.

  18. blamu2 says:

    Pistons have like 5 PFs and no Center. Wanna cheap hardworking, strong and tall C? Marcin Gortat is a free agent next year.

  19. ALMEI says:

    Years ago while I was managing a restaurant, my assistant manager one day came in and said she hurt her back running the dish washing machine the day before at work. Consequently she went on disability and never did come back to work–although for several months she said she was doing better. I held her job (because I had to) and did double shifts until her disability pay expired 6 months later at which time she quit our restaurant and took a job at another restaurant. Did she hurt her back? Maybe. Nobody saw her at the dish washing machine the night before and she had no witnesses that she did hurt her back. Funny how her back hurt so bad she couldn’t come back to work while we were paying her. It was fine the day disability pay stopped. Maybe it was true–but given her past history, I doubt it.

    Where am I going with this? I have no doubt that AI did something to his back–but as the days go by, I am beginning to have serious doubts that he will play for us again during this season. Is it because he is no longer a starter? I don’t know. And if we make the playoffs (yes, I have my doubts now after the last stretch of games), I wonder if even then he will play. Like my past assistant manager, I assume he is getting paid. Seems to me there is more going on here then just a “bad back.”

  20. Richie says:

    We may be just as good keeping the 7th spot if Orlando gets ahead of Boston for the 2nd spot. I’d be fine with that.

  21. Amer ican Prince says:

    yeah richie. I just want the magic in the first want and i have for pretty much the whole season. Sheed Dyess Max and Kwame can shut down Dwight Howard. And if the guards can stop dribble penetration we should be alright

  22. Rotten Atom says:

    Iverson’s a bitch.

  23. gMac says:

    Get used to it people. This is what next season is going to be like, when Sheed and Dyess are gone.

    Chris Bosh, Booser or Amarie, they all suck. Big man can’t carry a team like the old days. We need people like DWade, Joe Johnson or LB who can get their own.

    This season is over anyways, so why don’t we play some young guys more minutes. That’s my beef against MC

  24. Amer ican Prince says:

    Everyone keeps throwing out individuals. I know it’s hard to see but why isn’t anyone saying we need a team that plays with each other. And why isn’t anyone throwing out defensive names anymore? blamu said Martain Gortat, everything else is superstars, the same thing we blast against almost every game

  25. Serbiaz Piston says:

    I would rather have a young center who is going to play with heart a teamplayer with a good D, and not a superstar who is playing for his own numbers…I don’t say that Bosh or Amare are bad players, but they would not fit in with the Pistons…

  26. nypistonsfan says:

    Thinks this current team is fine…Tomorrow, our walking wounded will magically reappear. We will upset LA and the talk will all be different. When the season is over and the smoke has cleared, who will be here and who will not may be determined, however that has not been settle yet and is subject to change depending on how far these Pistons can go.

  27. TJ says:

    I can’t believe people would actually pass up Amar’e or Chris Bosh? Are you ****ing high or just plain stupid? Those are extremely talented players. If you can get them without hurting your core group of players, you take that and run.

    Big men can’t carry teams? Bull****. Since 1999, every team save the Pistons won a championship with a Hall of Fame big man. Duncan, Shaq, Garnett. All high quality big men.

    It’s funny, a lot of what people are saying about Bosh and Amar’e were things people said about Garnett two years ago.

  28. ladyPiston says:

    I don’t think Iverson is coming back this season. That whole back injury thing is soooo annoying.

  29. blamu2 says:

    Who cares about Iverson. I want Hamilton and Sheed. And BTW: “Gilbert Arenas is on schedule to return to play Saturday against the Pistons.” How cool is that?

  30. dunkonu says:

    If Arenas return is anything like his return in the last playoffs, we should win easily.

    BTW: Philly is 3 games ahead of us while Chicago is only 1 back. The way the standings are right now (Orlando overtaking Boston) we’d play against the Magic.

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