22 Responses to "Countdown to Chauncey"
  1. Damien W. says:

    Oh! I remember this video and I loved the music to it. Your right Nat, Classic Chauncey never gets old.

  2. The Fluidics says:

    I think Chauncey is great, I wish him all the success in the world in Denver, but I hope the Pistons whoop Denvers ass tomorow night.

  3. Mannie32 says:

    thanks for posting that video again, great vid

    i absolutely can’t wait for tomorrow’s game… ima do whatever it takes to get home from work in time! i wanna see every second of it

  4. Drew says:

    Can’t wait to see Mr.Big Shot back “home”..hes done so much for this team. If pistons dont win the ship, i would love to see Chaunce win it!

  5. Kurt says:

    Oh I hope the Pistons win too, but Chauncey will always be a Piston, and I’m excited to see him again. Hopefully he gets a huge reception and plays a great game. Then loses.

    Great vid.

  6. Mikey F Baby says:

    Pathetic. Get over it people! In the words of Clay Davis, shiiiiiiiietttttt

  7. aaron says:

    does anyone think when chauncey retires he’ll have his number retired in the pistons rafters? or are his chances shot because of the trade????

  8. Tom says:

    anyone know someplace streaming tonights game for us non-locals?

  9. Austin K says:

    i love chauncey! i actually dont even care who wins tomorrow due to chauncey! he literally is the main reason i fell in love with the pistons in 2002-03. Yeah i wanna see the pistons so good but his guy is my boy and he deserves mad fucking props, love u CHauncey.

  10. C-Quense says:

    Tonight I’m wearing my Chauncey true blue collar Jersey and chearing for the original Pistons #1.

  11. altan says:

    awesome vid

    tom, go to http://tunesportstv.blogspot.com/

    and scroll around it may take 5 mins after the game started
    because at justin tv no rlly likes the pistons and wants to host a game for pistons or go to detroit bad boys and som guy will find u a stream


  12. paul0321 says:

    chauncey will DEFINITELY see his #1 at The Palace’s rafters in the future

  13. Nathan says:

    …I wish i could go to this game. Am i crazy for being a lil emotional because of how much he meant to this team?? Lol

    …And i agree with you Nat, Chauncey will ALWAYS wear “the piston 1” in my eyes! (i’m stiill bitter about that too)


  14. Richie says:

    I’m also pretty upset about Iverson wearing Chauncey’s number.
    Great video Nat. I ma-ma-ma-miss him a lot.

  15. pistonsfan says:

    I’m so excited for this game..I wish Nov. 3 never happened and Chauncey is still in Detroit and were still in the mix with the elite 🙂

  16. Vanalope says:

    I can only imagine how crazy the Palace is going to be for this game. Am predicting Chauncey gets as big an ovation as the Pistons. 😉

  17. gMac says:

    It’s just a number. Come on people!!! Stuckey took Ben’s # 3 . Nobody said anything about that

  18. Vanalope says:

    1. Ben is not Chauncey. 2. Ben was not traded for Stuckey and then Stuckey given his number. See the difference?

  19. ben says:

    it doesnt matter bens number shouldnt be worn his number along with chaunceys should be retired its a joke neither of them should be wearin those numbers

  20. Dor says:

    my favorite video clip! for years!!! We love you Chauncey, we really do!

  21. Damien W. says:

    Oh! Nat, a question I’ve ALWAYS wanted to ask you since you released this video: What is the name of the song/who made it? I’ll take either or.

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