Win a Copy of the latest DIME Magazine featuring Rodney Stuckey

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DIME Magazine interviewed The Detroit Pistons Rodney Stuckey for a feature in this month’s DIME.  It’s a great read for any Stuckey/Pistons fan.

DIME went a step further for Need4Sheed readers….

After you finish reading the piece on Stuckey leave STUCKTACULAR in the comment section of the article with your correct E-Mail address and one lucky Pistons fan will win a copy of the magazine.

If that’s not STUCKTACULAR, I don’t know what is.

23 Responses to "Win a Copy of the latest DIME Magazine featuring Rodney Stuckey"
  1. Clinton says:


  2. CJ says:


  3. Chandragupta says:


    Well, that was fun.

  4. DETstuckeyMVP says:


  5. Amer ican Prince says:

    I could be wrong, but I think she meant to post it at the end of the article that is linked, not here.

  6. AS Always….American Prince is right leave the comment over at DIME

  7. Sam says:

    Joe should have kept Billups for one more year to school Stuckey properly, there’s not even a reliable backup point guard for him and AI doesn’t play point….

    Not just Pistons, there’s a unshakeable flu bug going around the NBA lately. Can’t watch most of these games any more….

  8. blazer56 says:

    who cares if you win a 4 dollar magazine? is it autographed?

  9. Preston says:


  10. Mikey F Baby says:


  11. Grant says:


  12. Bryan says:


  13. Mike says:

    Sitting Stuckey on the Bench would be STUCKTACULAR


  14. umair says:


  15. Heather says:


  16. Clinton says:

    I cant wait to see what pistons traded!!! If they didnt im done for the season!!!!

  17. pistons 4 life says:

    Do you guys even read the previous posts before posting yourself? Leave STUCKTACLAR at DIME. Is it really that hard?

  18. SadPanda says:

    For all the talk about guys like Vince Carter and Shaq, there weren’t any really big names traded today. I see Dumars decided to wait for free agency for the rebuilding to continue.

  19. pistons 4 life says:

    What do people think about Carlos Boozer? Personally I feel like it’s a bad idea to sign someone who hasn’t been healthy for a whole season for a couple years. It just seems like that’s who Joe wants this summer when you read about rumors and stuff. I’m sure he would be a great player, but I’m just not quite sold on him as a Piston. What do you guys think?

  20. Ahmed says:


  21. pistons 4 life says:

    ^^Wow, this is sad.

  22. DETstuckeyMVP says:

    the link isnt working

  23. Matt Bisbee says:


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