The Pistons vs. The Hornets

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The Pistons probably aren’t looking forward to their second game in two nights against Chris Paul and the 33-22 New Orleans Hornets.  And as Pistons fans I don’t think I have to tell you why. OK I guess I will tell you a little something that’s eating on all of us right now.

  • First time the Pistons fell below .500 after the halfway mark
    of the season since 2000-01
  • 7 game skid
  • Rotation deviation.
  • Defensive disarray.
  • Locker room tension.
  • Lack of leadership.


Here’s a look at the Pistons’ numbers over the last nine seasons, starting with 2000-01, the season before they became a perennial 50-game winner.

Pistons Record Since 2000-01
Year Coach Record Pace Rank Offensive Rank Defensive Rank
2000-01 Irvine 32-50 93.6 1 101.3 25 103.0 8
2001-02 Carlisle 50-32 88.7 21 106.3 12 103.9 8
2002-03 Carlisle 50-32 85.5 29 105.6 14 101.3 4
2003-04* Brown 54-28 86.9 23 103.1 18 96.5 2
2004-05** Brown 54-28 86.2 29 106.7 18 102.3 3
2005-06 Saunders 64-18 85.7 29 112.1 4 104.4 5
2006-07 Saunders 53-29 86.1 30 110.3 6 105.6 6
2007-08 Saunders 59-23 86.3 30 112.7 8 104.1 4
2008-09 Curry 27-28 85.9 29 107.5 23 108.9 13
* = Won NBA title
** = Reached NBA Finals
PACE = Possessions per 48 minutes
OFF RAT = Points scored per 100 possessions
DEF RAT = Points allowed per 100 possessions

You get the picture.

Is this what a Lions fan feels like?

The Pistons must win tonight to avoid the its longest losing streak in 14 years

Tip off is at 8:00 PM and will be locally broadcast on FSN Plus. If you’re not sure what channel FSN Plus is on your dial, FSN was kind enough to give us the channel list.
If you can’t catch the broadcast you can listen to it on WDFN 1130 AM or you can follow/listen from your computer at

Could this be the game they snap the streak?
Leave them in the Comments.

47 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Hornets"
  1. David says:

    “Stat of the Night

    Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace is within two points of 15,000 in his career.”


  2. omg says:



  3. Grant the Aussie says:

    Heres an interesting quote i found on when reading about the pistons demise.

    “No team has fallen off more offensively or defensively since last season than the Pistons. They’re a worse offensive team than the Timberwolves and a worse defensive team than the Bobcats. ”

    After going 59-23 and making ECF last season i really just cant believe how much of a change trading billups and hiring curry has made.

  4. iverson310fan says:

    wats going on in the locker room?

    is their anyy tension

  5. Cone(#1 MEXICAN PISTONS FAN) says:

    I’ve been reading the posts, and I just agree that the blame is on Curry. I don’t accept the people that says: “We are rebuilding” i colud accept that i f I haven’t had a single talented player, but look at the Pistons roster, we are freakin talented, AI-RIP-TAY-SHEED-DICE-STUCK, and all of the bench players are too, is just that Curry doesn’t know how to put them togheter, and i knew this was going to happen since the begining of the season (even with chauncey) but i wanted to be wrong. Curry has lost the players attention and respect, so he needs to go, just to finish the season as we were supposed.

  6. big B says:

    this posting was on the front page of thats the sad part ,, i dunno untill when this team is gonna keep on eating shyt , excuse my french , but this is redicilous i dont unddrstand these ppl , FIRE THE GOD DAMN COACH AND I SWEAR THIS TEAM COULD DO BETTER , THEYRE UNHAPPY AND U CAN SEE IT IN THIER FACE ,THEYRE NOT THAT INTO PLAYING AND THE DEFENSE ? HMMMMMM ID SAY IT SUCKS BAD!! N THANK GOD THIS GAME IS ON FSD+ WIch i dnt have this channel , so that means less stress n no nail biting 2day 🙂 ,, as much as i hate that prick curry n dumars , good luck pistons hope 2 see u win 2day :'(

  7. Lions Fan says:

    Being a Lions fan is worse.

  8. Big Baby says:

    If the pistons lose this game shity ass michael curry might be fired. p.s. FOUR WORDS FIRE THE MOTHERF@#*@#^ COACH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Scud says:

    At least the Pistons have won a game this year! Maybe they just feel bad for the Lions and want to be like them! It could be a lot worse and they could have not won a championship since 1957.

  10. Jayborne says:

    A team without an identity isn’t a team. It’s just a bunch of players playing together.

    A.I. out for the game with a “Stiff Back”. Let’s see if Stuckey decides to step up, or if he’s even capable.

  11. Z Fan says:

    AI out maybe we’ve got a chance.

  12. pistonsfan101 says:

    What happened to AI?

    BTW, 2nd quarter was SICK! at the end. when we stole the ball twice! That is PISTON BASKETBALL! Maybe Will should start over Stuckey?

  13. Z Fan says:

    The difference is AI and Rasheed did not play that quarter. Will definitely brought some good intensity of the bench. Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetroit Baaaaaaaaaasketbaaaaaaaaaaaaal

  14. Amber says:

    I’m one of the people that blame Poison Ivy for Detroit’s suckiness. Bash me all you want, but he leaves and suddenly Detroit is within 1. When’s the last time that happened? I’m sure it’s MC’s fault still though, that Detroit isn’t up 60….of course.

  15. Jayborne says:

    @Amber, seems to me it was moreso Will Bynum replacing Stuckey than Iverson not being in the game.

  16. blamu2 says:


  17. Grant the Aussie says:

    We know what will happen though guys… We will fight hard 2nd and 3rd and let the lead slip in the 4th.

    I really hope this doesnt happen but i think it will.

  18. Amber says:

    I think Iverson is just bad luck.
    Holy shit, Detroit has a 2 point lead. I am in shock.

  19. pistonsfan101 says:

    That 2 point lead went out the window! Down 7 now without Sheed cause he is a fag and HAD to get ejected!!!! :@ :@

  20. pistonsfan101 says:

    Common Pistons!!! Just down 2!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOO!


  21. Grant the Aussie says:

    haha sheed got ejected? what did he do this time?

  22. Amber says:

    He complained a bit. He threw a towel at someone and also called someone a bitch.

  23. Z Fan says:

    Even though we lost. Thats Detroit Basketball. I’ll watch a game like this every night. I just hope that Curry and Dumars both see that Rasheed and Iverson are cancerous to this team. DAMN! Woulda been nice to win that game.

    BTW What a lousy call on Mcdyess down the stretch on Paul. Complete BS.

  24. Grant the Aussie says:


    well there we go. lost by 3. 8 game losing streak!

  25. teriqqqqqq says:

    another loss oh man

  26. deetroit ball says:

    we cant rebound and we cant shoot 3 s ,we have no sharp shooters and rasheed does half job on rebounding and we dont have a big huy

  27. Jayborne says:

    Easily the best “Down 3 with 7 seconds” play I’ve ever seen executed. Get the ball immediately to your most effective shooter, who can’t really create off the dribble, instead of a PG. Then have that shooter panic, and throw the ball to contested Walter Herrmann, who comes off the bench expected to nail the game winner.

    Yup. These are the Pistons.

  28. Chris says:

    Maxiell played with tremendous heart out there man…8 game losing streak.unbelievable..

  29. deetroit ball says:

    when do the pistons gonna get the next draft??????? hope they dont pick another “Darko” this time..

  30. Onin says:

    8 game(losing) streak.

    Will Sheed get suspended now?is he like over the technical foul limit where he gets suspended?

  31. Bobby says:

    I wanted bynum to take the last shot 🙂

  32. MichaeLondon says:

    Man I’ve been a Pistons fan since ’88. I just can’t believe this. To much talent and no one to direct it. I feel like I should boycott the rest of the season. Either Curry goes or I go!!!!!!

  33. ALMEI says:

    Let’s give some credit where credit is due. That was a pretty good game against a good 33-22 team. Yes we lost, but if they play like this against most of the Eastern Conference teams, we should get back on a win streak and maybe get back to the 5th seed. There we would play Atlanta with a chance for a series win. What was different about this game–oh yeah–nothing against AI, I feel he was brought into a situation he shouldn’t have been put in, but he was basically out of the game, Curry played 9 players, and ‘Sheed got ejected. Hum, maybe, just maybe next year without ‘Sheed and AI on the team, we might get back to playing Detroit Basketball.

  34. Jennifer says:

    At least we looked like we had a little more passion out there.

  35. ALMEI says:

    Blamu2–“hope Iverson will die or something.” I get it you’re upset and probably emotional, but that quote certainly crosses a line of decency. Curse, yell, get frustrated, but let’s keep some sort of civility in this site. Natalie does such a terrific job with it. Don’t abuse the privilege.

  36. deetroit ball says:

    with all that money 35 million we can get 2 7 footers and 5 sharp shooters and a good coach

  37. Th3 Answ3r says:

    Lmao if the Pistons would’ve won this game w/o A.I.. You will read nothing but “See! Ai sucks!” “see! we don’t need a player like a.i to win the game!” All of the negative comments bout’ firing Curry would disapper and they would turn into negative comments bout’ A.I.

  38. Josh says:

    Get Will Bynum’s picture on the left of this page. They should have let him take that last shot. He is a monster in tight situations

  39. Amber says:

    I’ve yet to blame MC. I’m still blaming Joe D., the loss of Chauncey, and the addition of Poison Ivy.

  40. andrew says:

    lol @ poison ivy…
    anyways us playing better constitutes more from bynum playin more minutes, true PG, rather than less AI

  41. sdf says:

    everybody that says this team is better without AI seem to forget, that when the stones were playing at their best was when neither rip or sheed were playing.

  42. Rip32 says:

    Im just glad to see them play this way without someone, perhaps the same thing will happen to us as what’s happening to the houston now
    let’s put some hope for next year

  43. Stoodo says:

    Ok here’s the deal Dumars…. You are going to be in Orlando on Friday, Laimbeer is going to be in Orlando on Friday. (For ESPN The Weekend) It is time to talk to the next head coach. This Curry experiment has failed miserably.

  44. Crazyazman says:

    I gotta know how come all the Piston cartoon faces on this webpage are smiling. Im pissed.

  45. Crazyazman says:

    I wonder if Joe Dumars read these comments and if it will change his mind on Curry’s job

  46. umair says:

    the better thing about being a lions fan is that you know the team is trying and the players respect the coach

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