The Pistons vs. The Heat

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The Pistons vs. The Miami Heat

The Piston and their  six game losing streak are in Miami to take on the 29-26 Heat.  Of all the games on Pistons’ current road trip, this game against Miami may be the most winnable for a seriously slumping Detroit team.

Miami has currently lost seven of their last 11 games.  Dwyane Wade seems to be the only one putting up number for the Heat. He surpassed his career high by putting up 50 points against the Magic on Sunday.  Stop Wade and maybe Detroit can muster a win.

More from Rip

“There’s been a whole lot of changes this year,” Hamilton said. “We’ve been changing stuff all through the season.

“For one example we just put (Antonio) McDyess back in the starting lineup and things like that. There’s been a lot of different changes. Me coming off the bench, so … there’s something different.”

When asked to clarify his comments Monday, Hamilton said: “I didn’t agree with coming off the bench, but I did it to help the team and to win games. But we haven’t won games with me doing that.” Via The Detroit Free Press

The Good/Bad and More:

Tip off is at 7:30 and locally broadcast on FSN.  If you can’t catch the game on TV, or are gearing up for the Oscars, you can listen locally at WDFN 1130 AM or follow/listen to the game at

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77 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Heat"
  1. C-Quense says:

    Chris McCosky hits it a 100 percent.
    He’s absolutly right.

  2. Dave Dial says:

    Natlie, you’re doing a fantastic job and it’s great that you’re not letting anyone slip away from the blame for the current state of the Pistons.

    Keep it up!

    Oh, and McCosky wouldn’t know a statistical fact if it jumped up and bit him in the nose. Sorry, but he seems to just make up his own reality. 😛

  3. Amer ican Prince says:

    I said that about his suits after he wore that one suit the first game. I was like what is that? But I’m not gonna bash somebody for being themselves. So forget this comment was even posted.

    Rip can be really annoying sometimes, I’m sorry.

    My sister used to waitress at a club that Rip would visit, and she said he was kinda rude and “upity” and didn’t tip well. Uhhhh Rip you’re better than that. All will be forgiven if you just play well and help this team get some wins. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!

  4. Lori says:

    I liked this article a lot and I think that maybe MC should read it. An off the bench AI instead of Rip would be great!

  5. Amer ican Prince says:

    No offense but that was just a bad article whoever wrote it does not know what they talking about. There are so many things to disagree with. Too many to list, but the thing that bugged me is that he said let everyone play to their strengths at the end of the article. Then said “Let Allen Iverson be a volume shooter, Let Rip Hamilton just move to open space and take open jumpers.” That is an oxymoron ya moron. The problem is they both can’t do what they do at the same time on the floor, and now Stuckey is struggling and many of the other bench guys don’t play or are struggling. Not to mention the other guys who are shooters who can’t get the ball cause if AI goes “volume shooter” then guys won’t have the ball to shoot. Sorry that line just bugged the crap out of me

  6. MikeHawk says:

    really ever since he’s been the 6th man hes stepped it up and stcuk has stepped way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, down
    our whole team is basicly deyss, jmax and rip
    last time ichecked u need a whole team to win a championship….

  7. Kero says:

    9-9 and it looks like a Loss. No effort and energy and Prince is becoming a terrible player. No effort. I will watch nonetheless.

  8. Notice AI just loafing down the court?

  9. Amer ican Prince says:

    I think Tay was saying something to him for missing a defensive assignment.

    Tay so far is doing okay I’d grade him around a B so far, just needs to clean it up a tiny bit.

    And Sheed and Dyess are rebounding, playing good d and hitting shots which is good

  10. Kero says:

    a B?

    I would give him a D, where is the TEAM USA Prince? I want that on the Pistons.

  11. Amer ican Prince says:

    Why I think Team USA is the thing that corrupted tay and made his game suffer, Hanging out with those selfish superstars.

  12. Steve says:

    Good job Max!

    Maybe that will show Amir how to not foul a guy every 5 seconds.

  13. Amer ican Prince says:

    kwame with the no look pass to rip

  14. Kwame and Walter…happy to see then but will the rotational madness ever end?

  15. Steve says:

    haha, thanks Natalie!

    But seriously, does anyone else think Amir has taken a step back this year?

    I mean, when Beasley had the ball and Amir was on him, I seriously knew that Amir was gonna get called for the foul.

  16. Dyess looked like he was going to cry when he was talking about getting a win…I HEART MCDYESS!!!!!!!!!!

  17. CHAD says:

    COMPLETELY Iverson’s fault.

    wait.. i thought we were talking about clobal warming and the impending recession…?

  18. Steve it’s not taking a step back I think it just may be inconsistency, lack of time and COACHING. Get a vet in here to work with him like they did for BYNUM in LA and he’s be an allstar.

    And I want to slap the F’in bandaid off Wades face. Seriously is that arrogant or is it just me who thinks its obnoxious?

  19. Steve says:

    Natalie, yeah that’s probably true. I also think that he’s just not used to playing against elite bigs yet. But hopefully it’s just Curry’s fault like everything else.

    Lol, yeah the bandaid’s pretty ridiculous. I think I’d rather slap the Miami P.A. announcer instead. So annoying.

  20. Amer ican Prince says:

    Yeah Natalie I’m already sick of that band aid on Nelly…I mean DWADE’s face.

  21. Thank you both for the validation. Sorry Steve…no Blaha for you.

  22. Slim Shady says:

    how come we don’t take more threes (other than Sheed.) at halftime we are 1 for 3 and the heat are 5 for 11. i think if we took more we’d make more more consistently so that when we need them for a rally or when we need to o=put a stop to the other team’s run, we can make them… just a thought… come on pistons, and Wade, Nelly looked like a fag with the band aid, and guess what, so do you!

  23. Slim Shady says:

    natalie, how old are you, i’ve always been wondering

  24. Slim Shady says:

    nvm that was rude

  25. Slim Shady says:

    hey curry do something productive, and teach our guys how to shoot a fing free throw… anyone can learn, it’s not that hard if you practice…. i’m on my high school varsity bball team and i have an 89% free throw percentage and i just learned how to correctly take and shoot a free throw relaxed and confident this year… i was only around 70% a year ago, so i know it isn’t hard to learn

  26. Slim Shady says:

    wutever, ill be back at the end of the game… p90x time

  27. Slim…A girl doesn’t like to tell you her age, just let me say I went to high school in the late 80’s. Does that help.

  28. Amer ican Prince says:

    A woman is like fine wine, only gets better with age

  29. LOL now you’re living up to your name PRINCE. Thank YOU!

    But seriously…they better start playing some D.

  30. mobius909 says:

    dyess is the only dude that is consistant. all the other whiners can bounce with their over-inflated salaries. this isn’t a popularity contest when it comes to playing time. go earn those mega millions by doing what you’re told and play an effing sport. god… you play basketball for a living, you act like we owe YOU something. if we all were sub-par at our jobs and underacheived constantly, we would all be out of jobs.

    next years roster:
    coach laimbeer
    new sg
    a real center
    rip off the bench with dyess and tay.

    go to effing work!

  31. Steve says:

    What’s up w/ Stuckey?
    Just 3 shots tonight?

  32. ben says:

    mobius shut up the roster will never ever look lke that even if we were the only team in the nba it stil wouldnt look like that just shut the hell up with ur dream of rosters its freakin annoyin get over it we are never gettin lebron or chris bosh

  33. Ilovethisgame says:

    Stuckey is in a slump, as long as he remains there, the Pistons will struggle. You might as well start Bynum seriously. I think Bynum and Hamilton should start while Stuckey and Iverson come off the bench. We could also use Hunter a lot right now.
    Finally, one of the problems with Curry, is he doesn’t reward players who step up on Defense. If someone is playing bad D, you have to take them out. We can’t let teams be scoring 50% on us every night.

  34. Steve says:

    Wow, Pistons get killed by the 3 pointer. Miami’s +24 from three point land. That and Wade’s making everything.

  35. Nik says:

    its over….

  36. Grant the Aussie says:

    oh man this is embarrassing.

    27 – 28 🙁

  37. Steve says:

    So does anyone else notice that the Pistons are giving up huge games to perimeter players?

    Ramon Session, Nash w/ 21 assists, Wade w/ career high 16 assists.

  38. tariq says:

    0h my lord below .500

  39. Shaun says:

    its official…its almost march and were under .500

  40. mobius909 says:

    eat a dick ben. obviously it won’t look like that… no shit. i was moreso ripping on the loafers we have currently.

  41. I’m getting quite sick of putting consecutive RED scores in the sidebar schedule….ugh!

  42. Amer ican Prince says:

    AI should not of been out there in the forth, there I said it
    Defense aweful

    Though many players were, can’t believe Arron Afflalo didn’t get ANY time

  43. big B says:

    HAAHAHAAHHAHAAHAHHA pistons is a sadddddd & pathetic team this year wowwwwww ,, and the trophee goes to MICHAEL CURRY !!!! all i could say is f$@k this team we got more losses than wins un fukkin believable ,,,screw this team i wont even b surprised id we dnt make the playoffs

  44. Z Fan says:

    We get ripped inside and out. Our defense is horrible. horrible. I hope we can win some of these road games but I doubt with our attitude on the court that we will.

  45. big B says:

    id be surprised if this team wins one of these road games .. its like were the worse team in the nba we even got beaten by the oklahoma thunder ( the worse team )

  46. Zachatollah says:

    Man… we looked pretty good during the first half, but Miami kept hitting the open shots we give them.

    Remember when Pistons guard closed out on shooters?

    Remember when Pistons bigs moved their feet and sealed the lane?

    Remember when the Pistons could get easy buckets?

    Remember when their point guard notched assists and was an aggressive scoring threat?

    Man. Those were the days.

  47. Slim Shady says:

    wow, i have nothing to say… we’ve blamed it on every possible thing and it doesn’t get any better… maybe this team just doesn’t mix on the floor no matter what. I seriously hope we can turn it around cuz i don’t want this year to be a complete waste, hopefully we can at least get the 8th seed

  48. Baller4life says:

    another day another losss
    another game another inconsistent effort from sheed
    another loss another wasted effort by Dyess nd AI
    another day another ugly suit on curry
    another day and Joe D is txting his grandma about his mac and cheese!

  49. Z Fan says:

    Yeah. I know what you mean. This could easily turn into a 10 game losing streak maybe more. You know there are so many fingers to point in so many directions. After a while you just start not care and you just want someone to step up and take charge. Where the hell is that person? I know someone will probably say denver. But who cares. Someone needs to step up!!!

  50. big B says:

    FIRe dumb & dumber ( curry & dumars )

  51. Slim Shady says:

    looks like were gonna return to the palace 27-31 with new orleans, then orlando, and boston coming up, and the latter two are on national TV… oh well, maybe it will be entertaining despite losing these games.

  52. Metah says:

    im embarased

  53. Amer ican Prince says:

    Zachatollah Are you the Archie Bunker of the Pistons world? Haha kidding

  54. Chris says:

    again with the annoying rotations…He doesnt play Amir and plays Kwame and Hermann. And he puts Rip back in the 4th when it was like 3 minutes or less left. And Stuckey is taking waayyyy to long to setup their offense. it usually is jus 1 pass then shoot because they got no time left. they suck at defense now and they’re awful on offense.

  55. Chris says:

    its just to painful to watch how they’ve degressed. They were alot better during the first 30 games. Its not like they were good then. They’re just awful now.

  56. Cone(#1 MEXICAN PISTONS FAN) says:

    What else does Joe D needs to watch? 27-40? 27-55? CURRY NEEDS TO GO. Just Read Rip’s words he doesn’t like anything that curry has done. Stuckey is Stinking lately We need a real starting five
    STUCKEY and SHEED of the bench….belive me that will work… and of course a new coach

  57. andrew says:

    i just stumbled across this old article from espn magazine few days ago, what u guys think? sheed for pistons assistant coach when he retires?

  58. ripfan says:

    when is the last time your point guard gets zero assists? Stucky is not a true point guard

  59. The Answer says:

    Hmm.. lets see here.
    Maxiell needs more playing time and Stuckey needs less…allot less. As for Curry, stop trying to make everyone happy. Stuckey starting over Rip is a fricken joke, honestly. Stuckey shouldn’t even play over Hermann. At least we would get some defence out of Hermann.

  60. Nik says:

    Here is an irony….
    Now Dumars believed in flipping the switch.
    In four months he believes he is going to make some changes and we will be back on top.
    Looks like a long road to top to me…..
    This shit really hurts.
    Trust me CUrry probably wants to resign now but its just the dumb ego is not letting him.
    Too big a shoes for him to fill.

  61. mobius909 says:

    here’s the theme of the pistons…

    tay has a pretty good, well rounded game… not startling, but plays defense.

    mcdyess shows a lot of heart and has a very consistant game… double double.

    sheed chucks up a bunch of threes, does not post up and rebounds fairly well for being constantly undersized.

    stucky goes 30 minutes as a point guard with NO assists and 3 new bruises.

    AI takes 3x as many shots as he needs to to score 22 off balance circus points.

    maxx eats up the glass, but doesn’t get many touches.

    rip is frustrated.

    curry plays some bench player that hasn’t seen game time in 3 months, then pulls them for inactivity.


    record starts over.

  62. TJ says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, please listen to me:

    This… this is called rebuilding.
    This is what every team in the league does.
    This is something we’ve done before.
    This is something we’ll do again.

    You have to learn to take the good times with the bad. It’s ok to be frustrated and even angry, but people making ridiculous claims like we should fire Dumars (the 2nd best GM we’ve ever had) and that we should bench Stuckey (the future of the organization) are really missing the point here. We need to look at ways to get better… in the future. Not now. Right now can go **** itself for all I care. We could lose every single game from here til the end of the season at it wouldn’t bother me one bit. But we need to stop getting rapped up in each and every loss like it’s the end of days. This team is going to look radically different next year. McDyess, Wallace, Iverson, Herrmann will definitely be gone. One of our three young bigs will likely be moved in a deal to land a player in someone else’s salary dump (a guy like Chandler or Kaman). There’s also the free agency market.

    What people have to understand is that this, right now, means absolutely nothing. No one should see this as a dark, dreary road back to the Teal days. People should view this as the price you pay to put together 7 seasons of 50+ wins and 6 straight ECF. It’s the price you pay to have a future for your team. Is it ugly? Oh God yes. Is it necessary? Unfortunately, yes. Much like we can’t all live forever, neither could the current squad.

    Time to move on, people.

  63. Mark says:

    Curry might have done better, but then he gets dealt AI, a “superstar” with all the baggage. And here is Curry, a rookie coach, having to deal with this huge change. He might not have done a lot better, but a little maybe.
    I think this is all just for next season. I think Dumars figured this season would be the sacrificial season. If we are all getting this pissed about these losses, then we will also be in the right mood to welcome the huge changes that are bound to be made. So, by getting rid of Chauncey first, he kind of cut the heart out. The rest won’t seem so bad. I’ll be watching because no matter what, the Pistons are my team!! Still hard to see a loss to the Heat, especially because I live in S. Florida now. We will be back!!!!!!

  64. paul0321 says:

    27-28.. what?! we’re below .500?! yes.. and it sucks.. it’s not that easy to move on, though.. not after 6 straight ECF appearances..

  65. gMac says:

    MC is doing the exact same thing to Amir and Affalo as what Larry Brown did to Darko. I just hope those two guys are man enough to swallow their pride and continue to work hard.

    This is the time of the season where I start to question Joe D’s intelligence rather than yelling at a first year coach who obviously can fire himself or just quit. Same questionable judgement to have stayed with a useless playoff coach and a lack lusted team for 3 straight years.

    Every time I see D Wade, I just want to kill Darko…. Damn it.

  66. Ken says:

    Sack Curry

    Sack Sheed

    Sack AI

    Bring back Flip Saunders

    Bring in Chris Bosh

  67. Crazyazman says:

    Another loss!!!! C’mon!!! Its like the Wizard of Oz out there! No brain, no heart and no courage!!!

    I think its time for Curry to click his heels and go home!!!

  68. Crazyazman says:

    Btw, I dont think Joe D should be even considered to being sacked, he brought three championships to Detroit, two as a All Star guard and one as a All Star GM.

    If we look at his plan we can see where he’s going, we are loaded with talent but our coach isnt strong enough to deal with these players. Hes a rookie coach running with some of the most experienced ballers in the NBA.

    Sheed shooting way too much outside for a 7 footer, AI shooting everything, Rip coming off the bench whos been the leading scorer for ages, Kwame who looks lost on the court, Stucky and Max who can be All Stars. Prince can triple double any night, Dyess who is dying for a ring, Afflalo and Herrmann who can flat out shoot and Bynum and Johnson who are young and learning. Man these guys need to be grabbed by the ear and shown the right way to play!!!

    Mr Larry Brown! God I miss you! Took AI and Philly to finals and lost to Shaq and Kobe, came to Detroit with similar team minus a “Superstar” player four years later and swept those same Lakers in five games!!!! Need I say more?????

  69. David says:

    Man I am glad I got some sleep this time instead of watching the pain (in my country its like 2AM when the game starts).

  70. David says:

    btw if you look at the history of games it looks like the really bad losing streaks started after game with denver, lets pray it will end with denver too (one can always hope, right?).

  71. brs197 says:

    Has any one noticed how AI is getting thrown under the bus? Yesterday McCoskey wrote a story how it was AI’s fault. Today, Rosenberg effectively says the same thing. I agree that AI is to blame for some of this mess, but it is ultimately up to the coach on how to best use him. Is this revelation coming from the Pistons organization in order to take some of the heat off of Curry? Direct the anger towards AI and not the coach. I’ve always been bothered about the lack of respect shown to Chauncey when he was traded. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  72. Jack says:

    Alright that’s it. I will not accept anymore of this nonsense. Below .500. Living in Houston, I just converted to the Rockets! That’s right the Pistons are now my 2nd favorite team!!

  73. CHAD says:

    Yeah we’ve all noticed everything being blamed on AI.. I think its comical.. I’ve spoke with some stupid people but that is another level of stupid..

  74. Jordan R. says:

    I love ” AI ” and i can’t wait to meet him on the 22nd when the Pistons take on the Heat

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