Rasheed Wallace – Tossed (Towel) and Suspended

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Game on the line, Sheed having a great game, blows his top after a foul call and trows two towels.  One into the stands which led to his 16th technical foul of the year and then another on the court.


No Sheed in Orlando against the Magic – SUSPENDED

UPDATE 2 of Sheed’s Techs have been rescinded by the NBA...he could play in Orlando but will he?  I’m Joe I make a statement after Sheed’s latest BLOWUP!

Terry Foster thinks SHEED should be waived.

The hits just keep on coming.

8 in a row……

92 Responses to "Rasheed Wallace – Tossed (Towel) and Suspended"
  1. mmmm says:

    Michael Curry = Officer Barbrady (nothing to see here move along)

    Sheed = Cartman spazzing w/o cheesy poofs.

  2. andrew says:

    ok we’re gonna lose to orlando now for sure, sheed is always so good against howard, in fact hes the best in the league to guard him, he intimidates him.

  3. bronzilla says:

    Hahaha. What a crybaby loser. Yeah, sheed your team is horrible. Just pray for a good lottery pick. Losers.

  4. TDP says:

    It’s gotten so bad that I actually forgot that there was a Pistons game on tonight. I’m glad I tuned in for the fourth quarter, though! Haha. Losing doesn’t sting as bad when you’re already dead inside.

    Liked what we saw out of the 2009-10 Pistons Preview Squad in the last eight minutes! Maxiell and Dice rolled. Too bad Rip was so off on all those jump shots.

  5. aaron says:

    SHEED.. i feel your pain

  6. TDP says:

    bronzilla wears cut-off jean shorts with mesh belly shirts with rollerskates.

  7. aaron says:

    oh and bronzilla sucks.. what are u doing on a pistons website talking bad about them for… u have no life… LOSER

  8. The Answer says:

    Sheed must be on steroids…did you see how far that towel flew?

  9. bronzilla says:

    If Sheed keeps throwing away all his towls, he won’t have any left to wipe away his little baby tears.

  10. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!) says:

    Well… all I can say is:
    1. Sheed is making his case for a trade, isn’t he?
    2. I’ll never stop being a Pistons fan no matter what – and I lived through the infaous Teal/Horse era… and this is the only time where I wouldn’t be upset or bummed if we don’t make the playoffs… maybe that’s what this team needs to realize it’s time for some major changes.
    3. PLEASE look at Chichen Curry’s face at the 0:36 mark… if that face doesn’t say “DAZED AND CONFUSED AND CLUELESS” to you, nothing else will… Actually his face there looks perfect for one of those Southwest “WANNA GET AWAY” commercials, wouldn’t you think?

  11. andrew says:

    hey the answer, i noticed that too, that is powerful indeed haha, i was suprised how far it flew, sheed is a beast
    and i was watching this game online via local new orleans TV and hornets commentators couldn’t believe he did it, they were so shocked, it was funny, they said something like ‘that is just crazy’ haha, do they not know sheed? welcome to detroit motherf*ckers

  12. TDP says:

    Well Patron, we can’t trade Rasheed any more – unless it’s a sign and trade. He’ll walk… all the way to San Antonio.

  13. Mikey F Baby says:

    Thanks for posting this Natalie, us watching on League Pass had the terrible Hornets broadcast and they refused to show a decent angle of the incident.

    As frustrated as we get with this team, imagine how the players feel. Sheed just did what we all feel like doing, throw some shit.

  14. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!) says:

    Good point TDP… Although I don’t see SA picking him up; they take their team chemistry too seriously and might not take a chance on Sheed… I actually fear that there are two teams crazy enough to go after him: Boston (hey, they’re going for Starbury they’ll go for any basket case with a jump shot!) or Orlando might even try to lure him… after all, he and Superman III get along quite well… now THAT is worst-case scenario… Just saying whatever comes out of my over-caffeinated mind 🙂

  15. TDP says:

    Mikey, League Pass showed the FS Detroit broadcast for me…

  16. SapPanda says:

    I hate to say this Natalie, given the name of the site and all…
    Got to hell Rasheed. You’re getting paid almost $14 million this year to play a game and you get tossed for having a temper tantrum? Your teammates needed you in this game and you let them down. I know you don’t care, but you should be ashamed of yourself.

  17. Mikey F Baby says:

    Damn I really got screwed then lol. NO announcers were all over Rasheed about how he always goes after the refs and never gets in the players face. Not sure the point of their arguement, just struck me as odd.

  18. How bad was the NO broadcast? Don’t they know Sheed? Special K said it like it was an every day occurrence. Pity it happened, yes it was a good block but the first tech Sheed picked up was for nothing… I saw nothing really down low for him to get all riled up about. NOT SHEEDTASTIC at all.

  19. Mikey F Baby says:

    Well I DVR’d it. Once AI got hurt I just checked the score on ESPN and saw we lost and Sheed got tossed. So naturally I fast forwarded to 8 min left in the 4th to see what Sheed did lol.

    The Nola announcers weren’t as homer-ish as some of the announcers I have to listen to on LP (Celtics, anyone?) but they seemed fairly clueless on a number of Detroit facts.

  20. a sign says:

    maybe by throwing in the towel sheed is giving us a sign that this year is over.

    I know in fighting throwing in a towel means you give up.

    Maybe im on to something ………. …………….. …………………………..

  21. Mikey F Baby says:

    I’m sorry, but isn’t it worth a shot to start AI and Rip together again? Sure it didn’t work at first but AI was new to the team. Stuckey is obviously a shot first guard, let him run with the second squad. Stuckey is NOT a point guard no matter how much we want him to be. AI can dish to Rip off screens, or create his own shot, drive and dish etc.

    Coaching gone wrong , again.

  22. Mikey F Baby says:

    And if you haven’t seen Danica Patrick’s SI pics…uhmmm


  23. Rip32 says:

    keep sheed next year and send Poison Ivy to crash down another team

  24. ben says:

    natalie thats alot of red in the coloumn im not use to seein that much makes me very sad..

  25. Fariduddin says:

    Pistons will make the playoffs… lets be real — this is the eastern conference people :)- anyway, we all have to admit that the Pistons seemed to play with a bit of passion when Ivo left teh game… things looked pretty good some-what. teh Ivo trade was a bad trade.. i like Ivo and respect his game, but he doesn’t match with this type of team or the players…. the Pistons actually looked like a team when Ivo left!

    On Sheed.. i was pissed on that soft call and i really don’t lame him when he gets pissed and shows his emotions, but i think his emotions are more based on a lack of true leadership… I miss Lary Brown…. the players seemed to respect dude! anyway, the Pistons will make the playoffs.. and lets just hope that the players make a call for a team only meeting and figure things out.. the talent is there…. and they’ve been there!

  26. Juice says:

    I just realized that Im not a Pistons fan as much as a Rasheed Wallace fan. Classic.
    Garbage call by the refs – just like all the other garbage calls the refs were throwing at the Pistons tonight. It was a clean block.
    Also, Curry should of kept Rasheed in, everyone knows he plays better when hes hot after a tech. He woulda dropped a deep 3 next possession.
    Keep it real Sheed.

  27. KleenGee says:

    As much as I love Sheed’s spirit, I don’t think there is any space this year for things like that. Some people get a kick out of this behavior. Sure, he’s a riot at times. This time, when the team needed a leader, he threw away the team. I hope the Pistons fine him for this game and the next.

  28. D700 says:

    Dyess’ & Jmax’s effort down the stretch were superb! too bad the coach cannot design decent plays on crunch time.

  29. Baby Eater says:

    THANK YOU RASHEED WALLACE! everyone is all pissed off that he got tossed out, but he’s showing his team mates, the media, the city, that he’s sick of how this team has been playing, and there is absolutely no way why a team with this much talent should be playing this badly. Maybe this will be a wake up call, someone in that locker room has to step up and get the players in check so we can at least make the playoffs….Sheed wouldnt play in boston by the way.

  30. Walter5 says:

    Way to go Sheed.. That is Rasheed Wallace, Ladies and Gentlemen.
    Even he is tossed out, I’m still a big fan of sheed.
    The Refs are calling nonsense calls. Arghh!

  31. RobinLA says:

    You need to change the name to Need 4 Chauncey. The trade sucked, Sheed sucks, Curry sucks and I’m beginning to think Joe D. sucks too.

  32. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!) says:

    As I said earlier… I’m overcaffeinated and sometimes you just think out loud… I doubt that Sheed would go to Boston too; I was just saying that Danny Ainge is insane enough to go after him given his flirtations with what is the case of the love child of cancer + black plague + ebola that is Stephon Marbury.

    Having said that, I’d still see Orlando being the first time to chase Sheed. They already have a freak of nature at center in Superman III so Sheed would play in his preferred position of power forward and wouldn’t need to post up so often. If I were Orlando, I’d definitely go after Sheed if the Pistons let him go…

    And Natalie… Seriously girl… can’t you make a parody of the Southwest “Wanna Go Away” Ads with Curry’s face at the 0:36 mark? I saw his face and he just seemed so out of place it’s kinda sad in a way…

  33. hmm this sucks says:

    hmmm…and now Rip wants off the bench

    WOW, change ruined this team.

    Currey and AI

    I don’t care if AI is doing good, we aren’t going to come close to where we were last year. We fired Flip to try and win it all and now we aren’t even going to get near it?

  34. hmm this sucks says:

    oh, and ready for this one?

    The Pistons are 17-16 this season with Hamilton in the starting lineup. But in his current role as the team’s sixth man, they are just 4-12.

  35. Robin says:

    Damn , if those loses keep coming , we wont make the playoffs

  36. AI, the Franchise Killer says:

    Seriously, Currey isn’t changing the starting lineup. Rip will stay on the bench and Stuckey will stay starting. That way AI can LOOK like the man of the team, Stuckey can continue to look like the most overrated point guard in the NBA, Sheed can continue to look WORSE than he ACTUALLY IS, and Currey can look like he’s pleasuring himself on the sidelines more.

    Lineup needs to be AI, Rip, Sheed, Prince, and Johnson. In fact I’d rather start Afflalo over AI.

  37. FIRE CURREY!! says:


    “they dropped their eighth in a row. It’s the first time since the 1994-95 season that Detroit has lost as many consecutive games.”

  38. More from mlive says:

    Wanna see what happened when AI left?

    “Allen Iverson left in the first quarter with a stiff back, from an injury suffered in Tuesday’s loss at Miami. He is being listed as day-to-day.

    Will Bynum, seeing action in the second quarter because of Iverson’s injury, helped spark the Pistons during a 15-6 run that tied the game at 30.

    The Pistons took a brief 42-41 lead after a steal by Bynum that set up an uncontested dunk for Antonio McDyess. New Orleans All-Star David West scored the final basket of the half, which ended with New Orleans ahead 43-42.

    With Iverson out, Hamilton found himself in a familiar role with the starting unit in the third quarter. After scoring 14 points in the first half, New Orleans players paid closer attention to Hamilton in the third quarter.

    That seemed to open up scoring opportunities for his teammates, whose play allowed Detroit to regain the lead, 50-48, after a pair of free throws by Tayshaun Prince.Allen Iverson left in the first quarter with a stiff back, from an injury suffered in Tuesday’s loss at Miami. He is being listed as day-to-day.

    Will Bynum, seeing action in the second quarter because of Iverson’s injury, helped spark the Pistons during a 15-6 run that tied the game at 30.

    The Pistons took a brief 42-41 lead after a steal by Bynum that set up an uncontested dunk for Antonio McDyess. New Orleans All-Star David West scored the final basket of the half, which ended with New Orleans ahead 43-42.

    With Iverson out, Hamilton found himself in a familiar role with the starting unit in the third quarter. After scoring 14 points in the first half, New Orleans players paid closer attention to Hamilton in the third quarter.

    That seemed to open up scoring opportunities for his teammates, whose play allowed Detroit to regain the lead, 50-48, after a pair of free throws by Tayshaun Prince.”

  39. DETstuckeyMVP says:

    this is nothing short of embarrising for our organization, im a bit glad that sheed wont play though, maybe it’ll give him sometime to think, what i truely want is to see AI and Rip in the backcourt, move stuck to the bench, i really dont know though, we’re so messed up this season, I’ve decided that this is our official black plague season. When will the madness end

  40. Ken says:

    WE NEED CHRIS BOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Juice says:

    for all those people who think 2010 is gonna be great, your all wrong. bosh isnt coming here. wade isnt coming here. and lebron isnt coming here. this whole “reconstruction” garbage is all worthless now that theres no one to reconstruct it with.
    Pistons are done in the short term.

  42. augustslady says:

    Don’t agree entirely,
    But I do think joe made some questionable moves.
    I really don’t care about wade,or bosh,or lebron.
    Yes they are very talented but this league is more about stars and preferred players. They will age to and the league will be on to other (STARS)!
    We have to do better in our choices,have not given up on joe,but them I’m only a fan whole loves sports
    and the D!
    Not privy to what he knows.
    Everyone have a great day!

  43. augustslady says:

    Sorry,in above post didn’t catch the le after who..
    Don’t know how that got there!
    Should read: who loves sports.
    Must be ancient magoo eyes!
    Should look for work as an N.B.A. ref!lol

  44. Jason says:

    This team sucks. Our coach SUCKS. Joe D sucks. The Chauncey Billups trade SUCKED. That’s all I got.

  45. 16th technical
    automatic suspension
    Here we go again


  46. Mikey F Baby says:

    funny stuff over at dimemag.com. Wondering, after the terrible 1st quarter by the Pistons, why Curry wasn’t fired during the commercial break lol.

    But seriously why throw in the towel on the salvagable season just to make a point and keep the knucklehead coach.

  47. Fahed says:

    So with just 26 Games left on Rasheeds Contract. Not including the playoffs would it be better off for us to just release him now. I mean he is going to miss probably the next two or three games.

    One for his 16th Tech
    Two for throwing a towel into the crowd
    Three for throwing one towards his coach(Team Suspension)

    On another note, will need4sheed still exsist if sheed is no longer a piston. I love this website but I love because it is pistons related, not sheed.

  48. Z Fan says:

    Don’t play rasheed for the rest of the year and don’t play AI. They both make detroit a worse team.

  49. Mikey F Baby says:

    Fahed thanks for copying what you read on ESPN’s daily dime and reposting it as your own here. Genius!

  50. KPrime says:

    Sheed is an embarrassment to Detroi basketball!! He is the biggest baby. The team is playing NO well and he has to go and be a baby! He should be suspended for 2 weeks bye the team, or heck release him, the team will be better off anyway! The way he jerked that towel out of that kids hands was terrible. GROW UP SHEED!!!!

  51. Max-Aholic says:

    It’s been a while since Sheed has shown some emotion out there. That second T was bullshit anyways. That’s usually an action that gets you a fine the next day, but not a T. Basically it’s like kicking a chair, pounding the press table, or cussing during an interview.

  52. Bobba says:

    Sheed is a joke, if he Posted up more and didnt shoot so many contested 3’s we wouldnt be as poor as we are, AI shud be comin off the bench so he jack up his crap shots with the rest of the bench.

    Clean house at the end of the year, dont bother re signing AI or Sheed and fire Curry clearly outta his depth.

    Forget about 2010 free agents get Boozer and a badly needed post presence in this summer.

  53. Amer ican Prince says:

    Sheed didn’t throw the towel in crowd intentionally, I think that is why he got mad and threw the 2nd towel at the ref, trying to say hey, this is intentional.

    I don’t think he deserved to be suspended

  54. Pistonsfan3 says:


    The NBA has rescinded 2 previous techs so he will play against the Magic on Friday! 🙂


  55. Amer ican Prince says:

    I was just coming to tell everybody haha. I’m happy, I know a couple people are gonna whine, but I don’t care love my Sheed and I don’t care who thinks he sucks, cause he rules

  56. Joe says:

    He should be benched anyway, granted he’s the only player that can guard Howard, but aside from that, he’s a cancer to this team. he’s actually took more shots from behind the arc this year than he has from 10 feet. he’s not a big man, doesn’t play in the post, you seen his ridicoulous shot against the spurs with the game on the line, any star power forward would work his way inside for a shot, not a pathetic fadeaway from mid-long range.I’m happy he got thrown out last night, it gave Max a xhance to come on, work and rebound, showing us McDyess isn’t the only big man that gives a sh*t

  57. taz says:

    You damn idiots need to stop hating on Sheed. He’s no longer suspended and ready to shine on you ho’s vs. Orlando as you watch a good match up. Suck it up and quit your bitchin, the Pistons have had ridiculous success with Sheed in the past but this is a whole different Pistons squad compared to the Larry Brown and Flip Saunders days. I have more respect for Sheed taking no bull shit for the bad calls in that game than any player who flops or takes any league bull shit like a pussy. SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED.

  58. Cone(#1 MEXICAN PISTONS FAN) says:

    “The way we’ve have been starting, is the way [head coach Michael Curry] wants. I’ve said I’m happy to come off the bench as long as we’re winning. But we’re losing. We’re now 4-12 with me coming off the bench. Something’s got to give. I’m all for doing whatever it takes for the team, but coming off the bench with us not winning, something’s got to change.”

    Hamilton is unhappy coming off the bench as I read a post, this season with Hamilton in the starting unit the Pistons are more effective than off the bench. So as Rip said something’s gotta change. And personally i think the refs call on sheed were b¨****it! He went to the ball first…. well, let’s see him against Howard on Friday, I think we will win…

  59. Amer ican Prince says:

    I’m sure it’s easy for Rip to say it’s not working when Rip seems to be purposely sabotaging close games with poor shot selection, ball hogging, and lazy defense. I think his attitude and subtle rebellions (remember the bike, sorry to inform you it wasn’t really about staying warmed up, he was acting out) need to stop and he only started passing last game because AI was out and probably believed he would get shots regardless. He’s the real cancer.

    No offense Rip fans, I know how hard he works and I respect him for that, but HIS attitude I think hurts the team more than Sheed’s. At least Sheed does it right in the open, well most of the time at least.

  60. 5scarface6 says:

    i used to remember people hatin on chauncey when he couldnt guard rondo….. then askin that chauncey be traded…. kind of like the same with sheed now…. i dunno, trade sheed then be stuck with somebody who’s a superstar BUT doesn’t really fit in??? and besides i don’t think that RIP would like it if sheed would get traded…. we were bitchin for changes and it came back and bit our ass…. i wish we just traded somebody for Okur, so he can be center and sheed will be the pf… can u imagine that, everyone on the startin unit can shoot the 3??? and just train chauncey tayshaun and rip to slash more often than take jumpshots….why did we trade Okur away?????

  61. Dave says:

    Wow. The first Piston game I see in a while and Sheed gets ejected.

  62. CHAD says:

    ” i like Ivo and respect his game, but he doesn’t match with this type of team or the players…. the Pistons actually looked like a team when Ivo leff”

    On the contrary.. the pistons looked like a team for that 7 game streak when sheed and rip were out.

  63. Amer ican Prince says:

    Terry Porter needs to shut up before someone cuts him, but in a different way. Dumbest line of the article “He helped win a title. Now it is time for him to move on. He has worn out his welcome.” So much for loyalty, Sheed may be a knucklehead but no way does he deserve to be cut

  64. Amer ican Prince says:

    sorry meant terry foster,

    also why doesn’t Sheed get a lion metaphor like Iverson?

  65. pistons 4 life says:

    How come whenever AI or Sheed doesn’t play this team plays better?

    Hey Curry, do you see a pattern here?

    I DO!!!!!

  66. pistons 4 life says:

    Changed my mind, it’s more when AI’s not playing. But at times Sheed has been out and I feel they played pretty well without him.

  67. Susan says:

    This may be an unpopular sentiment but I actually agree with Rip that he should be brought back into the starting line-up. I would like to see Stuckey come off the bench and A.I at point with Rip at the 2. I have to disagree that Rip is the problem. When he was on the floor last night, I saw leadership. Rip is tempermental so American Prince may be right that the stationary bike was more a statement than a necessity but what I have seen from Rip in the last 4 games is effort.

    Am I the only one who thinks they played better last night then they have in 8 games? I might be grasping for any good news but at least New Orleans didn’t score 40 in the first quarter.

  68. pistons 4 life says:

    Anybody think AI will get moved to the bench? I don’t, because Curry is a wuss.

    I think next season this team will be immediately better just because AI will be gone. He’s a good individual talent but has proven time and time again that he can’t get a “team” get that far. Unless LB is coaching him. I’ve heard rumors he might want to go play for LB next season in Charlotte. We’ll see about that one, I doubt it.

  69. Juice says:


  70. Nate says:

    Let’s not forget most were hating on the Pistons the last couple years when we laid eggs in the ECF’s time after time. The underlying problem that plagued the team the last 3 years in the playoffs still exists now, with or without Chauncey. Inconsistency and underachievement. The only difference is this year it just happened earlier than the ECF’s.

    Curry needs to go, no doubt about it. AI may not fit into this team, but he’s one of the few trying to win. We can’t blame AI for lack of motivation from other players. Obviously massive paychecks are not motivation enough. AI needs to go to a team where he fits in better and can be utilized better, for that guy is capable of huge scoring nights. Honestly, he’s wasted talent in Detroit for they are not the type of team that needs to nut ride on a superstar like the Cavs and Lakers do. Dyess needs to go to a team where the rest actually care more about winning than whether they’re starting or not.

    Being from San Antonio, I watched the Spurs game the other night in which they beat Portland (and Dallas the night before) with Tim and Manu on the bench. These were double digit wins. Everyone knows their roles on that team and will do whatever it takes to win for they have that faith in each other and their coach. Anyways, Sean Elliot, the TV analyst for Spurs ball, got on the subject of the Pistons struggles and said it’s easily defined in one word: Chemistry.

  71. Th3 Answ3r says:

    I don’t blame Sheed for being pissed off. His team isn’t playing. He tries to play but doesn’t have much help but from Dyess. He got that all out of anger. So quit hating on the guy.

  72. Amer ican Prince says:

    Nate you brung up a good point about San Antonio everyone knows their roles. No one on the Pistons has a defined role. Insconsistent minutes, inconsistent play calling, a lot of things from players and coaches

  73. Amer ican Prince says:

    Anthonie Sioco
    Cool haiku

  74. Grant the Aussie says:

    “I don’t blame Sheed for being pissed off. His team isn’t playing. He tries to play but doesn’t have much help but from Dyess. He got that all out of anger. So quit hating on the guy.”

    um… what? no help from Dyess? Dyess is the only guy playing hard!

  75. Th3 Answ3r says:

    “um… what? no help from Dyess? Dyess is the only guy playing hard!”

    You mis-understood me. Im saying Dyess is the only one really giving sheed much help.

  76. Connor says:

    I hope sheed plays tomorrow. I’m going to Orlando and it’s going to be my first Pistons game. I would be disappointed if i got to go and see no sheed. Except i’d easily trade sheed’s play if it means a win. 🙂

    PS any chants i should know about for the pistons…i know there are a lot of fans in florida

  77. Amer ican Prince says:

    ice for dyess


    detroit baaaaaaasketball

    Fire Curry haha

    those are the basic ones

  78. jelonte says:

    turkoglu is gonna be a free agent this yr. so if we get rid of kwame, ai , nd sheed, let dyess go to a contender, we could get booz, turkoglu, nd maybe randy foye.oooooohh i see a good team in ’10

  79. andrew says:

    i kinda wanna see curry startin bynum and rip against orlando and see how that goes, stuckey is just lost now.
    this whole thing got me thinking how dumars is so good with finding and signing good players, yet so horrible with coaches, we lost larry brown, then he fired flip saunders, and got curry….i can see him firing curry in 1-2 years, then we should put all our cap space to make a run for Phil jackson haha, since he said he only wants 1 more year with lakers


    stick with sheed guys cmon. ive said it all year that AI should come off the bench but curry is a fucktardand doesnt realize that with stuckey and rip that we have basically our ECF team of 5 years, plus a 2nd unit where AI would run the show.

    anyways if i was sheed, i would want to be shipped to san antonio with duncan.now thats a scary thought for anyone who would play against SA with the twin towers of sheed and timmy d on defense. plus they have a slower tempo which suits sheed. on offense sheed and duncan compliment each other, sheed would energise the team and i would be a san antonio fan because all that i liked of detroit would be pretty much 100% gone. with dumars standing by and doing nothing, and curry being a retard, i dont think detroit can stop the slide.

  81. big B says:

    i think rasheed is gonna be suspended 3 games one from the team , one from the nba , and one for his 16th technical , wich im gladdddd , how many people agrees with me that this prick michael curry should be fired ???


    p.s. joe dumars please find a fucking coach that players will respect. sheed has had prblems with saunders, now curry because curry subbed him out after the T. heres a great idea, make lindsay hunter and rasheed wallace coaches, or let sheed coach from the bench and play as well, because we have such intellectual players such as iverson, prince, wallace especially. they dont need a coach to direct them, they know what to do, so put lindsay hunter coach. what the fuck do we have to lose, i cant even watch detroit play anymore…

  83. KPrime says:


  84. WTF says:


    Currey isn’t changing shit. He really is too stubborn to admit what he has isn’t working. Rip off the bench produced a record of 4-12 while when he was starting it was 17-16. There is obviously a problem with AI, and it’s effecting Stuckey as well.

    Let’s get either Afflalo or Bynum at PG, and Rip at SG. Resign Sheed if we can’t get a Center, and let’s tackle 2009-10 after we shuffle out of this one.

    PS: None of this will happen. AI will leave, the Pistons will be kissing Rips ass for it, Stuckey will either be made or broken from this season, Sheed will leave, MCDYESS WILL LEAVE (good job Pistons), and next year will probably be as bad as this. Cap isn’t going to do crap if we can’t convince players to play for us. I wouldn’t even play for the Pistons after this season.

  85. josh says:

    Rasheed is a bum. I cant wait till the end of the season when we get rid of this pathetic excuse for a basketball player. All he has done for the past 2-3 seasons is hurt the pistons with his late game techs. He is washed up and cant play with the young guys anymore. I cant believe Joe D continues to put up with his shit. I hope the organization gets smart and gets rid of Rasheed, Iverson, AND Curry. They all blow.

  86. Mikey F Baby says:

    Why in the hell would you bring AI off the bench? He’s shown he can average 7 assists a game. Stuckey on the other hand, is lucky to get 2 assists now a days. Bring stuckey’s underachieving ass off the bench, since everytime he drives the ball he is determined to throw up a shot.

    We may disagree on lineups, but we all can agree Curry has no fucking clue whats up.

  87. Fariduddin says:

    AI = should come off the bench.
    Rip = should be starting
    Billups = DAMN! i miss dude
    Sheed = glad that he is playing Friday night :)-
    Stucky = i don’t think he likes the idea of Ivo on the team.. and needs a coach like Larry Brown. this kid can play ball and i’m not to worried about him.
    Max = heart and i don’t think he respects Ivo or appreciates the Ivo trade. notice the extreme passion he was playing with when Ivo left the game in NO and how determined he seemed to play.
    Dyce = not worried about him at all.. he is bringing it.
    Tay = love him, but he is holding the ball too dang long.. move the ball and when you get a chance Tay — push the ball up court and go to work.
    Hermann = he needs more court time and i love his passion.
    Amir = needs more court time and Curry is not taking full advantage of his youthfulness.
    Bynum = i trust the guy when he is in the game.. call me crazy, but the kid puts in work.
    Joe D. = Damn, why did you make the trade… but the trade does make mathematical sense…, but Damn i hate to see Billups gone.
    K. Brown = put the kid in teh game! lets take advantage of his size.
    Nat = great website!

  88. willy says:

    dont know y all ya cats dogin on sheed, its called emotions and he is are emotinal guy that gets us puped up sheed is sheed u dont like it then to fuckin bad

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