Pistons vs. Hawks

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On their second game of a back to back the Pistons host the (better than they are) Atlanta Hawks. The 30-21 Hawks have lost seven straight at the Palace, but like most of us know stats like that mean nothing to this Detroit Pistons team, who struggles with just about every team that they play. And this Hawks team is nothing like the Atlanta teams of old.

Good New/Bad News and More:

  • Last game for Detroit before a MUCH needed All-Star Break.
  • Lost to the Hawks in their first meeting but won a season high seven straight after that. They are 6-12 since that seven game miracle.
  • Atlanta has won 3 of their last 4 games.
  • The Pistons are guaranteed their fewest wins at the All-Star break since 2001-02, when they were 26-21.
  • Chuck Daly thinks this talented Pistons team needs more time.  But do they have it is the question.
  • I had nothing to do with this… FireCurry.com
  • No news yet on Stuckey, who tweaked his ankle in the closing minutes of the Pistons loss to the Bulls.
  • Allen Iverson will be reevaluated today after missing yesterday’s game with Flu like symptoms.

Tip off is at 7:30 P.M. and will be locally televised on FSN. If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM WDFN The Fan.  Can’t do either? Follow the game on NBA.com.

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47 Responses to "Pistons vs. Hawks"
  1. Amer ican Prince says:

    Sheed is going to show Joe Johnson who should of been in the HORSE game

  2. Anon Omous says:

    Come on Detroit SOMETHING !!HAS!! to change and FAST!
    ATL is in 4th place in the east and we are in 5th?! We gotta go out there and make something happen and prove a point that we are one of the NBAs elite teams! We need this win **Desperately**.

    Joe, make some trades before the deadline if you dont i don’t think we’ll last the first round in the playoffs coming in at the 5th seed?!?!?!

    All im tryin to say is…

    STEP IT UP DETROIT!!!!!!!!

  3. Whatsittoya says:

    I call a loss.

  4. Det says:

    ^ I call for a shut up. Det will win, they are good and I think after the All star break, they will go on a Huge Streak, beleive me. By the way, Dwyane Wade for All Star Mvp!

  5. Max-Aholic says:

    I’ve got Kobe for All Star MVP since he had to miss it last year. I hope we trade Stuck while teams thinks hes still a good player. The dude can’t play D for shit and hates to pass the ball. Its becoming more evident that AI and Rip can play together. Stuck should realistically be playing 12 minutes a game. He still needs to learn and be put in his place. AA can play D and passes the ball, think about that.

  6. Onin says:

    Look I love Stuckey and all and I think that he’s a good player. But sometimes I think he’s being too aggresive, looking for his own shot. In my opinion I think he should set up his teammates more. He should be more like Chauncey, rather than imitating his idol Wade.

  7. detpistons says:

    whoa who says hes trying to imitate d-wade. stuckey plays like that and so does Ai there both in the starting lineup cuz there both great aggressive players. i do agree stuck does need to be on the bench for another year but the prob is we need a bigman who can play D. sheed is alright and sometimes(most times) he doesnt try. we amir isnt a guy who can block shots consistently. maybe we should put dyess back in the lineup. and he shouldnt be like chauncey cuz then wat is the point of trading him and curry is the one who loves to play 1 on 1 ball not stuckey. remember he was a sg in college so it will take him a while

  8. Nik says:

    Call me what you want, but I have had it with this team.
    I am boycotting, and am not going to waste my time watching this stupid team led by an idiot ( read M. Curry).

    This is it.

  9. Whatsittoya says:

    I know Washington might not be getting a good deal but try fix it without ruining it too much. Washington will get cash from Detroit so they should be good.


  10. ALMEI says:

    I know I am beating a dead horse here, but here it is 96-93 and I look at the stat sheet and see we are 12-19 on our free throws (Atlanta 16-19). Gee, 3 04 4 more points on throws and this game is tied or we have a lead. OK, they just made 1-2–so up by 4 with seconds remaining. Lot of these close games our free throw shooting is not good.

  11. Max-Aholic says:

    I agree that Stuck plays a game similiar to DWade, but hes not DWade. He is trying be DWade and it was obvious the way he was playing against Miami the other night. He thinks the team has been given to him. He should have to play a full game without shooting. Maybe that will show him the value of leading a team. We could win without him taking shots, but he has to be on board.

    Why did Curry play a small lineup to finish the game? This guy is a douche. C’mon Joe, fire his ass.

  12. ALMEI says:

    Game over. Lost by 4. 12-19 on the line.

  13. Jessiica says:


  14. Onin says:

    24 lost already hahahah

    Im trying to laugh it out but it hurts..

    Thank God its the all star break.

  15. Kenneth Jay says:

    Fire Curry and then who would we get…another knucklehead coach who doesnt know shit about coaching? Fire Curry and get Avery Johnson….who else is out there that can really coach a great team????

  16. Chris says:

    Have the Pistons expire?

  17. Chris says:

    Eddie Jordan, Bill Laimbeer, Maurice Cheeks, Sam Mitchell, Flip Saunders. Aren’t those guys available?

  18. Det says:

    Avery is a great coach. But I think mitchell is the one…

  19. Amber says:

    MC had a small lineup to end because all we really have is small players. Joe is stuck on sg’s, and we happen to have 5 of them (AI, Rip, Stuck (his position in college, and I refuse to believe he’s an actual pg), Acker, Afflalo)…while we have 1 center…Mr. Kwame Brown.

    I wonder all the time why I still even bother watching these games. Detroit is completely predictable. The only time I got excited was last night, when AI didn’t start. It was a funner game to watch than tonight’s game – sure they blew it at the end, but I got excited for once.

    Joe has 8 days to make a trade… He better do something if he even wants Detroit to be in the playoffs. They’re 6th seed right now, but Miami is right behind them with the same record. Detroit will probably move to 7th seed shortly.

  20. kingwaldo3 says:

    pistons should change there coach if they want to be in the final. Thank you very much……………

  21. SadPanda says:

    My TV has been out for a few days… But even watching this crap online is awful.
    Get a new coach and make a trade Joe D. Give your loyal fans something to believe in.

  22. Onin says:

    Stuckey imo is playing too aggresive. But the thing that annoys me is Curry saying that ‘Stuckey needs to be more aggresive’. WHAT ARE YOU SERIOUS????!!!

  23. Onin says:

    Hey guys I’ve a question, when Larry Brown left for New York on 2006, did he re-sign or got fired by the Pistons???????

  24. SadPanda says:

    He was fired Onin. For all his flirting with other teams I really miss LB. He always got the most out of these guys.

  25. Max-Aholic says:

    There are definately coaches available. Think about what I say about Curry. He is inexperienced and seems to be watching the game like a frustrated fan instead of coaching. Our guys can play D, but Curry isn’t directing the D. 90% of the time he’s telling players how they fd’ up afterwards. He never calls for half court double teams that they used to do all the time. Thats a play the coach calls and Curry isn’t doing it. I think he’s the last guy to know that Stuck can’t play D too. Other than Eddie Jordan and Flip, all the above names sound good as a replacement coach. Hell I would try and get Pat Summit.

  26. Onin says:

    thanks SadPanda. wow, he got fired….. Give this exact same team to Larry Brown, we’d be probably at the same level as the Lakers, Boston or Cavs.

  27. Jessiica says:


  28. The Fluidics says:

    LB, as good of a coach as he is, kind of deserved to get fired, entertaining other job offers during the Finals. Very unprofessional. Miss him too though.

  29. andrew says:

    k i dont even know what to say, i really think we have a great team and good players that want to win and they play hard, but m. curry is too inexperienced, and his knowledge of offensive strategy is kind of low, our offense is pathetic at times and i miss flip and is areas of expertise such as offense!
    u can say what u want but the players are meshing, we’re gettin chemistry between AI and RIP, rasheed has been playing great, yet we still keep on losing, curry is slowing the potential of this team down with stupid timeouts, poor rotations and just not knowing what players should do what, urgh,
    its k, i can still cheer for san antonio and denver to be title contenders

  30. Chris says:

    Rodney Stuckey-1 assist. 1 assist for an NBA starting point guard.wow. just, wow….

    men, what ‘rookie wall’ did Stuckey hit. It must be like the great wall of China or something.

  31. Chris says:

    Come on Stuckey your better than this

  32. blamu2 says:

    we need like Camby and Laimbeer

  33. Cone says:

    They need 2 things to play better and even contend this year:
    Get a big man on a trade
    and watch FLIP S. back (i think he’s the one avaliable that can coach this team)
    Bring i don’t know…. SHAQ, CAMBY, AMARE whatever but an inside presence is needed now.

  34. Chris says:

    “The whole thing is to stay positive, stay with each other and not point fingers or play the blame game,” Iverson said. “And be real men about the situation. We win together, we lose together. It’s important for us to stay together. You don’t win a championship at the All-Star break.”

    that’s a great quote from AI.

  35. El Patron Himself (Accept no Imitations!) says:

    It’s tough to see the Pistons getting beat up like this. I even had to shelve my old “Allas Mavericks” joke and all… Here’s what I think:

    1. Coaches: Getting Avery won’t do us any good. If anything. Avery is just a rich man’s Curry so that’d be pointless. I’ve been a long-time proponent of Kill Bill Laimbeer for head coach of the Pistons, maybe we can lure him out of the Shock by 2010? He’s a guy who has instant respect and credibility and he can flat out coach! He’s the reason our Pistons play on Six Championship Drive, after all!

    2. The line-up: In the meantime, we’re in the Chicken Curry era, so just like the actual meal, we’ll have to suck up the aftertaste in our throats and deal with it! The first thing Chicken Curry needs to do is to stop micromanaging the game because that’s driving the team nuts. He just needs to give the guys a basic scheme and let them carry it out, and then tweak it a little during time-outs.
    He also needs to establish a rotation. We can’t do small ball anymore because we’re getting torched! One possiblity (that I discussed with a good friend from the 313) is to have a system of fixed positions and fixed backups all game long, something like this:
    PG: Sir Rodney, with Afflalo and Acker as backups (and yes, I know they’ll be playing out of position, but if we moved Smooth to make room for Rodney, he’ll have to suck it up and earn his paycheck!)
    SG: Iverson, with Bynum as his backup (and given that The Answer eats up so many minutes, Bynum is a decent call)
    SF: Tay with Amir as his backup if the other team is putting up numbers in the paint.
    PF: Maxxi (yes, he’s undersized and all, but just google THE BIG DENIAL in case you’re wondering; plus HE EATS BABIES!) with Rico Suave and Sharpe as his backups.
    C: Sheed, with Dyess and Kwame as backups, depending on whether we need rebounds or scoring (and you could even do a 1-2 punch where we bring Amir and Dyess or Kwame and Hermann)
    I guess you’re wondering, what about RIP CITY? Simple: If Chicken Curry’s gonna bring him off the bench, then let’s use him to cover for either AI or Tay, depending on how the other team is playing.

    So at a point we could have Sir Rodney, AI, and RIP where AI and RIP are SG and Sir Rodney plays combo guard and they share the load of the scoring and you can have Sheed/Kwame and Maxxi (and we could move Amir to cover for Maxxi) guarding the boards with their lives. And we could exchange Rodney for Afflalo and AI for Bynum there.

    If we need more size, we can take out AI for RIP, move Kwame for Maxxi and play Sir Rodney (6’5″), Rip (6’7″), Tay (6’9″), plus big bodies in the frontcourt with Sheed and Kwame (at 6’11”) plus Hermann, Dyess, and Sharpe (at 6’9″).

    I mean, this does make sense to me and I’m not getting paid the megabucks that Chicken Curry is… Heck Joe, me and my friend will run this line-up if you pay our tuitions and give us a decent stipend so we can finish our dissertations!!!! And you’ll have even more money left to get Chris Bosh in 2010!!!!!

  36. pistons 4 life says:

    Wow! Things are certainly getting bad aren’t they? I just looked at the standings and the Pistons are one of 3 teams right now that have a record of 27-24. If this continues I really could see them missing the playoffs all together. At this point wouldn’t that almost be better for this team. I mean, how could Curry be back if he took a 50+ win team and they don’t even make the playoffs the next year missing only 1 player from the year before.

    I don’t like watching them lose all the time, but if that’s what it would take to get rid of Curry it might not be so bad.

    And about Stuckey, the only reason he’s driving so much is because that’s exactly what he’s being asked to do. Curry talks about it all the time. They always need to be more aggressive if you ask him. The guy is a joke of a coach.







  40. big B says:

    ohh i remembered his name , avery johnson hahaha

  41. Noa Daniely says:

    I can’t believe we lost another game.
    I can’t take it anymore, come on pistons!!

  42. altan says:

    we suck, im srry i give up

    ill watch at playoff time, mabey last 10 games of the season too

  43. Serbiaz Piston says:

    @ El Patron Himself

    Are you serious about all that rotations and lineups you are talking about?? Afflalo as PG,Buynum as SG,Amir as SF,Herrmann as PF? wtf?


    According to Pistons.com

    “and falling to 23-24 since Iverson joined the team in a trade for Chauncey Billups.”

    “I don’t even pay attention to our record anymore,” Hamilton said.”

    “The Pistons, who won the NBA title five years ago during an active streak of six straight trips to the Eastern Conference finals, have their worst record at the break since 2002.”

    I smell something wrong (AI AND CURREY)

  45. Marcell says:

    Have a Pall Mall & a cup of coffee and relax! Joe D isn’t going to make any trades for any quality players or fire Curry. He’ll most likely let the season play out, perhaps a small trade before the deadline. At least from a business prospective anyway.

  46. David says:

    AI BLEW THE LAST 2 MINUTES why don’t you quote this one too:

    “Flip had it going on, so I started running some set plays for him,” Woodson said. “When a guy gets hot like that, you’ve got to milk it.”

    Now, what we do when someone get hot? Whose fault is that?

    AI had bad turnover, yeah, but it was his only one. We shouldn’t have been down at all! Also try to use your little brain and remember who got us back into the game with back to back 3s. No way in hell this one is on AI.

    Did you hate Sheed as much last game? Or RIP same games ago with crucial TO? Or Stuck with his crap play of late? Oh wait, they are not new and not and reason why your beloved CB is gone. Newsflash – both CB and AI just do what they are asked to do cuz its their job.

    If you really want someone to blame, blame the GM who did the trade and got 1st year coach.

  47. The Fluidics says:

    You are right blew it, this was all AI’s fault. I mean, he lead all scorers, and was raining threes in the 4th, and was pretty much the only thing keeping teh Pistons in the game, all while playing under the weather, but yeah, he sucks.

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