Pistons vs. Bucks

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Pistons vs. Bucks

The 24-28 Milwaukee Bucks will host the 26-21 Detroit Pistons tonight at The Bradley Center.  The Pistons are looking to start a winning streak after a down-to-the-wire win against Miami Wednesday night.

The Bucks, well they just hope to survive after a season-ending injury to their leading scorer Michael Redd,  an injury to Andrew Bogut, who could miss the rest of the season, and now point guard Luke Ridnour, who broke a thumb in practice.

On the Pistons side, Antonio McDyess may possibly become a starter.  That may be the boost the Pistons need, though McDyess is more comfortable coming off the bench.

Good News/Bad News and More

Tip off is at 8:30 P.M. and will be locally televised on FSN. If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM WDFN The Fan.  Can’t do either? Follow the game on NBA.com.

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37 Responses to "Pistons vs. Bucks"
  1. fahim says:

    pistons should give iverson for shaq

    or amir n sheed for amare
    n sheed doesnt wanna stay here anymore and even rip dam detroits fuked up now after billups left dam thats messed up

  2. mobius909 says:

    i actually agree that sheed will be gone next season no matter what, so might as well get something for him instead of him just leaving and getting nothing in return. plus, we were gonna spend the money anyway. they may ship tayshaun in the deal, and it will hurt this year, but if they’re gonna go for a SF next year (aka. Lebron James), Tay would have taken a back seat. So picture this next year…

    Rip (assuming we get rid of AI immediately)
    PF of choice, maybe even bosh, but lets figure Dyess


    maybe another SF in the deal? Draft pick from trade?

  3. mobius909 says:

    iverson for shaq would be ideal because of the expiring contracts. shaq and lebron? are u kidding me??

  4. mobius909 says:

    AND… we get the center i’ve been bitching about all season. hopefully our 3pt percentage goes up in the process. maybe we can sneak barbosa out of the deal to back up rip.

    we need a boxing match in the tunnels again.

    tripple post, yo!!! trade deadlines feed the figiting in me.

  5. fahim says:


  6. Franz says:

    What is Dave Dial writing over at mlive.com and the ESPN section?

    Just because San Antonio is looking for a Forward, does not mean ‘Sheed wants to play with Duncan. I hate that when sport-writers just start writing some stuff, just to get attention, and who knows, maybe the stuff comes true.

    Rasheed won’t be going anywhere, only if Dumars get:

    – an expiring contract and a good big man
    – a great big man that is still young

  7. ben says:

    where did u hear that deal at?? because if that is true then joe d is a dumbass but i dont believe that i think joe d would have had enough since to pull that trade in a heartbeat

  8. ben says:

    btw i just tried that scenario out on the trade machine and it worked……

  9. The Fluidics says:

    Dear Mr. Curry,


    basketball fans

  10. mobius909 says:

    at least keep tay and maxxx.

  11. dunkonu says:

    Sheed and Amir for Amare? No way the Suns would do that. Maybe if we include another 1st rounder or 2, probably they would ask for Sheed and Stuckey, but as we all know #3 is untouchable.

    If we have to get rid of Sheed (I don’t think so) trading for Camby or Kaman would make the most sense to me. The Clippers didn’t get where they wanted to last offseason. Sheed’s expiring contract would give them some cap space back for the upcoming offseason. (Kaman’s contract runs 4 years, Camby’s expires in the LBJ offseason).

    Maybe the 76ers would trade Dalembert for Sheed (would we like that?). I guess Elton Brand and Sheed would play better together on offense (not on defense, tho). Just imagine Brand and Igoudala with more space under the basket. That would help them overcome some serious issues they have now. Plus they would have more money to extend Miller’s contract after next year.

    But if those are the best options I can come up with, I’d much rather keep Sheed. 🙂

  12. Whatsittoya says:

    Ben; Do you just want to swap teams?

  13. Whatsittoya says:

    I say trade sheed for Amare.

  14. Amer ican Prince says:

    Man I’m getting tired of the trade talk. so I know the players are too.

    I bet if I asked you guys to give me any of Amare’s stats, you couldn’t unless you go on the internet to do it. All you know about Amare is he is athletic and can dunk the ball. So much for Detroit fans being about defense and hard work.

  15. Amer ican Prince says:

    by the way ben, that was a funny trade though

  16. Amer ican Prince says:

    And Fluidics, you speak the truth. Stick with a lineup already.

    If I wake up in these next few weeks and hear Sheed has been traded? Man I don’t what would happen, but I would not be happy.

  17. erick says:

    ok so trade sheed and iverson for amare. this gives us an identity and can you imagine stuckey rip prince and amare in the open court. plus amare would give us a post presence which would be a lot better than sheed chucking up 3’s. amare would give us the rebounder we need too

  18. Nate says:

    Sheed to the Spurs? Highly unlikely, given the Spurs have nobody to trade for him outside of their fab four. I’m not sure the Spurs would be interested enough in Sheed. Sheed will rarely play post and hangs out behind the three point line on most trips down the floor. The Spurs have shooters in place with the new young talent they have, seems like they’d want other post players to create a tandem with Duncan. David Robinson was able to do that which let tim play one on one so much. Sheed won’t play post ball enough to create that. Yea, I know I’m commenting on a trade that will not even happen, but it’s fun to sometimes.

  19. ben says:

    you cant trade sheed and ai for amare that would put the suns over the penalty

  20. pistonsfan01 says:

    ok so who wants to trade sheed now????? 7 tiples in the game so far?!!!????!! please people

  21. Chris says:

    wow..struggling to against a team that are without their 3 of their main players. 5 pt lead Bucks 7 mins left.

  22. pistonsfan101 says:

    Even though it was an ugly loss, it was one of the craziest games in my life!! So much back and forth action! DAMN!!!!


  23. Chris says:

    Great win. Hey guys I know its one game but dont you guys think we look alot better during crunch with AI and Rip at the backcourt?

  24. pistonsfan01 says:

    ^^^^^ WE WON!!! and to chris .. both teams were playing really good. its deosnt matter who ur playing … these players made the NBA for a reason.

  25. pistonsfan01 says:

    i think it shoudl always be Rip in the fourth, but then choose between AI and Stuck depending on whose having a better game

  26. pistonsfan01 says:

    what was up with the refs in this game 42 FT TO 28 for the pistons.. RIDICULOUS

  27. Chris says:

    Yeah I agree pistonfan01. Rip and AI/Stuck down the stretch. But this is good, AI and Rip are figuring out how to play together.

    next up Phoenix!

  28. AIfan4life87 says:

    give the reigns to AI already… we’ve tried basically everything else and failed.. he can lead this team to the promise land if they simply believe in him

  29. Richie says:

    This was a nail-biter down the stretch. Yes, this was the Bucks without 3/5 starters, but when you consider the massive free throw advantage they had, I think this was an impressive win to pull off.
    I hope everyone realizes by this point that the Chauncey trade was a BIG mistake. We no longer have the team that we can expect to dominate teams like the Bucks, Grizzlies and Knicks. Therefor, we might as well be happy with these wins and start to appreciate them. It’s a good lesson in humility while we wait for Dumars to use all of our cap space to sign the ghosts of MJ, Patrick Ewing, Pistol Pete and Larry Bird in 2010.

  30. Franz says:

    ‘Sheed needs to stay and I think he just showed that with his game last night.

    Cut out all the crap with “Amare this, Amare that”.
    Yes he dunks, yes he’s athletic, but it counts on the defensive end, too, as we saw last night.

    Nice Sunday

  31. hoping for a turn around says:

    thanx franz. seriosly though. amare is a good player but his defence is weak. we already have a problem with ai defence even though i do think he is improving. or at least trying to. but unless joe can figure some way to get amare and sheed on the court together which is just about impossible, then we fans should just stop talking about this trade.

  32. Mikey F Baby says:

    To the guy who even suggested LeBron will play for the pistons, you’ve been suspended from posting for one week.

  33. Showtime says:

    This is my theory….

    Trade the absent minded Tayshaun Prince along with Amir Johnson (and possibly a pick) to Phoenix for Amare Stoudemire.

    F Rip Hamilton
    F Amare Stoudemire
    C Rasheed Wallace
    G Allen Iverson
    G Rodney Stuckey
    6 Jason Maxiell

    or…… Start “Maxy” and leave Rip off the bench. I know this goes back to somewhat of a “small ball” lineup but still bigger than the original one. I still don’t know how I completely feel about this trade…but I’d rather keep Sheed than Tayshaun. The only valuable asset about Prince lately is people continually talk about his “awkward” size. Other than that I don’t feel he’s been as productive as advertised.

  34. Whatsittoya says:

    Come to think of it now i agree with American Prince. The only thing he can do is offense. I mean we already have enough offense. It is the defense we are missing. So if we trade anybody it should be for a really good defender.

  35. Richie says:

    Showtime, Prince has been the most consistant and productive player on our team all year long. Check the numbers, or just watch the games and you’d see that.

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