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You may have wondered why I didn’t give you a blow by blow of Need4Sheed Suite Night at The Palace with our new friends from Austria.  Well, you can read about their experience over at where I was honored to tell their story.

And make sure you read Vladan and Martin’s daily journals of their trip over at Dunk on U.

Thanks again to David Wieme and The Detroit Pistons for making such special trip turn out magical. And from Vladan and Martin themselves, here is part of an email I received this morning.


If you see David, George or Greg Kelser, please tell them how much we appreciate everything they have done for us and that we will always remember this day for the rest of our lives.

We can’t even describe how much everything you have done for us means to us.

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  1. Gabe says:

    Nice change of pace, especially since we have all been frustrated lately.

    I see the Austrians have dubbed you the Ambassador Nat.

    It’s quite fitting, you and David did one hell of a job making those boys trip more than memorable.

    New found appreciation for the Pistons Organization and you.

  2. Nice job Natalie! It’s good to know that the Pistons Foreign Legion (yes, I’m a member of the Foreign Legion too, by the way!) keeps growing in numbers. In fact, I suggest here that any and all members of the Pistons Foreign Legion, a faction of the famous Team Need4Sheed, a proud member of the Piston Nation, stand up and be recognized in the comments section. Please tell us your country of origin, and let’s keep track of how big the Foreign Legion is how loyal we are to the Pistons around the world!!!!

  3. Great idea El Patron, I think you should be the General of the Pistons Foreign Legion! You up for it?

    Yes ….tell us what country you are from!

  4. piston_fan_from_slovenia says:

    piston fan reporting for duty:)
    just kidding, great idea, in our country we have two NBA games a week, either on friday, saturday or sunday…so it’s tough, but we had the Pistons on four times, I’m just dissapointed they lost every game I watched…hope they go on a run after this game:)


  5. Amer ican Prince says:

    United States.

    What, it’s foreign to somebody

  6. Nick says:

    I know this is a little bit off topic, but it seems as though Amare Stoudemire is available and I think he is just what the doctor ordered for the Pistons…. Make it happen JOE!!

  7. Amer ican Prince says:

    I’ll reiterate what I said earlier don’t play d, don’t want ya in the D.

    Amare is sucking in a system that isn’t up and down in Phoenix, why would he come here and break out? And there he has Steve Nash passing and Shaq helping clear out the block. He has no defensive skills. If you’re a fan of his that’s fine, I can admire him from afar, but no way do I want him and his premadonna attitude here. I’m hearing Him for Lamarcus Aldridge and Raef Lafrentz as a possibility.

    But I will say if Aldridge does get traded, which I doubt, and it is not to the d. That is it for Joe Dumars in my eyes. That would cement my belief that he was successful because he knew the players coming in. But now that he’s been doing it for awhile, he has no idea how to spot talent in established players

  8. freeZy says:

    i am from germany and a Piston fan since 1998(thx Grant Hill) So i know pretty well how it is to watch my Pistons 2am or 3am! Hey Vladan and Martin thanks for you Detroit Journal it was nice to read (damn iam jealous lol)!
    Nat you ROCK!!!! thank you very much for this site! P.s. sorry for my bad english!
    Deeeetroit Basketball all day everyday!!!!

  9. Josh says:

    Just thought I’d let everyone know that Vladan and Martin got some love from ESPN’s Henry Abbott,

  10. Natalie, since you asked, here goes the 411 on the General of the Pistons Foreign Legion (Yes Nat, I accept!):

    I’m Colombian (born and raised) but I’ve been in the US for grad school. I’ve been a Pistons fan since 1987, right in the thick of the Bad Boys Era. I’ve always been a fan of Joe D, the Microwave, and of course Big Bill and Buddha (always LOVED the Fu-Manchu!) I endured the teal uniforms and the horse logo… and in 2004 I partied like it was 1989 all over again!

    Glad to see that Vladan and Martin, two illustrious members of the Foreign Legion, got so much love! That’s a dream I’d still like to fulfill while I’m the States… go to a game at the Palace!

  11. Andrea says:

    Pistons fan from Italy here. I follow this team since 1997, which is when I started getting into basketball. I want to say that it was great to read Vladan and Martin blogging about their Detroit trip. It’s great to see they had such a great time. I want to thank them for sharing with us their experience. Your passion and enthusiasm is so contagious!

  12. michiVienna1160 says:

    you got plenty of pistonsfans in vienna 🙂

  13. skearn41 says:


    nat you know what im talking about… ;D
    oh and thanks for not slapping me around…XD

  14. Grant says:

    Im from Australia. Amare would fit in beautifully in detroit!

    Im planning a holiday with my girlfriend to detroit as soon as i can afford it and hope to catch up with some of you need4sheed guys/girls when im there!!!

  15. fred_graz says:

    I m from Austria too. Always thought im the only Pistons fan in Europe :-))

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