A Special Shout Out

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Saying that tonight was something special is truly an understatement.  I know the Pistons finally put up a win, in dramatic fashion by the way, but what happened for our new friends from Austria is something to remember.

Special thanks to George Blaha and Gregg Kelser who were kind enough to take time out of their busy pre- game schedule ….


And then to Shout out Vladan and Martin on the broadcast.

What you don’t hear or see on that clip is what David Wieme of The Pistons did to make the boys’ 5000 mile trek something they couldn’t possibly imagine or forget. Thank You Dave, you’re kind of a big deal.

And thanks to all of you who emailed, and commented on the site so we knew it happened minutes after it happened.  Team N4S is quick!

14 Responses to "A Special Shout Out"
  1. Avatar NIck Miko says:

    Hopefully they enjoyed the game and the nice discount I hooked them up with afterwards.

    It was nice actually meeting you Natalie.

  2. Avatar DumarsFan says:

    long time reader. i heard the shout out my man gave to these guys. thats cool. hope they had a good time. too bad they couldnt see us in our prime.

  3. Avatar Gabe says:

    Is it just me, or is Special K’s suit jacket comically long? It’s almost a trench coat.

  4. Avatar mobius909 says:

    when was the last time sheed got a T?

    on another note, why are we getting blown out in the 4th, constantly??

  5. Avatar Chris says:

    I think because of the losing we’ve been having before, the players are somewhat also losing their confidence thus the missed free throws down the stretch. they got to be more confident during the 4th.

  6. Avatar augustslady says:

    I agree,the players have to toughen up mentally!
    They have not done that,there is no reason with the players we have that we can’t make the playoffs!
    Course I said that about our tigers too!lol
    We shall see….
    Either way love my town love my sports,DETROIT BASKETBALL!

  7. Avatar blazer56 says:

    haha @special k’s jacket.. good game beating a team that was ahead of us in the standings. glad we got the win but worried that the only thing consistent about this team is that there will be a 4th quarter fallout.

  8. Avatar zen says:

    Just read the Dunk On U blog. Good job “reppin the hood” as our Detroit Pistons love ambassador.

    Keep on keepin on.

  9. Avatar Nate says:

    Wow, that’s awesome. Great ending to their trip for sure.

  10. Avatar Exzile says:

    I’m glad they got to see us win one, but why are there jerseys so small?

  11. Avatar KG says:

    Yea and I loved the shout out to Need4sheed and you Nat during the game! That was classy of Mr. Blaha!

  12. That’s an awesome shoutout. I beat that gave you chills Natalie!


    John W. Davis

  13. Avatar big B says:

    DEETROIT BASKETBALLL ,we barely beat them n i honestly was biting my nails , we were up by 13 pts i had a feeling that theyre gna come back , mcdyess played very well so as sheed if sheed plays like that every game that would b nice but hes just 1 lazy fukk ,go pistons 🙂

  14. Avatar Glenn says:

    What was the special thing we didn’t see on the broadcast? And any news on Herrmann’s new baby?

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