Win an Autographed Rasheed Wallace Jersey

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Just because the holiday season is over doesn’t mean the gifts stop rolling in for Pistons fans.

Die hard Pistons fan and reader of Need4Sheed Miguel Gonzalez decided he wanted to give his autographed Rasheed Wallace Pistons jersey to a deserving Pistons fan.

So he’s giving it away to one of you!

Miguel is in charge of this giveaway and all he asks of you is an email stating why you have “The Need for Sheed.” All entries will be reviewed and considered by him, so impress.

Win a Rasheed Wallace Autographed Home Replica Jersey Size L

Email Miguel at

All entries must Include

  • Subject Line: Sheed Jersey
  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Address
  • Phone #
  • And tell him why you have The Need For Sheed and deserve his autographed jersey.

Deadline for the entries is Monday January 19th 2009.
I will announce the winner on Need4Sheed the following Tuesday.

Thanks go out to Miguel for the generous prize for a lucky and deserving Pistons fan.

20 Responses to "Win an Autographed Rasheed Wallace Jersey"
  1. Damien W. says:

    Put my application in! Hope I get the Jersey!

  2. Rban says:

    I just entered, im living in halifax nova scota, i hope i still have a good chance!!!!

  3. ladyPiston says:

    Thank you Natalie and Team Need4Sheed. This is an awesome blog!

  4. DETstuckeyMVP says:

    I’ve got this contest wraped up, good luck guys

  5. C-Quense says:

    Me too… Greets from Germany!!!

  6. Ian Willett says:

    I deserve the jersey because my entire family is huge Sheed fans. I am 36, Sheeds old number, my wife is 30, Sheeds current number. My baby girl was born on May 31st, 2004, the year Sheed joined to help us win the championship. I also have an older daughter born on May 12th, the last year the Bad Boys won the championship. Also, my neighbor, who isn’t even a basketball fan, won a Sheed autographed basketball at a work function and has teased me for over a year with it. I even had to tell her whos autograph it was! If anyone deserves a Sheed Wallace autographed jersey, it is me. Thanks a lot, this is a great contest and good luck to all.

  7. DFRAN says:


  8. Richie says:

    So Ian, you have a need 4 sheed because your family has interesting birdays? :p

    This is a great contest, I’m looking forward to writing my entry. Thanks for the fun cahllenge, Miguel!

  9. ryanr says:

    are fans out of the US eligible to join?

  10. MiGueL says:

    WOW!! TONS of emails are pouring in!! THANK YOU!!
    I can’t believe how much NEED for SHEED there is out there. I LOVE IT!

  11. JAY JAY says:

    i jus sent mine hope i win!!!!!!!

  12. Maid says:

    can I get jersy if I live in Europe????
    I hope I can.

  13. brian says:

    i got to win this one i am a “retired” ball player nly 19 but suffered a massive stroke leaving me paralyzed on the left side i cannot ball no more

  14. Joey Robin says:

    i love rasheed more than any other piston player i think that he is the heart and soul of this squad and he is one of the big reasons he got us a championship in ’04 i really think i just got to have that jersey

  15. DEEETROIT says:


  16. Deetroit #1 says:

    detroit goin to win it all this year sheed is a stud out there. #1

  17. bball 0009 says:

    ogtta win it all

  18. spurs suck says:

    put my vote in

  19. AmR says:

    you know what miguel…..i desereve the jersey Bcoz i think your too young to know what does an autographed jersey does mean and how Precious it is.i think i deserve the jersey so ican give it back to you when you grow up and know what does an autographed jersey for rasheed wallace means.i will keep it for you untill you know what does it means for a real fan.

  20. Miguel says:

    dear AmR…
    Are you for real?
    You don’t know my age or my love for the PISTONS. But since you started…please have the heart to recognize a good deed when you see one. I have a treasured jersey that I am GIVING away…not selling, putting up on eBay, or asking for anything in return. I am GIVING it away. Im not sure I appreciate your comment. Perhaps you should spend less time blogging, and more time spell checking, and also you should appreciate that sometimes its about TEAM!
    ** THANK YOU AGAIN ** to everyone showing interest. I love knowing there are so many PISTONs and SHEED fans out there!

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