WDFN and Pistons Broadcasts

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As some of you may know, WDFN cleaned house yesterday, letting go many of our favorite on air personalities. And as you know The Pistons games are broadcast on WDFN along with the pre and post game shows.

I just spoke with WDFN’s Matt Dery and he informed me NOTHING will change in terms of the Pistons broadcasts.

Glad to know I’ll have Matt to listen to on my ride to and from the Palace today.

We wish everyone who lost thier jobs well and thank them for entertaining us for so many years.

17 Responses to "WDFN and Pistons Broadcasts"
  1. gMac says:

    WDFN should’ve gone FM a long time ago.
    That’s just bad news

  2. The Fluidics says:

    For now, although I would suspect that the Pistons are ona different station come next season.

  3. Steve the hated says:

    WDFN sucks!!!!! who cares.. let 97.1 the ticket pick it up! its a better station with better talent.. mike valenti terry foster doug carsh and gator anderson and a great morning show in jay and bill… WDFN sucks so does the listening quality.. 97.1 owns.

  4. gMac says:

    Jay and Bill Sucks!! The are so gay. Those two idiots don’t know anything about sports

    Everybody else on 97.1 is awesome.

  5. The Fluidics says:

    97.1 won’t pay to pick up the Pistons while they are paying to broadcast the Wings during the same 7:00 timeslot, for the same 9 months a year. Mike Valenti is an idiot, and kind of bad at radio. Terry Foster is a hack, he can’t carry a show for 5 minutes when his co-host isn’t there, and finds a way to agree with every caller rather than have an opinion of his own. Jay and Bill are much more interested in who’s dating in hollywood, and red Carpet fashion than anything 90% of men care about, on a station geared towards men. Doug and Gator are cool. 97.1 is hack.

  6. Steve the hated says:

    yeah fluidics whos still in business? tell me cuz i forgot.. oh yeah the ticket.. valenti and foster #1 rated talk show in detroit..lol who listens to AM stations anymore? honestly? really? haha owned

  7. Jamie D says:

    Firstly you must not be a man of your word because if I remember a few days back you said something like, “The Pistons suck I’m done.” and trust me it’s been a nicer place around here since you “left.”

    Second…how old are you really because from your comments you don’t sound like you have given up the underoos. So that makes you about 10 in my book.

  8. Steve the hated says:

    i am 24 yrs of age, why has it been better since i been gone? so now its all rainbows and gum drops with no negativity?

    this world needs negativity..

    Pistons are the best team in the nba.. 2009 ship here we come!! ITS OUR TIME!!!!!!

    is that better? cuz thats played out..and its false..

    the question is.. do you wanna hear reality or fiction? sounds like people want some good old fasioned fairy tales.. and thats sad.

  9. The Fluidics says:

    Steve you moron, all 97.1 is is an AM feed played on fm. 1270 am to be exact. 97.1 sucked so bad that they stopped broadcasting it’s own lineup, and just started airing 1270.

  10. Amer ican Prince says:

    Jamie D are dissing underoos? Those are the coolest.

    Steve trust me there’s been a lot of negativity around here.

    I don’t know much about the stations themselves I’m just like dang more unemployment. That sucks

  11. Steve the hated says:

    yeah they actually have enough money to go to FM unlike WDFN.. Shaun balegeon aka gilbert godfreid of the radio?!?! haha that guy sucks with the most annoying voice on earth.. stoney and wojo haha gator and carsh own them.. and valenti and forster rule sports radio.. like i said #1 show in detroit.. they wouldnt be going out of business if people actually listened (except need4sheed groupies) to them… whats with the name calling fluidics? whats that term u always say? oh yeah hey stay classy..

  12. The Fluidics says:

    Just to be sure, that’s the same Mike Valenti that told you the Tigers were going to the world series, spring training 08?

    Yep, he’s great at his job though.
    DFN got shut down because clear channel is losing money, not because of it’s talent, or lack of it. Plus, on air guys like Stoney and Wojo are still under contract, and will be paid for a few more years to sit at home and watch sports. Sucks for the regular employees though, who will be replaced by a computer selecting sat feeds.

  13. Stucky-the-real-Stuck-Nut says:

    Man! I thought I was going crazy. I heard Sean and then the next time I got in the car, I heard Fox Gametime whatever it weas. Bummer. This whole Kiss-up to the host with “Boombyea” and the “two-for” everytime somebody calls in is gonna take a long time to get used to.

    They don’t sound very “authentic”. The whole station sounds like DJ’s playing sports talk hosts. It’s like the Fabulous Sports Blob all over again with the Giluli(sp?) and Hoowah. But where stuck with repetitive Rome for 3hrs. I think I’d rather hear Sports Babe over him.

    These are dark days. The cuts ain’t over yet either, mark my words.

  14. Stucky-the-real-Stuck-Nut says:

    Maybe it’s time to go back to *gasp* music on the radio. Only thing is that stinks too now days unless you want to hear the same ten songs all day for the next three months and that all sound alike themselves.


  15. Steve the hated says:


  16. Justin says:

    I’ve figured it out….

    Steve the hated = Mike Valenti

  17. CowboyJim-Brad says:


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