Pistons vs Clippers

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Detroit starts their four game West Coast trip Sunday afternoon in LA against the 8-24 Clippers. The good news – the Clippers, who are just 3-13 at home, are on a six game losing streak, and are a perfect 0-9 against the Eastern Conference this season. The bad news – it’s Sunday! Detroit has yet to win a Sunday game this season.

Don’t fear Pistons fan, Curry says the Sunday jinx is nonsense.

“We talked about that when we did it. We’re past that now,” Curry said Friday. “The losses on Sundays, what happened is some games we should have won, (but) the way we played on Sundays we didn’t take care of it.”

“Then you start playing some really tough teams that would be hard to beat on any day,” Curry said. “The Hawks right now are tough to beat any day at home. But it happened to be another early Sunday game.

“So the reality is I think we’re playing better in that situation and we’re coming out pretty focused on what we’ve got to do to be a good team. That’s where it lies regardless of who we’re playing. We’re looking at how we need to come out and play.” Via The Detroit Free Press

The Pistons will again be without Rip Hamilton (groin) and Rasheed Wallace (foot). Antonio McDyess is still a game day decision with sore ribs.

Meanwhile, Walter Sharpe hit a late game three for the Mad Ants to break a deadlock with 27 seconds left in the game.

Tip off is at 3:30 P.M. and will be locally broadcast on FSN . If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM The Fan. Can’t do either, follow the game on NBA.com.

You can bet the Pistons will be well represented today in LA. I know plenty of team N4S members that will be at Staples cheering our boys on.

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33 Responses to "Pistons vs Clippers"
  1. Metah says:

    you spelled foot wrong natalie.

    good thing we have been practicing small ball

  2. Atlee says:

    whooo hooo!

    im goin to go represent for our DEETROIITT PISTONSS!!!

  3. Whatsittoya says:

    This hoax about Pistons not able to win on Sundays is nonsense. Even after the Pistons win tonight I would not be to happy. Why? Because the team they are playing are 8 for 24(.333333…).They have 0 wins against the the Eastern Conference. Also they are only 3 for 13 at home. All which Natalie mentioned. If the pistons can win games against teams with current records like Boston, LA Lakers, Cleveland, Orlando, Atlanta, New Orleans, San Antonio, and Denver than I would be happy.( Teams with a record over .650). Because as we all know every team no matter what record they had in the season play 10 times better and harder in the playoffs than they did in the season. And the Pistons are the only team who seem to not improve much in the playoffs. Atleast not as much as the other teams do. So if I were the Pistons I would play the regular season as best as I can; Find out every mistake and problems bringing us down; fix them, and than store consistency and the ability to improve drastically during a game. Also we need Practice. Sheed on his three’s, fade aways, dunks, rebounding, stealing, and blocking. Rip on his defense, threes, jumpshots, and layups. Tay on his dunks, layups, hooks, threes, and defense. AI and Rodney on getting assits, making plays, usual point guard offense, and usual point guard defense. All pistons players should paractice on free throws, layups, defense, and jump shots. If this can happen correctly than I can gurantee no team can stop us and we will win the title.

  4. Whatsittoya says:

    All players must also work on getting better stamina.READ THE POST ABOVE THIS ONE.

  5. TDP says:

    If Zach Randolph is a no-go, we shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Today Maxiell comes out of his semi-slump (which, arguably, isn’t totally his fault).

  6. TDP says:

    Whatsittoya, as I read your post(s) I was reminded of the movie Billy Madison…

    This portion, in particular: “Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  7. Bobby says:

    I’ll be at the game! Let’s end this Sunday non-sense!

  8. Aaron Larson says:

    I’ll be there! Cali Love for my Detroit Players!

  9. Dave says:

    I’m tired of all of the complaining about the Pistons.
    People complain when they are losing, and they complain when they are winning.MAKE YOUR MIND UP!

    1st year coach, feeling things out with his rotation, lots of young guys getting playing time, 3 all star caliber guards to contend with, I mean c’mon! Give them a freakin’ break!

    Have the beat some sub par teams? Yup. Have they also beat some playoff bound/title contending teams? Yup. The fact is the Piston’s are NOT going to win every game they play(as much as we would like them to),and it gets tiring listening to people constantly tearing them down,no matter whether they are winning or losing.

    Get off of their backs, and give some love to YOUR DETROIT PISTONS!

  10. Chad says:

    My friends are going to the game.. im in SD but I have to work.. I’m jealous.

  11. augustslady says:

    Some people are not happy unless they biotch!
    Makes them feel better I guess….
    Could be worse guys,fords could own the stones….
    Win or lose they represent the D!
    Show some love guys!

  12. Dominic says:


  13. bobbysteels says:

    I’ll be there courtside. Section 110 facing the pistons

  14. Richie says:

    Thank you, TDP, I was going to disect the absoutely absurd ramblings of “whatsittoya'” regarding how stupid it is to go through ever position and tell them they need to practice the things those positions do, but you hit the nail on the heat more accurately.

  15. Jason says:

    Time for win number 7 on this streak!

  16. Jason says:

    No way this team should be up on us

  17. Jason says:

    Allen Iverson needs to stop with all of these ridiculous passes…OMG Stuckey is a beast! What a dunk!

  18. pistonssuck says:

    Pistons are a mfckin joke of the team. they wiull be swept in first playoff round if they reach there at all…
    Granddaddys Sheed , Iverson, Dyess, they play as grandmothers 😛 Fire that idiot Dumars.

  19. Whatsittoya says:

    Thsnk you pistonssuck

  20. Whatsittoya says:

    Looks like Pistons Ar going to lose. 87 to 86 . 9 secounds left.

  21. Whatsittoya says:

    Never mind Pistons now winning 88 to 87. Iverson gets a goaltens call. 3 seconds left.

  22. Whatsittoya says:


  23. Clutch says:

    Iverson is clutch yo!!!!!!

  24. ski dp3 says:

    Can’t block the Finger Roll.

  25. aifan4life87 says:

    mcdyess 15 boards, maxiell 1… hmmmm, why does kwame even get into games, he is HORRIBLE..

  26. augustslady says:

    Hey there little sucker….
    Get a clue, get a life ,WOWZY!WOWZY!
    Doesn’t have to be in that order though.
    What a putz.

  27. Chad says:

    i forgot all about the game.. ive been sitting here bored at work.. couldve found a stream.

    ..”pistonssuck” must be a clippers fan..

  28. The Fluidics says:

    come on now, nobody is a clippers fan.

  29. Chad says:

    true.. I guess the only thing more pathetic would be a lakers fan whose still butt-hurt about the 04 finals.

  30. Whatsittoya says:

    *Ok Game. Did good on blocking shots, getting 7 rebounds, and turning the ball over only once.
    Could improve on shooting percentage and getting a little more points. After all he got over 40 minutes.

    *Good Game. Tied for 2nd best in Field goal percentage, good rebounding, good on blocking shots, and good on not turning the ball over. Could improve on more points.*Should get more minutes and the ball more.Only shot 3 times meaning he did not get ball much.

    *Almost Good Game.Did good on rebounding, blocked shots, and gave out an assit. Could improve on shooting percentage, turning ball over less, and getting more points.*Should get the ball more.

    *Good Game.Got lots of points, did good on assists, and got two steals.Could improve on not turning ball over much, better shooting percentage, and little lesser minutes.*Needs to stay out of foul Trouble.

    *Ok Game. Gots lots of assits and two steals.Can improve on shooting percentage, getting more points, little lesser minutes, and more rebounds.*Did not do as well as Stuckey.

    *Good Game.Got ok shooting percentage, 10 points, and only turned ball over once.Could get more steals, rebounds, and assits.*Good minutes given by Coach Curry.

    *Good Game.Got a lot of rebounds, ok shooting percentage, and got a steal.Could improve on more assits, blocked shots, and more points.*Good Game for a person coming off an injurie.*And Good minutes given out by coach Curry.*Needs to stay out of foul trouble.

    *Good Game.Got tied for 2nd best in shooting percentage and got an assit .Could improve on rebounding, blocking shots, and more points.*Needs to get ball more often.*And needs more minutes.

    *Bad Game.No points, horrible shooting percentage, and only two rebounds.Could improve on points, assists, rebounds, blocked shots, and shooting percentage.*Good decision by Coach Curry not playing him too much.

    *Tay= Tayshaun Prince
    *Amir= Amir Johnson
    *Kbr= Kwamae Brown
    *Stuck= Rodney Stuckey
    *AI= Allen Iverson
    *Afa= Aaron Affalo
    *Dyess= Antonio McDyess
    *Max= Jason Maxiell
    *Herman= Walter Herman
    *min.= Minutes played
    *pts.= Points
    *Fg.= Field Goals made out of attempted
    *reb.= Rebounds
    *ast.= Assits
    *st.= Steals
    *Bs.= Blocked shots
    *To.= Turnovers

  31. Whatsittoya says:

    Dont be too happy about this win. It was a team with a record of 8 wins and 24 losses. HORRIBLE. And yet they came that close.READ THE MOST ABOVE THIS ONE.

  32. tyler says:

    resheed and hamilton should play on wednesday’s game

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