40 Responses to "Got it ! Got it ! Got it! – Sheed for Three!"
  1. KG says:

    Dang quick work NAT!!!!
    Gotta love George and Sheed!!!!

  2. Yes when I was watching I rewound …too classic to not throw up quickly! Sheed was classic tonight!

  3. Chris says:

    hopefully this is where the winning begins.



    DeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeTROIT BASKETBALLL!

  5. Onin says:

    When Sheed steps up his game, stay in the post then take some timely three’s we are hard to beat. just sometimes he gets so acustomed taking shots from the 3 point line that it hurts his game. He can dominate a game whenever he feels like it.

  6. steve the hated says:

    so quickly everyones back on the wagon after 1 win

  7. Marc says:

    As long as they keep playing this style of basketball where they run the offense through Sheed and play solid defense again they will be tough to beat. This weekend is really gonna show where they are and how the rest of the season will play out i believe.

  8. Murguz says:

    Sheed is really step up tonight. Goog game from Dice(14+10).
    Nice win, congratulations!!!)))

  9. Matt says:

    Hey I’ve been cheering for this team the whole time kid and I’m not on a bandwagon boy. Mainly because Rodney Stuckey still has a lot to prove.

  10. big B says:

    about damn time we won , lets see how were gonna do tomorrow against the celtics , now thats the real TEST , we already got blown out by the TWICE!! , so we better beat thierr asses n play hard just like we did 2dsay 🙂 GO PISTONS !!!

  11. Clinton says:

    To makes me mad that sheed don’t try every night. He could do this every night if he wanted to

  12. mobius909 says:

    i thought sheed’s tomahawk was better than the three. he threw that down hard! he’s playing with fire… starting to build momentum. 5 steals??? lord!

    AI had NO turnovers too, that helps. he’s usually good for 2 or 3. seems they are getting equal production from rip and AI. possibly this is a good balance?

  13. mobius909 says:

    oh, and why the heck do the hornets have “bucks” on their jerseys?

  14. mobius909 says:

    sorry “bucs”

  15. Tim McMillan says:

    I miss Blaha on the radio – the only way to keep up with the Bad Boys down here in St. Louis. Champions alright but there is only one Blaha. Friday Pistons win by 15 – you heard it here first.

  16. augustslady says:

    Yeah that’s cause we are detroiters….
    You know what that means….
    Hope springs eternal in the D.
    Don’t like it here ?
    Don’t let the door hit ya you know where!

  17. alex says:

    good win for the pistons. I’m not worried about the upcoming 3 games…because the pistons are not yet playing their best ball….it will take another month to get used to all the changes and find good chemistry. go pistons!

  18. Alwayzreal says:

    Smoke screen win……we got bigger fish to fry on friday and sunday.Curry still sucks as a coach.

  19. butreally?WhydidwegetAI says:

    I wonder what would happen to this site if we got rid of sheed…

  20. Nick says:

    Get off Curry’s ass…at least until after the trade deadline. These whinny Pistons fans amaze me. Support your boys in blue or shut it.

    who said Sheed is in a slump.
    “This was Sheed’s 11th Double Double; he had 10 all of last season”

  21. Chad says:

    We support the “boys in blue,” we just don’t support Curry.

    If Curry werent BFFs with Joe D I think wed all figure he won the gig in a Pepsi sweepstakes or something..

  22. mac says:

    If there was one place I felt like I could go to avoid trolls and find cats who are loyal to the stones,I had always found it at need4sheed. I know the last little bit has toyed with our emotions but all the “rashit” comments and other hate do nothing but make people ignorant and flaky. Sheed’s numbers have ALWAYS been inconsistant, but last night and Sunday show what he’s got; the potential to own people in the paint and take games over with his versatility.Sheed cannot be judged night by night. If you think we’re struggling now, you take away sheed and the threat he brings on both ends every night (if nothing else sometimes) you’ll see the way defenses shift to whatever predictable big who takes his place, and the way we suffer because of it. I love this site and I check it everyday, but ya’ll can’t lose site of its title and how regardless of his and our struggles, the ‘D’ still has a huge need for his game, his personality and all the ups and downs he puts us through.

  23. Vanalope says:

    This was nice to see this morning, specially with the crappy work morning I’ve had. Just hope the fire will stay lit!

  24. Amer ican Prince says:

    first off Nat if you have the original play of that Sheed dunk from the broadcast angle could you put it up? Cause I missed the original. And it was nice.

    Natalie always said even after Sheed’s gone the site name will stay the same, cause “there will always be a need for sheed” It’s like how there is still a Free Darko site I think.

    You know I worried tommorrow because if Curry doesn’t learn that double teams and help defense can help your team then KG, Leon Powe, Kendrick Perkins, and whoever other role big men they have are going to go off, just like Big Al and Kevin Love and that other guy did last night.

    I think this game confirmed what I was thinking about Sheed, it wasn’t that he didn’t care, it was just that he was confused about his role and a little tired. But by getting Sheed the ball a couple times, it gets him going. Kinda like how Larry Brown got Ben Wallace touches to get him going on defense

  25. Amer ican Prince says:

    they had bucs because the team used to be the new orleans Buccaneers

    Can we define bandwagon fan, cause steve even you were saying some pretty messed up stuff too, so if saying something negative means you’re a bandwagon fan then almost all fans would be a bandwagoner, yes even yourself.

    By the way, props to AI and Rip for playing well together.

    Missing free throws is going to cost us a lot of games. Remember guys, follow your routines.

    Anyone know if Kwame or Amir’s starting tomorrow?

  26. pistonsrdone says:

    wow after a win against minnesota everyones back on the bandwagon………………….

  27. Baby Eater says:

    now how scary would the stons be if rasheed came out to play every game…i think we just need to get a goon to piss him off on the opposing team(scola,jefferson,perkins on friday, and varejao on sunday) and he lights up…

  28. Richie says:

    Being upset when your team is losing and happy doesn’t make you a bandwagon fan. Giving up on your team when they’re losing then celebrating when they’re winning or hating them when they’re losing and loving them when they’re winning IS. Get your terms straight, Steve.

  29. Jay says:

    This game was great for Rasheed, but lets see if he can have just as good of a performance against boston and cleveland. then I’ll say he made a statement!

  30. Onin says:

    Richard Hamilton questionable for tomorrow’s game against Boston:

    I hope he plays.Big game tomorrow.

  31. Tip says:

    Those were cool and all but that alley oop in the Houston game was pretty sweet. To bad we lost.

  32. PistonsFanFromSlovenia says:

    is it just me or does Sheed play better if he makes some statements before the game, like were up for the challenge and stuff like that, cuz we need him get it:)
    and also i think we need leaders on this team, i don’t AI is, Stuckey is to young, Rip, Tay and Sheed need to lead this team

  33. Whatsittoya says:

    I believe Rodney and Rip need to be starters than AI come off the bench for Rodney. Against the celtics. We will also need Amir, Max, and Affalo a lot in that games against the celtics.

  34. Whatsittoya says:

    Also Cleveland

  35. ben says:

    whatsittoya shut up the starting lineup is what it is u always say what u thnk it should be and its annoying just shut up

  36. Andrew says:

    sheed shoot 9 for 16 last night
    6 of his misses came from 3 point land
    2 of his makes came from 3 point land
    so if sheed didnt attempt a three last night, he would of 7 for 10.
    he’s soooo much more usefull down low..

  37. Andrew says:


  38. The basketball player formerly known as Tayshaun Prince says:

    Just wait til we stomp on boston tomorrow


    hey andrew 33.3% is a decent 3 point %. if he didnt shoot any threes, he wouldnt have taken the right amount of shots to win the game. besides, threes can murder another team, especially late in the game, and that is when sheed makes most of his threes. (maybe he should stick to shooting only in the 1st and 4th q cuz i noticed that those are his hot quarters lol)

  40. WOWreally?DetroitissomuchbetterwithoutAI says:


    Sheed: Forward/Center
    Guards: Rip, Stucky, Afflalo, AI, Bynum, Acker

    Yet the only people with above 35% beyond the ark are Prince, Sheed, Afflalo, and Hamilton

    …something wrong here?

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