AI Answers the Call to Start the All-Star Game

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For the tenth time in his career, Allen Iverson is heading to the All-Star game and has earned a starting guard spot alongside Dwayne Wade. From the Free Press:

There’s something to be said for being a tough little guy.

Though his production this season is well below his career averages, 6-foot Pistons shooting guard Allen Iverson will again start an All-Star Game, Feb. 15 in Phoenix.

Though his production this season is well below his career averages, 6-foot Pistons shooting guard Allen Iverson will again start an All-Star Game, Feb. 15 in Phoenix.“It’s always an honor to be named an All-Star and it’s a blessing to be in this league,” Iverson said in a released statement. “Being named an All-Star starter makes it that much more special. The fact that the fans have voted me onto the team makes this a great honor and it’s truly appreciated.”

This will be Iverson’s 10th trip to the midwinter event. He got 1,804,649 votes, good for second among Eastern Conference guards. Miami’s Dwyane Wade will start alongside him. The East’s frontcourt is forwards LeBron James (Cleveland) and Kevin Garnett (Boston) and center Dwight Howard (Orlando).

Will Tayshaun finally see the All-Star light this season? Will Rodney play himself in as a reserve? Those ideas certainly have been tossed around in these parts before.

Do you think any other Pistons have a shot at an All-Star appearance?

36 Responses to "AI Answers the Call to Start the All-Star Game"
  1. The Fluidics says:

    Hopefully Prince. He Deserves it this season.

  2. Chris says:

    Prince babyyy

  3. Steve says:

    Tayshaun….although it was concerning that none of the TNT guys wanted him there.

    As for Stuckey, he might have had a chance if he’d been starting all season but Nelson and Rondo are too far ahead of him

    But there’s really no way AI should be starting

  4. Will says:

    Tayshuan! Its his year!
    Had to play out of postion all season and
    carry this team.

    He is Olympian!
    He needs to reconginized!

  5. Pete says:

    Uh, maybe now we could get rid of fan voting? Sorry, but AI isn’t even an all star on the team…

  6. Kyle C. says:

    I hope Tay gets in.

    For the autographed Tay jersey, how do you retweet the next tweet???

  7. Exzile says:

    I hate that Iverson’s starting. There’s probably at least 10 guards in the east more deserving of a start. NBA fans are stupid and should not get any votes.

  8. Ryan says:

    I want to see Tayshaun in!

    He really deserves to be in the All-Star game this season — heck, he’s deserved it most of the time he’s been in the league.

    I’d be disappointed if Tayshaun wasn’t a reserve.

    That’d be awesome if Rodney made it in as a reserve, though they probably won’t do that. Who knows?

    Antonio McDyess is deserving of a spot, he’s a rebounding MACHINE. Actually, a lot of our players are deserving, but, unfortunately, not all of them can make it in… haha.

    I’d like to see Tayshaun, Dyess, and/or Stuckey.

  9. JACK says:

    Honestly, none of them deserve it this year. If anyone, Tay, but frankly even he hasn’t earned it. Not this season.

  10. IHATEAI says:

    Everybody but AI should

  11. Chris says:

    What’s up with the AI hatin? You all should be proud, he reppin’ the Pistons.

  12. Anuj says:

    You guys do realize that AI isn’t playing at an allstar caliber only because he was asked to change his game and fit in with the Pistons (which is being more than an allstar IMO)..even if that means his career averages taking a hit..not an allstar on the Pistons? He’ll take over any game when/if we need him too, he’s avg. most points & assists on our team last time I checked. I agree with Chris, you guys non-stop hate on AI like stfu he’s reppin the Pistons reason to hate..jeez..

  13. JanScholl says:

    Fan voting sucks. AI was chosen because peeps looked at the ballot, saw a familiar name and poked. I no longer vote on this as it’s a joke.

  14. Richie says:

    After Tayshaun finally gets the all star honors he deserves (hopefully this year) I’ll be done voting for the all star game. It’s a big popularity contest and the game itself is a 5 on 5 dunk contrest. The other events of the weekend are much more fun. It’s a shame that the popularity contest is used to measure the legacy of a player.

  15. Nick says:

    I agree with the people hating on AI….. Chauncey IS GONE, GET OVER IT! I wasnt a fan of the trade but I am trying to see the bright side. I am happy that a Piston player is finally starting. Jeez, its been so LONG! Anyway, I doubt any other Piston will make it in. Tayshaun is the closet thing, and since Stuckey will be starting in the Rookie / Sophomore challenge, he wont be making it either. But please, Piston fans, give AI the benefit of the doubt. Its not like he asked to be here, if you wanna blame anyone, blame Joe Dumars. I really feel that the problem with this team is Rip. His boy is gone, the team isnt how it used to be and he is not the go to guy anymore. I love Rip but I think that going to the bench was just for show… I think he knows after this season if he isnt traded, he will be the man again until Bosh/Amare/Boozer come to the D! Anyway, just give the team a chance. Hopefully Joe D doesnt stand pat and we find a gem that brings us back to the promise land.


  16. Nick says:

    Excuse me, i disagree with the people hating on AI!! haha. Give the guy a break, he is trying to fit into this team! He is used to like 30 shots a game… Pretty sure he doesnt jack it up every chance he gets. Seems to me its like every time SHEED touches the ball in 3 land he jacks it. GOTTA LOVE MY BOY DYESS!!! REBOUNDING JUGGERNUAT!!

  17. Victor says:

    I can’t believe how many Iverson haters there are on our own team he’s been trying to fit in and has done everything he can to do what’s best for the team. I think him being willing to blend in with the team and changing his game trying to get US A CHAMPIONSHIP is overlooked so much people just dont want to get over the fact that Billups is gone PLEASE lets move on and be proud that one of our players is a starter and stop worrying so much about his numbers and hating on him

  18. Johnny (#1 Stuckey fan) says:

    Maybe Sheed can make backup center, but i doubt it…Stop hatin on AI,haters ahahaha, be jealous!

  19. augustslady says:

    Glad AI is in…
    Don’t hate anyone just how cetain people act sometimes!
    Including fans,players,media etc.
    Been a sports fan a long time…
    The more things change the more they stay the same huh?

  20. MAX-AHOLIC says:

    Tay an All Start = Boring

    I don’t think fat Shaq deserves a spot anymore, but AI definately does. Standout talent makes the all star game fun. Guys like Tay do they’re job, but aren’t All Star Caliber. Tay won’t get involved in the game anyway, he’ll just sit back and let Lebron, Wade, and the rest of the guys do everything. Don’t take it personal, the game doesn’t matter anyways, its a meaningless accomplishment. Hes got a Gold Medal, thats better than an All Star game appearance.

  21. Steve (the hated) says:

    How can you people be pissed of that a memeber of YOUR DETROIT PISTONS is a starter in one of the biggest events in the NBA? We havnt had an allstar starter since either stackhouse and grant hill! and now the drought is finally over and you people wanna bitch an moan because why?.. Yeah you could make a case for harris and nelson but it wouldnt look right and A.I would put on a better show with razzle dazzle playing like he does every year.. he was the 2001-2005 MVP and if you have a problem with letting in a 2 time MVP of the allstar game in.. you got problems.. go play with urself to a video of chauncy runnin up and down the floor u wastes of space.. u all suck.. Congrats A.I rep Detroit to the fullest my dude

  22. Steve (the hated) says:

    No way tayshaun would make it.. paul peirce would get the slot over tayshaun.. sorry.. lol IM SUPRISED PEOPLE ON THIS SITE ARENT SAYING WHERES AMIR?!?! WAHHHH WAHHH I WANT AMIR HES THE BEST EVER!!! lol

  23. IstillreallyhateAI says:

    AI will be gone after this year

    and he sucks

    so you get over it.

  24. David says:

    All those 1,804,649 who voted for AI have no clue… Walter Herrmann should get his spot.

  25. Steve (the hated) says:

    you got no pride for detroit, hes repping ur city and ur pissed? ur both cowards.. move to kansas, detroit dont want u

  26. IbetIcanfindonemillongaurdsbetterthanAI says:

    Wrong, AI isn’t repping detroit. He’s repping himself. He hasn’t been in Detroit long enough to “rep” us. Quit babying AI and let him prove he belongs here before he’s shipped off to another team at the end of the year.

    and his arms are ugly.

  27. Steve (the hated) says:

    just because ur too big of a puss to get tatted up dont get sad haha

  28. MAX-AHOLIC says:

    Sheed as back up Center, thats funny. Sheed is horrible this season, he doesn’t even deserve to play this year. Joe should send him to the D-League. If any young player played that bad he would be in Sioux Falls, so why not Sheed. And you want him to be an All Star.

  29. Steve (the hated) says:

    Do any of you actually know anything about the NBA? im starting to think not.. Sheeds career is almost over with and you say D league? congrats you have made everyone dumber with your

  30. Th3 Answ3r says:

    Lawl at all the AI haters. Chauncey is gone, get over it you AI haters (smirk)

  31. Chuck says:

    If Stuckey had been starting all season and putting up numbers like what he’s done the past couple months he would make it, but I have a hard time believing the coaches will vote him. Next year, though, look out because if he keeps this pace I have a hard time believing he won’t make it just about every year. Prince is deserving, but I think the small ball era sealed his fate of “always the bridesmaid.” Playing out of position really caused a drop in his statistics, although possibly the coaches will look past that. He’s really our only other chance, in my opinion, and had AI not been voted in as a starter I think he probably would have made it. I can see the coaches having a problem with rewarding Detroit with a second all-star considering we haven’t exactly been an elite team.

  32. Bobbbb says:

    WTF is up with all the hating on A.I.? Yes his numbers aren’t as good as in his past years, but come on! dude’s gonna be 34 in June. Plus he’s playing on a completely different team and his role has changed. It takes more than skill to accept this new role. Besides, certainly nobody had a problem with Chauncey being an all-star in the past years; and Iverson’s numbers are almost the same (a little more on points, a little less on assists). Plus he’s only played like 30 some games for the Pistons. Chauncey was here for years.

    So stop bitching, and let A.I. represent. He’s the only all-star we’re getting this season.

  33. okaayy “MAX-AHOLIC” you think your so gooood, and your mr.KnowItAll. Tay an All Start = Boring. yeahh sorrryyy but that little statement of yours is WRONG. tayshaun has been with the pistons for years. He helped us win a championship in 04’….”the block heard around the world” and last game verse Memphis he had 23 points and was player of the game, which isnt surprising(:
    So stop being jealous that you cant play like him, and stop hatin.
    Tayshaun is my vote, and will always be my vote. he’s the best whether you like it or not, so live with it.
    Tayshaun is an Allstar! 🙂

  34. bobbysteels says:

    u guys should be happy AI is on the team u fukin idiots!

    go pistons

  35. aaron says:

    Prince has a real good shot at making it behing pierce, i dont see any more forward in the east better.

    It would be a stretch to say stuckey will make it although he has played “stucktacular” just becase of jameer nelson playing so good, rondo playing well, devin harris playing well, and mo williams playing well.. east is loaded with guards… oh and joe johnson.

    Sheed may make it. no big men in the east above him other than danny granger

  36. AImustbeshortforAssholeIverson says:


    Stop babying the bitch, let the Pistons finish out the season, then kick his ass off the team.

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