The Pistons vs. The Thunder

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Pistons vs. Thunder

The Pistons host the Seattle Sonics 3-36 Oklahoma City Thunder tonight at the Palace. Kevin Durant’s team has the worst record in the NBA. which means Detroit better watch out.  Even though the Thunder have lost 13 of 14 on the road this season, and haven’t won a game since November 29th, the way things have been going for Detroit this season they can’t sleep on anyone.

They may have an awful record, but their team website is pretty nice.

Watch the boards: Oklahoma City has outrebounded seven of its last eight opponents, averaging 45.3 boards during this stretch. The Pistons are ranked 25the in the league on the glass.

Watch out for Durant: He’s scored 20 points or more in his last eight games.

Allen Iverson  is a game day decision after his groin pull in Tuesday nights win against the Bulls. Question is, did the AI trade hinder the future and the present for Detroit?

Can Rodney play like he did against the Bulls? In praise of Rodney Stuckey.

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13 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Thunder"
  1. PISTONMANIA says:

    Iverson for the win…….BALLGAME

  2. AIfan4life87 says:

    see detroit he can be “big shot” too

  3. mr big shot says:

    is the rumor true?? rasheed and amir for amare??

  4. The Fluidics says:

    Why would Phoenix make that move?

  5. ski dp3 says:

    Scary how close it was.

  6. yeeeeee says:

    Iverson bailed them out. I told ya’ll it aint the worse thing to have a clutch scorer on your team, eh?

  7. Clinton says:

    Pistons wtf are wrong with you guys

  8. Richie says:

    Iverson did hit a great clutch shot, but I don’t still don’t see how that’s any better from what Chancey did for us. AI also had 3 assists and 4 turn overs, but he did have a nice scoring night, which is what a shooting gaurd’s job it. Rip had an off shooting night, but it was nice seeing Tay being agressive.

    In terms of the team overall- wow. A nail-biter against the worst team in the league after hading a 14 point lead with less than 4:00 to go. Close games agaisnt crappy teams are very dangerous because a team like OKC has nothing to lose. All of those players are comfortable taking big shots and this game could have easily been a massive let down.

    I still don’t think the bench is being used properly and I think that the inability to defend leads has something to do with that. It was nice to have an Amir sighting though! 2 points, 3 boards and four fouls in 13 minutes.

  9. DOM says:

    I just met walter herman at the rams horn on m-59 pretty sweet… he was with his fam so i didn’t want to be too rude his hand ate my hand.

    but as far as the game OKC wasn’t playing like a loosing team but after putting an effort up like that they prob will .

  10. Ben says:

    What happened to the bustedcoverage sports blogger of the year tournament? I never could find round two.

  11. pistons 4 life says:

    Well you can’t really get too excited about this game can you? They barely beat the 3 and 26 Thunder. Yeeee Haaa! Personally I can’t excited about this win because it should have been easy, and it wasn’t.

    After the trade, the Pistons went from a good defensive team to an average defensive team, and I don’t see much improvement on the horizon.

    I was watching this game just in awe that Rasheed just WON’T post up. The best defender they could have thrown at him was Joe Smith. How do you not exploit that, or at least even try?

    And my last point. I’m so sick of seeing AI after the game at the podium representing Pistons Basketball. Sure he hit the game winner, but they do it after almost every home game. I would rather see Rip in that position because he’s been here a lot longer. It’s like they put AI up on this huge pedistall like he’s the only thing that matters anymore. But that’s the media for you. They love their superstars.

  12. ryan says:

    Mr big shot- Where did you hear that rumor? I’de take that but I doubt it is true.

  13. Whatsittoya says:

    AI gets about 2 minutes less than Rodney stuckey did in the game vs. the bulls he did half the damage.About half the points, assits, and rebounds.But great game winner by AI. If the pistons are not going to trade AI than they should only use him for game tying or game winning shots. Otherwise let Stuckey play.Maybe he could have made that game winning shot too if he had the ball.

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