Rasheed Wallace – Tour Guide

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Sheed was nice enough to give Pistons fans a tour of the Pistons newly renovated practice facility. Not only does he steal candy, make fun of his former roommate Pat Sullivan, rips U of M, make fun of Rip Hamilton’s coat and calls Rodney Stuckey “Curtis.” (50¢)

Ahhh….Sheed what a host!

I can’t wait for part 2.

13 Responses to "Rasheed Wallace – Tour Guide"
  1. tripog says:

    Darko.. lol

  2. Mike (from the ATL) says:

    That’s vintage Sheed. Great post.

  3. Ryan says:

    “We agree there is no logical reason why he would call Rodney ‘Curtis.’ ”

    I saw that, and thought, “Come on, Eli!”

    Looks like Eli doesn’t understand it!

  4. PISTONS FAN says:

    was that DREW STANTON there?

  5. Mike says:

    Sheed – Practice? Did you say practice?

    From truebluepistonsblog.com

    * Rasheed Wallace went through Thursday’s practice wearing powder blue Nike high tops, a vestige of his allegiance to the North Carolina Tar Heels. Wallace was seated behind North Carolina’s bench at Ford Field on Wednesday for UNC’s 35-point demolition of Michigan State and took a shot at Pistons TV analyst Greg Kelser, a Michigan State alumnus.

    “I’ve got to talk to Kelse,” he said. “Had us come all the way up here for that practice. We could have stayed in Chapel Hill and had practice.”


  6. Marco says:


  7. Richie says:

    Classic Roscoe. Great post.

  8. Rban says:

    He calls Stuckey him Curtis because of his resemblance to Curtis “50 cent” Jackson.

  9. blazer56 says:

    thanks captain obvious Rban… sheed is a character, i’m glad they kept that mural of the 2004 season up… i’m hoping what sheed was asking if they have for him was a new contract, i know most yall prolly don’t want him but i think sheed holds alot together

  10. Nick says:


    What else can the Cavaliers take from us? Are they gonna steal our mascot next? Our colors? Jeez… Anyway, im just excited for the return of Antonio Mcdyess…


  11. Tim McMillan says:

    Sheed is real people. I wanted him traded to Russia after the playoffs, and probably will again, but you can’t question his heart.

  12. Franz (detroit 2hot...) says:

    This guy is so funny.

    The video shows how comfortable he feels around the Piston’s Organization.

    I wish every NBA Player could say the same.

  13. pistonsfan says:

    he mentioned every player name except Chauncey..wonder why??

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