Pistons vs. Pacers – The Return of Dyess to The Palace

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Indiana (7-14) comes into the Palace having dropped four straight and six of its last seven games. The Pistons, well we know how the Pistons have been playing lately. Detroit has lost three in a row and four of its last five games.

This will be the first time Antonio McDyess steps on court in front of the home crowd since “the trade” and you can count on me doing my best to greet him once he does.

Remember the game is going to be on an unfamiliar channel to most or you. FSN Plus will be airing the game, here is a list of channel numbers for your cable providers. The game will be rebroadcast at 12:00 AM on FSN for those of you that don’t get FSNPlus.

Tip off is at 8:00 P.M. on FSN Plus. If you can’t catch or don’t get FSN Plus, tune into 1130 AM The Fan where you can catch our friend Matt Dery with the Pre-Game starting at 7:00. Can’t do either, follow the game on NBA.com.

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19 Responses to "Pistons vs. Pacers – The Return of Dyess to The Palace"
  1. AIfan4life says:

    lets play with a little passion tonight, you know like you actually don’t enjoy losing. take care of business and give these detroit fans a ray of hope

  2. dave says:

    we better win this one

  3. Nik says:

    Play like GLADIATORS.
    Not for fun but as if your life depended on it.
    Show some pride, guys.

  4. Nik says:

    I, still think the smaller liuneup of Stuck, Rip and AI can work, but Curry needs to do a better job of using my man KWAME, AMIR and MAXI….
    Peices are there, just gotta use them appropriately.
    I, so miss Larry Brown….

  5. mobius909 says:


    Cleveland hasn’t played anyone hard yet, and yet they still lost to Detroit.


    Boston finally is playing a semi-hard team (NOH), we’ll see what they’re made of.

  6. Nik says:

    Don’t worry Mobius.
    CP3 is going to light Boston up tonight.
    Hate Boston , Hate Perkins.

  7. Th3 answ3r says:

    amazing pass from AI to Rip. And amazing three’s from stuckey!!

  8. Colton Keck says:

    Whats tha damn deal dyess

  9. skidp3 says:

    Yay they got a win! And I love Stuckey!

  10. Th3 answ3r says:

    pistons won 114-110 woOoOoOoOT!!!!

  11. altan says:

    DYESS- great shooting tonite in palace debut back when 4th game of season

    SHEED- great in clutch

    HAMILTON AND IVERSON- look like they are starting to get on rite track

    STUCKEY- great game , never knew he can hit the three

  12. Nik says:

    Not happy with this win.
    Again, good 1st qtr. but not so good finish.
    I, say rest AI in 3rd qtr. insert him in 4th with 9 mins. left and let him and Stuckey attack.

    Curry is not meeting the expectations so far.

  13. pistonsfan101 says:

    Yeah gotta agree with Nik. Not too happy with Detroit’s defence. Also, why no playing time for Amir or even Kwame???

  14. pistonsfan101 says:

    PS: Whats up with Sheed getting a tech almost EVERY SINGLE DAMN GAME????!??!?!

  15. mobius909 says:

    sheed, greeat in clutch???? wow, that’s bold.

    all i gotta say is if our defense doesn’t start getting stops, we’re gonna be in a world of pain, smokey. (mark it 8).

    and whomever guarded grainger tonight should be benched for the next game because they failed all night.

    one more beef… curry needs to get it together, he’s got guys producing perfect games sitting for all of the fourth quarter. you get guys going in the second and third quarter, not halfway through the fourth quarter. in the fourth, you play your productive guys. stucky starts, but sits in the fourth quarter…. way to make him feel like a starter mike. he’ll always have a bench mentality that way.

    i’d really like to see what bynum could do with extensive minutes. that kid is fire.

  16. Dana says:

    happy they FINALLY got a win.. but I mean come on 110 points to Indiana? defense needs MAJOR improvement. let’s start holding teams below 100 at least!

  17. Franz (detroit 2hot...) says:

    Indiana, believe it or not, have a great offensive team. They can light it up anytime.

  18. rmauti says:

    First of all, love the Big Lebowki reference mobius909. My opinion of the game; it’s a win, not a great one, but it’s better than our past three games. At least there’re signs of improvement.

  19. TDP says:

    Another big late point swing – up 11, down 3. We’re lucky everyone was shooting so well (Sheed excepted, minus two shots) or the Pacers would’ve lit. us. up.

    No PT for Amir (or Kwame, for that matter) isn’t cool. Over at Detroit Bad Boys, they’ve got something going called DNP-MCIAFI. Not too hard to figure out when you think about it.

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