Pistons vs Nets

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The Pistons are looking to extend their winning streak to five this afternoon in Auburn Hills. The last time these two teams met Devin Harris spoiled Allen Iverson’s debut with Detroit by dropping a career high 38 on the Pistons. Harris, attempted a season-high 24 free throws, making 20 of them.

“I expect the game to be physical,” said Harris. “They’re a physical team. They’re a good defensive team so I don’t expect to get in the lane as easily as I did in the past.” NY Daily News

Allen Iverson is just fine adjusting to his new role, he’s got bigger goals this time around. A Championship.

“Usually when I have a game and have 15 or even 20 points, I feel like that’s a bad game for me,” Iverson said with a laugh. “It’s a different feeling, but it’s a good feeling. It says a lot about the personnel that we have on this squad.”

“It’s just looking at the bigger picture,” Iverson said. “I’ve had four scoring titles, I’ve scored over 23,000 points, I’ve had 50-point games, a 60-point game.

“I’ve done a lot of things when it comes to scoring the basketball, but I just have a bigger goal, and those things don’t mean much to me like they used to.” Via The Detroit Free Press

The Pistons are going to have to play another one without the help of Rip Hamilton, who will miss another game with a sore groin.

Antonio McDyess on the other hand practiced Tuesday after having X-rays on his sore ribs.

Tip off is at 3:00 P.M. and will be locally broadcast on FSN . If you can’t watch the broadcast, tune into 1130 AM The Fan. Can’t do either, follow the game on NBA.com.
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Amir Johnson starts Detroit off right (video) against the Nets!

Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
27 Responses to "Pistons vs Nets"
  1. Dor says:

    Finally a Pistons’ broadacst in Israel!!
    What a great way to celebrate the new year at midnight (hopefully we’ll have a good lead by then :), probably I’ll watch with the one I love, in front of the team I love 🙂

  2. Steve the hated says:

    Ill be at the game first row.. woop woop

  3. Metah says:

    all right, no small ball again.

    i can see rip being a g and taking one for the team by agreeing to come off the bench.

  4. Johnny says:

    He’s (RIP) out for this game too with the injury…I don’t know about Iverson guarding Harris tonite though; he’s gonna light us up again, I just have that feeling…Stuckey won’t be guarding him becuz he’s got to be guarding Carter or Bobby Simmons, either way it leaves Iverson on Harris. I hope we can contain both Carter and Harris tonite then go for a 5 game winning streak with 2 weaker teams up next and a tough 3 more teams after that. The road trip will say a lot about this team. Have a good new year everyone and be safe please, I like to debate people on here so I wanna see you all come back for it lol!

  5. Ali Bazzi says:

    does anyone by any chance have the pistons 2004 ring ceremony? i cant find it any where

  6. Johnny says:

    did you look on you tube?

  7. James says:

    I hope RIP is sitting these games because we’re plotting a trade with Utah for Boozer. I would rather play our lineup now without Rip, unless he is willing to come off the bench.

  8. pistonsfan101 says:

    Carter ejected, and Sheed hurt and out for the night! 🙁

  9. Rob says:

    Anything further on Sheed?

  10. ski dp3 says:

    ^^ Good vid ;p

    Nice to see the bench play pretty well. Now Sac comes to town.

    Looking forward to the new Wallpaper ;D

  11. det fan says:


  12. Chad says:

    chill, det fan.

    opinions: everyones entitled to one.

  13. ali says:

    yes i looked on youtube for the 2004 ceremony but i couldnt find it. natalie do u by any chance have it? please and thank you

  14. Chad says:

    Oh, and the Amir clip was awesome..

  15. Sable says:

    Nice clip of Amir’s hustle. Nice to see the depleted team grind out this win. I wish I could’ve seen the whole game. Also, I really don’t want to trade for Boozer.

  16. Whatsittoya says:

    Reading Det Fans opinion shows how low tempered some people are. Great game by sheed and Amir. Not to bad of a game by Stuckey and Iverson. Curry improves on playing bench a little, but still two players getting payed did not get to play.My bad, Bad job by Curry he only let Hermann and Bynum play 2 and 16 seconds.I am glad Curry was not the head coach last year because if he was than we probably would not have been playing Stuckey.Good game by TAY TOO. I think if we can get back Hamilton than we can start scoring in the 90s again.(Only If everyone plays the way they are right now and if Curry lets bench Play more.)But lets not get to Cocky. Might I remind you these are below .500 teams. Keep up the good D Detroit.PS: Booszer for Hamilton; Worst trade in centuries.

  17. deezilgreezil says:

    first off id like to give props for a good win,the defense is gradually gettin better.We definetley have to become more consistent and get the offense groovin.I think rip will accept a bench role

  18. mobius909 says:

    we’re breathing life!

    i agree rip to the bench. i feel he’ll be more comfortable playing his own position and guarding guys that he’s better than.

    did you see ai cross over jordan twice in the same play, lmao. that’s tough cause he’s a good defender too.

    hope sheed and dyess are ok.

    rip for boozer is not a good trade. boozer never plays! if boozer played 70 games a season, then that would be something, but he plays less than HALF. we need rip and we don’t need boozer.

  19. ryanr says:

    yeah right, trade rip for an injured knee named boozer. i’m feeling the need for SHEESH! right now.

  20. pistons 4 life says:

    Why are people so obsessed with Boozer. Sure he’s a good player but he’s so unreliable like Mobius909 said. Look at how many games he’s missed this year already. I’d rather have Amare or Bosh. But I don’t expect anything to happen until after this season at this point.

    You can say that they should be scoring more points, but personally I would rather see a lower score for because then it means they’re actually playing good defense. This team is a lot more fun to watch when they’re defending well. That’s just the Detroit way. 🙂

    Even thought it was against the Nets, this was still an impressive win because Rip, and Dyess didn’t play and Sheed hardly played. Any time you can win without 3 key players that’s pretty impressive.

    I had about given up on this team about a week ago as you could probably tell by my negative posts, but it seems like they’ve kind of turned it around. I just hate that they needed Rip to not play to start winning games. That worries me a little bit for what will happen when he comes back. Does Curry go back to small ball? Or does something actually change with Rip or AI possibly coming off the bench? You can’t look at the games that Rip has missed and say that they haven’t played better. Somebody has some hard decisions to make.

  21. Kyle says:

    i still think ai is a better pick to come off the bench. he’s most effective when he’s dominating the ball, which we’ve already decided we’re having stuckey do when he’s on the court.

    it makes much more sense to bring ai off the bench and let him dominate the ball when stuckey is out.

    rip is custom made to play off stuckey. he’s far better at just catching and shooting than ai.

    let Stuckey/Rip and AI/Afflalo split the game.

    either that or bring stuckey off the bench, but it makes no sense to me to play the bulk minutes with stuckey and ai both on the court at the same time. they both need the ball to be effective.

  22. Balraj says:

    Kyle u r a moron. do u really think curry’s gonna put a 4 time scoring leader,MVP,rookie of the year, etc. on the bench? wow

  23. Richie says:

    Balraj- Kyle is right. He explained his reasoning very well, and his point was that the best move for the team would be bringing Iverson off the bench where he could be effective with the ball in his hands and starting Rip who’s more effective playing off of Stuckey. He never said that he thought Curry would do, it just aid it’s what he thought would be best, so back off.

    Big win for Detroit, even without Carter in their line up. We played without Rip, Dyess and most the most part without Rasheed. I love seeing Amir being as ready has he has been to strike when called upon. He probably hasn’t even shown up on the scouting report of these last three teams.

  24. aaron says:

    i still dont get why people want ai to come off the bench, no he’s not a “piston” like rip who plays his position but like balraj said… he’s an mvp, hall of fame, rookie of the year, all star player.. leading scorer and an elite playeri n this league… rip cant say that and he will be our lamar odom, manu ginobili guy that comes and kills off the bench with dyess, if they want to win they’ll do it

  25. Johnny says:

    thank you aaron exactly what I’ve been sayin in the past but people seem to think that he can’t play well with Stuckey….HA! If anything Iverson is playing better with him on the floor I’m sure RIP can stil find his shot on the other squad, people act like he’s totally inefficient or soemthing…

  26. THOR says:

    Amir Johnson needS to stop frontin and always go to the Rim better then Maxiell. He to young not to go hard to the rim. MORE MF HIGHLIGHTS AMIR! U DO U TO THE FULLEST DOGGG. NOW GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! DAMN!sON!

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