Looking for a bright spot Pistons fans?

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The good that came out of the bad Sunday afternoon.

  • Arron Afflalo putting up 16 points on 7-for-10 shooting in 25 minutes and doing a hell of a job on the defensive end helping Detroit claw back (unsuccessfully) after being down by 29 in New York.
  • This Tayshaun Prince drive and dunk that had George and Greg roaring. Prince led the Pistons with 23 points and a nice Highlight Reel. Make sure you take notice of the stuff on Thomas.
Video Courtesy of The NBA, The Detroit Pistons and FSN
6 Responses to "Looking for a bright spot Pistons fans?"
  1. Vanalope says:

    So wish tomorrow’s game were televised where I’m at. 🙁

  2. altan says:

    oooooohhhhh they better win tomorow or im gona snap lmfao

  3. Fariduddin says:

    i wouldn’t mind seeing “way” more Stuck, Arron, Max and Herman. These guys bring great energy and focus every game. im not too worried about the Pistons — I think the frustration has more to do with the fact that the Pistons over the past 6 years have played much better. We are seeing way too many L’s that we are not used to. in the long term — i think things will be fine and come together.

    but i would convey this: the Pistons have way too many weapons to keep people on the floor that are not producing or bringing it! if Arron-Stuckey-Herman-Max-Rip , whoever is bring energy and focus… keep their ass in the game. if Ivo is not swinging the ball and getting the ball to people in the right spots… bring in Stuck and let him put in work. I love Sheed and respect dude, but if he aint getting up to sub-par comp then take his ass out too. i hate the Celtics and think Paul P. is a girly man :)-, but these cats are bringing intense energy every damn night! if the Pistons are serious about bringing a chip back BRING energy and show that you want it! if the O aint clicking– Then bring the D! Shut cats down! okay.. im out.. but wanted to share some of my thoughts. Peace

  4. Amer ican Prince says:

    I forgot to give Tay his due, because I’m usually the one trashing Tayshshaun, but these last few games, he has taken over the games. Usually I criticize him when I think he’s selfish or slacking on defense. But now I’m seeing him play smart team ball, blocking/contesting shots, getting steals, and getting those boards. So big ups to Tayshaun.

    Also I know the games are shown online, if you can’t watch it on FSN, go to the chat room that is posted on here for the games and ask people there. Someone gave the link last time I couldn’t watch. Also check out NBA broadband on nba.com.

  5. Vanalope says:

    Yeah I know Nat but I live in Texas. 🙁

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