Can someone tell me why Alyssa Milano has her own line of NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL Gear? Who’s the Boss now?

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So I was Christmas shopping again, and found Motor City Memories, the Pistons DVD Boxed set for 25 dollars with Free Shipping (It’s usually about $70). But when I was shopping for more Pistons related gifts I came across something that I thought was odd.

Alyssa Milano has her own line of Women’s NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL clothing.

I guess I don’t watch enough (or any at all) E entertainment television.

Get your Who’s the Boss Pistons gear today!

7 Responses to "Can someone tell me why Alyssa Milano has her own line of NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL Gear? Who’s the Boss now?"
  1. Chad says:

    /like the fist of an angry god.

  2. G.T. says:

    NHL and NHL? Do you proofread this stuff? But seriously though… I do love Need4Sheed.

  3. GT I do the best I can….thanks for the editing.Thats what I get for blogging while working right?

  4. lindsay says:

    I didn’t know she had an NBA line too…thanks for posting this. I have a few shirts from her MLB line..I really like it for the female fan.

  5. Vanalope says:

    hmmm probably a good move on Alyssa part. I know as a female sports fan it is a bit frustrating to find women’s team theme sports wear that isn’t 1. pink or some other pastel color 2. laden with rhinestones.

    Don’t get me wrong if someone is the kind of girl that likes that, more power to you my sister. For girls like me who are more tom boyish, (one of the boys but with boobs) well it’s harder for me to find stuff that stays true to the team spirit but does acknowledge the fact I’m shaped different from the guys.

    The stuff I see on your widget looks pretty good to me.

  6. Kyle says:

    dang though, 60 bucks plus is a lot for a frilly hoodie.

  7. Vanalope says:

    Women’s clothes are almost ALWAYS more expensive than men’s. We are totally screwed like that. 😛

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