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  • Need4Sheed is in the Busted Coverage Sports Blog of the Year Tournament – I’m the 12th seed and right now pitted against the 700 level. If you wish go vote and Detroit Bad Boys along with all your other favorite sports blogs. At least get me out of the first round people.
  • The comments are buzzing about Allen Iverson’s $25,000 dollar fine from the NBA for comments he made to a fan in Charlotte at the end of the game. (Thanks to Pistonsfan101 for the quick link)
  • If it’s possible, I heart Antonio McDyess just a little more after reading this.
  • Mr. Wallace made a visit to Children’s Hospital and we get to see the Rasheed he doesn’t like to make public. Five Rooms with Rasheed. And from a mothers perspective……. those smiles alone are worth it.
  • Coach Curry’s video Blog.
  • I love The Pistons and think the Organization as a whole does things the right way, but that being said…. the sell out streak is a sham. Ask any season ticket holder, it’s been a farce for quite some time.
  • Derrick Coleman isn’t broke, but I may go check out his furniture.
  • If you are the coach of the Pistons, who will you sit when it counts?
  • Keith Langlois “The Pistons have some alarming defensive stats on their resume through the first quarter of the season – they rank 22nd in field-goal percentage defense – but Curry has been encouraged by what he’s seen since the lineup change. And part of the motivation for the amped-up defensive intensity might be the impact players see it can have on their impact to get easy points the other way.” The Pistons lineup juggling is about defense.
  • Mr. Blaha needs to own this – Grade your teams announcers at DIME.
  • Happy Holidays from The Pistons….Slash New Years


21 Responses to "Around The Way"
  1. altan says:

    well laimbeer is in this video,
    but this is why blaha, is the BEST commentator in the game

  2. Amer ican Prince says:

    That article is just one more reason to love Dyess, and another reason I wish Joe would trade AI for Kidd, we loose scoring, but get a lot better passing and leadership.

    Go head Sheed good stuff. Although wasn’t guys like Arron Afflalo, Rip and others there too?

    Has anyone found out what Iverson said?

  3. I’m sure they were all there, but it didn’t say in Ryan’s article.

    Sheed is one of a kind.

    Love that vid Altan

  4. mr big shot says:

    tmac is bein shopped by the rockets do we make a move???

  5. mr big shot says:

    oh yea and i agree with u about tradin iverson for kidd.. kidd would be so much better suited for us with rip and u can have stuckey learn from a TRUE PG

  6. mr big shot says:

    i agree with u american prince on tradin iverson for kidd because then u co uld have stuckey learn how to play from a TRUE PG he would suit us so much better he would help out ripp and is just as good at the 3 arc

  7. Th3 answ3r says:

    Hell no. AI for Kidd? Sorry but, no kidds allowed. ._.

  8. Detroit Sucks says:

    Detroit probably won’t be good at basketball for a while.

  9. Franz (detroit 2hot...) says:

    ‘Dyess is the man, period.

  10. Vanalope says:

    Thanks for sharing that article Nat. As if there were any question about what a classy guy Dyess is.

    Kidd for AI, that’s something I’d be excited about too, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

    I saw some comments that AI called the fan the word which rhymes with trigger. Haven’t seen it substantiated by a news item though.

  11. Chad says:

    Yes we do make a move for Tmac if hes being shopped.

    As far as AI for Kidd.. No.



  12. mr big shot says:

    so ur sayin get another ball hungry player to go with ai? thats dumb we wont ever win if we have them two they both wont mesh well together..

  13. Chad says:

    Tmac and AI play different positions.. spreading the ball-hunger across the floor sounds good to me.

  14. Mike says:

    Voted for you. Ill keep voting too in (hopefully) future rounds. I love need4sheed, its the only blog on the internet that interests me.

  15. Amer ican Prince says:

    Hey I was watching sportscenter and apparantly the Marquette basketball team was singing a little christmas jingle (rudolph I think) then when they were done one guy was like “okay pose”. Remind anyone of anybody else’s christmas jingle. Broadcasters didn’t even know.

    Voted for ya too

  16. Ryan Collins says:

    Natalie, so you know, I went ahead and voted for all the brackets, just to see how the numbers were and there wasn’t anyone within 20 votes of need4sheed. Considering you were at 83, I’d consider that pretty good. I think Detroit Bad Boys was the 2nd closest at 49 votes, most of which were probably need4sheed readers!

  17. Ryan Collins says:

    Also, don’t know if anyone has asked you this before, but do you think it would ever be possible to make your links come up in a seperate window or tab? For those of us with slower computers, the main page always takes a little while to load.

  18. altan says:

    seriously “detroit sucks” no one cares about ur posts, just wanted to point that out, were not gona go in our rooms and cry because ur talking how the pistons apparently “suck”, i can care less about ur posts

  19. a dissapointed fan says:

    <3 Dyess
    I don’t want T-Mac, not ever.

  20. Amer ican Prince says:

    hey ryan collins you can always use the right click button on your mouse and when the box pops up you can choose open in new tab or new window. That’s my method cause my computer is pretty slow

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