Forget Facebook, The Detroit Pistons have their very own Social Network all about your favorite team.

“The Detroit Pistons are moving into the world of social media with the introduction of their own social networking site: POSTING UP ( Launched today, the customized social network is exclusive to and gives fans a place to express themselves and their love for Pistons basketball.

Members are able to connect with other members by making friends with them.

Posting Up will serve as a central hub for announcements about upcoming Pistons events and promotions. Fans will be able to post their own events as well. Fans will be able to comment on photos and video and give each a rating. They will be able to comment on individual blogs and join discussions in the forums section. “

Now the good old folks over at The Pistons were nice enough to make a Fans of Need4Sheed group right off the bat, so head on over there and be sure to join it. I’m taking it one step further and pimping myself out to get more Fans.

Head over to Posting Up, Join (it’s free and fun) and then join the Fans of group. On the 26th of November I’m randomly picking one person in the group and sending them a Detroit Pistons Bobble head courtesy of The Detroit Pistons!


And no you’re not getting my AF1′s….don’t even think about it.

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8 Responses to You can POST UP with The Pistons – The Detroit Pistons launch their own Social Network

  1. Richie says:

    “gives fans a place to express themselves and their love for Pistons basketball.”
    Pshhhh- Sounds like a need that already serves for me perfectly!

  2. Mannie32 says:

    I see chauncey!

    ps: agrees with richie

  3. ben says:

    hey nat where did u get those air forces? know where i can get some

  4. [...] you may have heard — perhaps from Need4Sheed, PistonsNation or directly from the source at the team’s official site — the Pistons [...]

  5. Ben,
    Got the AF1′s a couple years back right when they were first released. Check EBAY>

  6. Steve the hated says:

    that aint shit, i got a ball autographed by all the bad boys including terry mills on the back, u cant touch that. AF1s are played out like lil wayne.

  7. Amer ican Prince says:

    That’s a cool prize

    Anyone else hear Lindsey might be signing with the Bulls, that just makes me so angry that we didn’t bring him back

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