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Can you honestly believe it?

I would be understating things if I said I was disappointed to hear about Allen Iverson’s decision to skip the hour-long practice Michael Curry held on Thanksgiving. Whether Curry decided to hold practice on the holiday or not is really not the issue. The issue is a new player, on a new team where he vowed that he would do whatever it took to fit in with his new teammates to strive towards winning a championship, decided he was more important than everyone else.

Had Chauncey still been on the team there would be no Thanksgiving practice Allen, they need more practice because of you and you didn’t show. Way to show your teammates you’re all about winning. What it showed them is it’s all about you.

I wasn’t thrilled with AI’s acquisition, but after watching his press conference when he joined the team and the sincerity in his voice that he’d do whatever it took I changed my tune. No doubt he’s a phenomenal player, but I didn’t like his attitude. So to be fair after the presser I wiped his slate clean in my eyes. Everyone deserves a second chance, right?

That didn’t last long at all. Try winning the fans back that were on the fence now Allen.

I truly enjoyed that a ton of you took time to comment on the situation, and if you haven’t already go read what fellow Pistons fans had to say in the comments of the original post. And feel free to keep them coming.

UPDATE: No Excuse from Iverson, just an apology.

Chris McCosky – The Detroit News

“I talked to Joe last night,” Iverson said Friday morning. “He was very supportive of me. He let me know how things are run around here and let me know it wasn’t something that can continue to happen. He let me know it was unacceptable.”

Iverson, who skipped practice on Thursday, was extremely contrite Friday morning.

“I have no excuses,” he said. “I apologize to my teammates, first and foremost, the coaching staff, the organization and definitely, our fans. It’s something that shouldn’t happen and it won’t happen again.”

14 Responses to "Yes, we’re talking about Practice"
  1. Jessica says:

    I like allen Iverson because he is such a good player and i think that he will really help us….but i stiill miiss chauncey alot…its good that curry held practiice on thanksgiving because they need all the practice they can get…we need to get in rythm of how iverson really plays and how we can play better with him…at least he apologized for missing practice and i hope curry starts him because we need him….chauncey we all still miss you!!!!!!!!

  2. Craig says:

    This may sound harsh, but I don’t think the message is going to be sent to Allen Iverson by not starting him. I think the message is, he’s suspended for multiple games.

    If the player’s association were to protest such a harsh response, then keep him active and locked to the bench.

    There is nothing this guy is going to do improve the chemistry of this team. It’s one thing if we’re talking about a 25 year old AI but we’re talking about a MAN in the twilight of his career and given the fact he’s on a one year lease, he’s doing nothing to prove to myself, other Piston fans, Joe Dumars, Bill Davidson, his teammates and Michael Curry that he’s serious about winning a championship.

    What he is proving out to be is the equivalent of a Lotus Esprit. It looks nice, it’s fast as a bullet, but it can’t be relied on to get you from A to B.

  3. Rban says:

    Its over lets move on, he apologized, and he talked with hes teamates about it and eveyrthings cool, so dont start him tongiht and lets move on, im sure thats what the players want.

  4. Vivee says:

    Relax everyone….it is disappointing but lets not get carried away. There will be other incidents with players this year so lets not overreact. He apologized and lets move on.

  5. andyfrombrooklyn says:

    i think ai should be punished. michael vick has been punished. martha stewart was punished. like still president bush said about texas justice…tough love.

  6. Rban says:

    Honestly in my opinion Rasheed has done worse things then this during his time in Detroit.

  7. Youtalkinboutpractice? says:


  8. Piston Fan in CT says:

    Get used to it people. The face of the franchise changed with that trade. We don’t know what it is like to have a “superstar” on the squad, but I guarnsheed you we will from here on out (Bosh,Boozer,Wade,Leborn, whoever). AI was 100 percent wrong, but somtimes that is how “superstars” today act. You and I both know Joe D will take care of it. Lets move on and support our team.

  9. Steve The Hated says: gotta come into a different teams blog and write in all caps just to be heard? aww sounds like someones favorite team got their shit stomped by the pistons the last decade got him a bit sad :(, either that or no girl “or maybe guy in his case” wont touch his little baby pee pee..pathetic. Keep playing world of warcraft and keep not getting laid twerp

  10. Amer ican Prince says:

    when people say move on it’s because they are scared of conflict. It’s easy for Iverson to apologize AFTER he reaps the rewards. The reason Flip got fired was because he didn’t command respect. I’m sorry but AI needs to really see the error of his ways because this isn’t the first time he’s done this and clearly he values his time more than money so fining him isn’t exactly that big of a deal to him. And I’m getting tired of hearing “the players understand what this organization is about” rather than making sure they do. Joe Dumars is too lenient sometimes as well

  11. TDP says:

    Trade him for Marbury.

  12. andyfrombrooklyn says:

    allen iverson has done a deeply disturbing thing. it is very bad and wrong. i hear he has apologised, but can that really make it o.k.? ……why yes… star in a destruction of the bucks.

  13. KG says:

    HAHA god listen to you people i’d skip practice on thanksgiving too. Dick move by Curry, IVO was just the only one that showed his displeasure with the move. Get over it people.

  14. E-Con Jones says:

    It is absolutely silly to get all over A.I. for this one. The man’s first priority is God, his second is his family and his third is basketball. Get off his case already. I wouldn’t have sacrificed time with my family to go to practice on Thanksgiving morning either.

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